Bitti Business Wali 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bitti confronts Mahi

Bitti Business Wali 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi’s photoframe is about to fall from Servant;’s hand. Bitti holds it. Servant apologizes. Bitti ties the photo frame. Mahi comes home and looks at her. She smiles and comes infront of him, asks where did he go? He asks her not to show right on him unnecessarily. He says he don’t regard her as his wife. Laddo singh’s wife come there and asks Mahi to come. She tells him that they want to fix his alliance with Sardar Singh’s daughter. Mahi says I don’t want to marry. Laddo Singh says love is different and marriage shall happen with family’s wish. He says you don’t regard this marriage then what is your problem. He praises Gunjan’s beauty, intelligence and tells that she has all the qualities and she studies in college. He says if you marry her then you will get rid of Bitti. Mahi says I don’t want to marry. Laddo Singh’s wife tells that the pan wali is still in his mind and he wants to accept her as his wife later, then force us to accept her. Mahi says I don’t want any trouble in my life and says I don’t want to remarried.

He calls Bhagat and asks where is SMS. Bhagat says he went out. Mahi asks Bhagat to go. Bitti comes to him and asks him to have cold water. He asks her to go. Bitti says she knows everything and knows that he will not be happy with this remarriage. Mahi asks since when she is concerned? Bitti says she is his well wisher and friend. Mahi says your Dadi has ruined my feelings. He asks why did she was silent? Bitti says I apologized to you and your family, but whatever you did was wrong with me. Mahi says I took revenge on your family. Bitti says you have done what which Mahi would have never done and tells that her life is in mess now and her Papa is in trauma. Mahi tells that he knows that she don’t regard this marriage and asks why did she come? Bitti says she wants him to feel that he has done wrong with her and tells that she doesn’t know what Dadi had told him. She says if you apologize to me then I will leave this house. Mahi laughs and says you wants me to say sorry and that’s why you came here. He says lets play the game. He asks her to leave the house and says I will not say sorry. Bitti accuses him for ruining her life and says you have ruined me fully. Mahi says I am also ruined equally. Bitti says I will not go without sorry.

Mahi comes to Laddo Singh and says he is ready to marry. Bitti calls Suman and asks her to come on scooty. Sardar Singh asks his wife to handle Gunjan. His wife tells that she called Santoshi Dadi also to handle her. Bitti and Suman follow Laddo Singh’s car and misses the car. Sardar Singh’s wife gets Gunjan ready. Laddo Singh and his family come to Sardar Singh’s house. Sardar Singh sees Mahi and likes him. He asks him to tell about himself. Kashi says he handles Bau ji’s business. Laddo Singh’s wife asks him to call Gunjan. Sardar Singh says she is getting ready. Sardar Singh’s wife and Servant bring Gunjan. Gunjan is under the influence of injection. Servant holds her. Bitti and Suman come there. She says even mahi is here. Suman asks why did they come here? Bitti says lets go inside and check. She sees Sardar Singh’s man and tells Suman.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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