Bhagya Lakshmi 19th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Rano talks to Lakshmi about divorce

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rano telling Lakshmi that she was thinking about her, and made potato-tomato veg dish for her. She asks her to sit and tells that she is tired after making food all day. She asks Preetam to sit down and have food. Shalu asks Bani to sit and goes to bring salad. Rano tells Lakshmi that she has made halwa for her too. Lakshmi tastes the food and says it is good. Rishi comes back home. He asks dadi what happened? Dadi says she has a headache and asks him to freshen up and then have tea. Sonia says why Dadi, even Bhai shall know? Karishma says Lakshmi’s Chachi had come here. Rishi says if Lakshmi’s Chachi wanted her to come here, then let her come, she might have old thinking and might be thinking about their reputation. Karishma says do you think that Lakshmi wants to return. Rishi says Lakshmi is very upset with me, and don’t want to make anything fine, I don’t have any problem if she wants to return. He says I will provide separate room etc. Karishma says Lakshmi wanted alimony and Rano asked us to arrange the money, the more we can give. Sonia says that middle class girl want alimony now. Rishi asks her to mind her language and says she is your bhabhi and even now my wife. Sonia says if you want me to respect her, then you would have given her respect and treat her with level. Rishi asks her to stop her nonsense. Sonia says you have broken your relation and scolding me. Rishi says you are talking between Lakshmi and us and says it is my mistake and I will correct it. He says just now I had met Lakshmi, and she is not interested in money, and don’t want to talk to me. Sonia says she is insulting you and you want to go behind her. She asks why you want to be doormat for her. Rishi says she deserves this, and it is my mistake, not hers. He asks her to stop it. Sonia says why stop it. Rishi says when someone don’t understand your feelings, then you shall not waste your time and energy. Karishma asks what was it? Dadi says he is doing penance and wants Lakshmi. Sonia says Malishka is doing bedrest as she is unwell and Rishi Bhai is behaving as if he wants lakshmi. Karishma says why Rishi is doing this? Dadi says he is hurt, he has a heart which is hurt. Karishma goes to talk to Sonia.

Rishi comes to the room. Ayush comes there and asks did you get hurt? Rishi says yes. Ayush asks due to Sonia’s words. Rishi says because of myself, and says I want to talk to that person whose silly talks, I used to her and with whom I used to share my silly talks. A fb is shown, in which Lakshmi told him about colliding the head twice else black dog bites. Fb ends. He tells Ayush about that incident and tells that he is missing his best friend, says don’t know when she became his best friend and important for him. He says he knows that she is something to him, and says he wanted to talk to her, but she was very angry with him. He says he wanted to hug her tightly. Ayush says you should have hugged her then. Rishi asks with which right? Ayush says with the same right, Rano had come to ask for alimony. Rishi says Lakshmi will never ask for alimony.

After the food, Rano takes Lakshmi to side and tells that actually she wanted her to go back to her house, and that’s why asked for rent. She says she was angry and all those things were out from her mouth in worry. Lakshmi says I can understand. Rano says you will agree for divorce then? Lakshmi is shocked. Rano says when you don’t want to stay there, then divorce Rishi. Lakshmi is about to fall. Preetam holds her and takes her to her room, with Shalu and Bani.

Rishi tells Ayush that lakshmi’s real wealth is her qualities, and says she don’t want this alimony. He says I will give her everything, even if she don’t ask. He says this alimony is all Rano’s mindset and not lakshmi. Ayush says this is my brother whom I used to love. Rishi says now you hate me. Ayush says no. Rishi says once I was not getting sleep, Lakshmi made me sit on the sofa, and massages my hair. He says you know that I get irritated when someone touch my hair, but I felt good with her touch. He says I had slept and her hand was in my hand, and she slept all night sitting, and when I asked in the morning, she said that she didn’t move my hand, as it would disturb my sleep. He says anyone will fall in love with her. Ayush asks didn’t you fall in love with her?

Preetam makes Lakshmi sit on the sofa. Lakshmi says I am fine. Preetam says I can see everything and apologizes to Lakshmi. He says Veer ji gave me the responsibility of you all and I couldn’t take care of you. He says I should have questioned Rishi for his betrayal, but I didn’t ask him. Lakshmi says your support is enough for me, I will handle myself and says I am fine, I got dizzy as I had walked in hot sun. She says she will be fine drinking lemon water. Preetam says I will come back and goes. Shalu asks Lakshmi to drink lemon water. Lakshmi thinks of Rano’s words. Preetam goes back to Rano and asks her to be scared of the God. He says you will not talk to Lakshmi about Rishi or divorce. Rano asks then who will talk, neighbors? She says we shall talk to her. Preetam says she is already hurt, don’t hurt her further and folds his hands. Rano says why don’t you understand, Lakshmi has broken the alliance and we are doing the same thing. She says I am thinking about this as her mother. Preetam asks mother, and says you are doing this to get money. He says if you talk about divorce again, then search other house for you. He says you will not get a place to stay here. Rano says you will throw me out, if you have dare to throw me out, due to Lakshmi. She says you are threatening me today, now see what I will do. She says I am Rano Bajwa and is not scared. She says today I am seeing the dream to earn money, and very soon people will know how I get them divorced.

Precap: Rano is determined to get Lakshmi divorced. She says no one can stop me, not even Lakshmi. When Lakshmi is sleeping, she goes to her and get her thumb on the divorce papers. She then goes to Rishi’s house saying Lakshmi sent these papers. Rishi furiously says, she has already left them, their house. If she wants divorce, then he will give it to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I don’t like Lakshmi living at her aunt’s house. I hate her aunt and Lakshmi seems lost and weak. It’s normal to be sad, but not exactly fun to watch. Plus Rishi is still confused about his feelings, I can’t believe they still have him saying he loves Malishka, but misses Lakshmi. Blah, blah, blah. There’s been no real progress in the story since Lakshmi found out the truth. Revolving the story around the divorce is so boring. It should be more focused on Lakshmi doing her best to move on in her life without Rishi and then eventually reconnect her with Rishi’s family..maybe through work or another reason.

  2. What the Aunt is doing is very wrong but some how I wish Lakshmi herself will send the divorce papers and ask for divorce b’cos Rishi himself keep saying he loves Maliksha so there’s no need for Lakshmi to remain married to Rishi.

  3. Maybe if idiots stop watching trash they’ll change the track unfortunately there is no cure for stupidity. There is an article about the producers of GHKKPM being trolled but they won’t be changing the track cause their ratings are high. Viewers have no one but themselves to blame for watching, if you really want quality programming then don’t watch and force the producers to change, but that won’t happen cause the people who watch this drivel almost religiously are 2 braincells away from being declared vegetables. All of these shows spread the message of women bringing each other down, men being fecklessly lost and normalise doormat behaviour. For Gods sake you have Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube stop giving views and TRP to ITV.

    1. You are too correct to be correct 😂😂This shit is the result of the act of Indian viewers itself.. Recently I watched a Pakistani web series suno chanda on YouTube.. With 2 seasons Nd 30 ep each the show is a masterpiece that will make you laungh and love like hell… much to the fact it was released 3 yrs ago but my eyes approached them a lil late 😂😂And the show is a sitcom and romantic drama… But in India on the name of these they show us a total shitt… A great salute to trp aunites can’t they just go on Netflix orany other ott app.. And if not YT is the best 👍💯
      But harsh reality
      The indian audience and producers like ekta, ravidubey and bla bla
      And gone mad writers are destroying it all

  4. I can’t believe that Preetam let Rano get away with the deceit…..Men in Etka’s serial have no backbone….

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