Love Is in the Air ft. Abhira (Episode 5)

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Episode 5 – Fun and Laughter

Arohi cares for Neil.

Neil: Arohi, don’t tell about this incident to Akshu and Bhai. They’ll worry a lot.

Aru: Yes, Akshu will worry too much. Ok, come let’s go home soon.

They reach home while Abhi and Akshu wait for them in the living room.

Akshu notices Neil’s hand when he tries to hide.

Akshu: Neil, what’s wrong with your hand?

Neil: Nothing Akshu.

Aru: Akshu, come let’s go to sleep.

Abhi: Why are you both behaving oddly?

Abhi snatches Neil’s hand and sees the wound. Abhi and Akshu get shocked.

Abhi: What happened Neil?

Akshu: Aru, tell us the truth.

Aru tells them about the goons.

Akshu: Neil, you fought with them as a hero. What if something has happened to you? Wait, I’ll bring you haldi milk.

She goes to bring the milk.

Neil: Bhai, don’t tell ma. She’ll get scared.

Abhi: Ma is here in the form of Akshu. See her, ma would have uttered the same dialogue.

They both laugh.

Aru: Hello, you both are making fun of my sister.

Akshu brings milk and gives it to both Neil and Arohi.

Aru: Why for me?

Akshu: Drink it.

After some time, they all go to bed.

The next day…

Abhi wakes up and hears bhajan. He sees Akshu doing the puja. Suddenly he remembers his mother’s singing while he was young and smiles. Just then he gets flashes of his dad scolding his mom for singing and gets angry.

He freshens up and goes down.

Arohi: Good morning Dr.Abhi.

Abhi: Good morning Aru. Where is Akshu?

Neil: Nowadays, you can’t breathe without her it seems.

Abhi snaps at him. They both laugh.

Aru: Akshu left for the camp early. Neil, even she asked you to come soon.

Neil: Yeah, I’m leaving now. Bye.

Neil leaves.

Aru: Abhi, have breakfast and then we can leave.

After some time they both get in the car and leave for the camp. In the camp…

Abhi: Aru, can you tell me more about Akshu? How did she handle your parent’s death?

Aru gets shocked.

Aru: What happened?

Abhi: No, yesterday she broke down.

Aru: Akshu didn’t even shed a single tear when mom and dad died. Mom died in her arms and we got the news of dad’s death at the end of the same day. Everyone was devastated but she stood strong. But that became an enemy for her.

Abhi: Why?

Aru: She went into depression. Only music is her soothing soul. From childhood, she studied in a boarding school. She avoids coming home as that rekindles our parent’s memories. The whole family tried to make her come home but it always ends in vain. She always comes to festivals as a guest and leaves as soon as it is over. She does this NGO work and works in a remote place that is far away from home and keeps herself busy. She is deceiving herself. She doesn’t have the courage to face reality. I need only one favor from you. I don’t know what relation you both have, but make sure she is happy.

Abhi nods in shock. Aru leaves to set up their workspace.

Abhi sees Akshu working and playing with kids. He laughs seeing her childish behavior.

Throughout the day, Abhi and Akshu lock eyes, and Neil-Arohi has eye locks…

Jaaniyee plays!!!

Meanwhile, Kairav comes to Manali to surprise Akshu and Arohi. He comes home and sees a car standing. Servants come and attend him.

Kairav: Whose car is that?

Servants tell him about Abhi and Neil. Kairav gets angry thinking about how the girls can allow boys to stay without the family’s concern. He gets a call and goes to attend it. He hears a girl’s sobbing voice.

Kairav: Nishta…why are you crying?

Nishta: Mummy has fixed an alliance for me. They are coming to meet me in a week after Abhi Bhai and Neil bhai come home.

Kairav: What???

Nishta: Yes, so come and speak in my home.

Kairav: But you have not even graduated yet.

Nishta: I know that, please come soon or else, we might get separated.

Kairav: Ok don’t cry, I’ll make sure everything goes well.

She ends the call.

Kairav worries!!!


Precap: Kairav tells Akshu, Aru, Abhi, and Neil about his and Nishta’s love. Abhi and Neil support him. Akshu and Aru get happy seeing the bond of Kairav with Abhi and Neil.


  1. Wow this was such an exciting episode and yeah you did little late but no worries !! You can upload 2 – 3 uploads in 3 days lol

  2. GoldenEye

    Wow this was such an exciting episode and yeah you did little late but no worries !! You can upload 2 – 3 uploads in 3 days lol

    1. GoldenEye

      lol I copied from G g

  3. Waah!!kairav and nishita…this is something interesting…

  4. Neirohi 😍😍

  5. Love Is in the Air ft. Abhira

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