Ghar Ek Mandir 19th January 2022 Written Episode Update Varun lashes at Genda

Ghar Ek Mandir 19th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Genda and Varun looking at their wedding pictures, Genda says we have been together for a year and now it looks like mummy was right and we should think of a baby. Genda sees Varun is silent and asks why do you look so worried, you have anything to say which you are unable to, Varun says just its a new responsibility, Genda says look into my eyes and tell me this is the only reason, Varun turns around and says yes, Genda says shop and home can be managed and I think its right time to have a baby.

Varun lashes at Genda, Genda says why are you so upset and leaving the topic won’t sort these things, what is bothering you, Varun says enough stop annoying, I don’t want to talk to you, Genda feels bad and goes to sleep. Varun switches off the light, Genda thinks Varun has become so rude now, Varun thinks Genda, I think because of Sandy I’m getting bothered, how will I manage baby, Sandy has to leave.

Sandy thinking about Kundan’s wish and how Varun was unhappy about baby, and says I think Varun isn’t happy with her, Sandy sees a shadow and thinks it must be Varun and goes check. Sandy sees its Manish, Manish asks haven’t you slept, Sandy says you just came home, Manish says yes had lot of work, I thought will go in silently but saw your room lights on, and came to say hi, Sandy says I have an idea to reduce your stress and tiredness, Manish asks what, Sandy shows him alcohol bottle and glasses, Manish says what all is this, I thought you will get tea or coffee, Sandy says tea/coffee won’t help but this surely will, but you drink right in home, Manish says just don’t tell anyone about this, Sandy says done even you don’t tell anyone. Manish says done and both have a drink.

Manish says Sandy, this really helped, Sandy asks why are you so stressed, Manish tells her, I’m just tired of this office, I don’t feel like an employee but a slave, boss keeps ordering and we follow, and I think my confidence has dropped, Sandy thinks even Varun must be feeling same, no one understands him here and so I should help him before its too late.

Nisha sees Manish’s bag and calls Manish, and starts looking for him, Sandy and Manish about to have another drink, Manish asks her to hide it, Sandy says relax, Manish says I came to you directly what will Nisha think, Sandy says chill I will manage, I will tell you, that I forced you to come and she will understand, Manish says woman never understand husband’s. Sandy thinks just like Genda doesn’t understand Varun

Sandy says Nisha didi left and holds Manish hand and says finish the drink, glass slips and fall, Nisha goes to check on Sandy, Manish hiding behind the door, Nisha walks in and asks Sandy what noise was that, Sandy says flower pot fell, Manish signs Sandy his wallet, Sandy stands in front and asks why are you awake and with milk, Nisha says for Shivam and also Manish is home but I don’t know where he is, Sandy says not here, Nisha says okay go to sleep, Sandy hugs her says thank you so much, for taking care of me, I love you, and I’m very tired good night, Nisha leaves.

Sandy gives Manish his wallet,Manish takes it and leaves. Sandy closes door and starts laughing.
Nisha walks in her room and sees Manish asleep, Nisha confused says he slept too may be must have come when I was in kitchen, let me get his bag and leaves. Manish opens his eyes and smiles.

Anuradha asks Nisha and Genda is breakfast ready, Genda says yes both get breakfast, Anuradha stops Kundan from having butter, he doesn’t listen, Nisha calls Manish and Varun, they join everyone. Manish having an headache, Anuradha asks all good, Manish says yes, Nisha says you came home late too, is all right, Manish says just busy, Sandy walks in with lemon water and gives to Manish, Kundan asks Varun to start eating, Nisha sees Varun is worried and Genda upset too, Sandy gets a call and leaves.
Everyone leaves, except Varun and Genda. Varun says to Genda I have an important work, will finish that and come home, Genda says okay. Nisha thinks looks like they are having differences, time for next game.

At shop, Genda and Sandy working, Sandy asks where is Varun, Genda says we both will take care of this Varun, Sandy asks why, Genda thinks because Varun asked me to and made me promise, Genda says because he is busy, so I stepped in, Sandy thinks this is because Genda doesn’t want him to work, she wants to do all by herself.
Varun walks in, Genda shows him necklace and says look I’m handling everything, don’t worry, Sandy thinks she is so rude to Varun, Varun thinks he shouldn’t talk to Genda infront of Sandy and leaves. Sandy thinks Varun was so happy with me, Genda thinks whats wrong with Varun, why is he behaviing so weird, he was so happy with me before.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Why varun bunch Genda is she behind baby idea or he only feels confutable with his love girl and this girl as a curse on condan family 亢不不不不不 poor Genda varun didnt love you he will take drunk with his love girl and will give her Genda rights by having baby and have the firdt night with his ex ♀♀

  2. Sansanee Narula

    I just wish that this sandy won’t influence Varun in drinking liquor which she brought to his house & please do give us updates of every episode so that we won’t stop watching

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