Have You Ever Loved Me? (A Riansh Fanfiction) Ep.28

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Episode starts……

After some hours

Doctors and nurses were rushing in & out of OT which means that situation was tensed while Vansh was impatiently waiting for the Operation to get finished while Sia and Angre was trying to comfort him.

After sometime the red bulb over the OT got off while Vansh suddenly stood up and waited for doctor to come out. And doctor came……

Vansh – “Doctor how’s my wife?” Tell me”

Doctor – “Mr.Raisinghania with god’s grace she’s fine now” she spoke smilingly while Vansh in happiness hugged her and then kissed her hands to show his happiness while she felt awkward and realisation hit him and he left her while Sia and Angre giggled silently

Vansh – “Abb I’m sorry. Can I meet her now?”

Doctor – “Yes firstly we need to shift her in a private room from OT. As She’s still unconscious but you can see her and wait for her to get conscious”

He without saying anything left for the room and when he entered his heart had a relief and tears of sadness as he can see his heart attached with numerous wires and machines and he sat near her, took her hand in his and started caressing her hair and hand and gave her a peck on her forehead and admire her lovingly.

Vansh – “You don’t know sweetheart how impatiently I was waiting for your operation to get successful. That’s why I didn’t wanted to leave over your dad’s house because I was feeling something was going to happen and see. I know I did wrong with you dad but whatever I did was for your wellness and I’m sorry for that I’m sorry. I’m really sorry sweetheart” He was crying very hard taking her hand in his hand without making any sounds so that no one can see him crying.

Suddenly Ridhima felt some wetness on her hand and she started opening her eyes and saw Vansh crying taking her hand in his and she felt a bit pain on her hand as there was a burn over there and she hissed which caught Vansh’s attention and he saw that Ridhima has gained her consciousness and saw that she hissed and realisation stuck him hard and he immediately left her hand but not befor giving a peck over her palms and then kissed all over her face, her doe shaped eyes, her red cheeks and her forehead.

Vansh – “Are you fine Ridhima? Do you need anything?”

She just nodded in no and was admiring him.

Vansh – “You know I was so scared seeing your condition like this . It just broke me. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to protect you”

Ridhima – “Vansh you don’t need to be sorry. Infact I’m sorry because of me you were worried and even dad must be also worried. Yaa Vansh tell me where is dad I want to meet him immediately and I need to talk to him pls tell me”

Vansh wasn’t able to speak anything after she demanded about her dad and he without saying anything left the room.

Ridhima (thinking) – “Why he left the room without saying anything? Why he didn’t answer me? And I even need to talk to dad about HER. How can he do this? He even didn’t tell about HER to anyone. Thank God I’ve seen her now I really want to ask him and he’ll answer me by hook or by crook otherwise I’m also not her daughter” she thought determiningly

And suddenly she heard the sound of the door opening and saw Sia coming towards.

Sia – “How are you bhabhi? Are you fine?”

Ridhima – “I’m fine Sia and why are you standing over there come sit”

Sia sat on the chair and started telling her about how she came here and told about whole family worrying for her. But she didn’t told about her dad coming here.

Suddenly Ridhima asked

Ridhima – “Dad didn’t come?”

Sia was just left speechless for Ridhima’s sudden question.

Ridhima – “Sia speak na Dad didn’t come?”

Sia didn’t spoke anything

Ridhima – “I’m asking you something Sia answer me?” This time she spoke bit loudly

Sia again didn’t said anything

Ridhima – “Where is my Dad Sia?” She shouted getting irritated

But still Sia was fidgeting her fingers and wasn’t answering

Now this was over Ridhima’s head and she just stood up hissing loudly but Sia managed to make her sit and while Ridhima warned her…

Ridhima – “Sia If you didn’t speak anything then I’ll go to Vansh or why will I go to Vansh I’ll go to my dad directly and you know no one can stop me. So better answer me”

Sia was stunned and not to create a further scene she started telling her everything about Vansh and her Dad’s fight while Ridhima was shocked listening everything.

Ridhima – “How can he do this to my dad? How?” She spoke loudly gaining everyone’s attention and listening her about Vansh entered the room and he immediately came to her and sat beside her rubbing her back to calm down while she was seeing her with red-blooded angry eyes.

Episode ends….

Precap – Riansh’s Big Fight

Sorry to end the episode abruptly but I just have a little time and in that time IΒ  wrote this. I know this episode is boring but I’m sure you’ll like further episodes which are going to be full of twists and turns.

I hope you like this if yes then do comment and also tell me about your needful suggestions below πŸ‘‡.

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