I love you forever… U r in my heart (EPISODE 9)

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Hii guys this is sunanda. And iam back with my ff I LOVE YOU FOREVER. . . . . . U R IN MY HEART WITH EPISODE 9
tq who commented here and supported me.
Some silence readers also commented. Tq u soo much guys

RECAP -Manu and mahesh came 2 airport to give send off 2 atharv and vivida

————————–EPISODE 9 ————————–

(At atharv’s house )
SUJATA -ramesh jii when atharv went iam feeling very insecure.
RAMESH -don’t fill like that he is first time gng 2 to foreign. That’s why u r thinking like.don’t worry
SUJATA -ok!!!!!!!!!!!

AT AIRPORT. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
(atharv and vivida are going. .at the same time Manu gets slipped by trolley. . . Mahesh holds her……….they both share an eye lock )

(Atharv and vivida turns back to say byee to Manu and mahesh. ..they saw them in that still smile and goes )

(Manu and mahesh get into sences )


(Vivida and atharv went 2 checking later there luggage sending and password checking also get completed )

VIVIDA -atharv mujae bhook lageyae. ………
ATHARV -aup anaesae pehalae kuch nayi kaya? ????
VIVIDA -Yes of course I ate. But I want 2 eat chocolate and have 2 drink coffee
ATHARV -aurrrr kuch nayi chaheyae? ???(in a jokely manner )
VIVIDA -majak math karoo…….
ATHARV -ok fine. Plss sit here. I will get them.
VIVIDA -ok. Come fast

(atharv came with chocolates and coffee. but he does not find vivida where he says her 2 sit )
ATHARV -vivida!!!!!!!vivida!!!!!!!! (He is shouting )
(He did not find vivida any where. He asking some people for vivida. But he did not find her. He is searching her like his heart get missed )

(Suddenly some one cames and holds his eyes from back )
vivida-wow atharv superrrr. How do you know it’s me
(Atharv suddenly hugs her )
(Vivida gets shocked )
(Atharv breaked the hug)
ATHARV -are you got mad. Menae kaha na yeha baito aup kaha gayii .do you know how much I tensed. (In anger )
VIVIDA -itna phikar!!!!!!mere lae kyoon….
(Atharv gets stumbled that he does not know why he is feeling like that )
ATHARV -bcoz u r my responsibility. I promise to u r family that I return back u safely
(He angrily sits by giving chocolates and coffee to her )

(She holds her ears cutely .with a small baby expression )

(Atharv smiles )
ATHARV -don’t doo this again
VIVIDA -okkk!!!!!!
(They click some selfies )

(After that they have a talk )
(Atharv is talking. ….vivida slowly slept on his shoulders )
(Atharv heart beat increases and smiles by seeing her )
Later flight announcement……

(Atharv is trying to wake up Vivida.but she is not waking )
(Atharv sprinkles water on her )
VIVIDA -wt are you dng atharv? ??why u sprinkled water on me
(She pats on his shoulder)
ATHARV -flight announcement agaya. ..challo. ….

(They both sat in flight )

Vivida hair blows. ….her hair stuck into atharv shirt button. …
VIVIDA -ohhh Sryyyy………wait I will remove it. ….
(They share an eye lock. …)

Jana na dil se dur. …….
Jana na dil se dur. …….
Tumse milkae aisae laga. ….
Jaisi apna koi. ……

They both get into sences. …..

(Vivida is searching for her sweater. ….in her bag .she did not find that )
ATHARV -kya hua vivida? ????
VIVIDA -I did find my sweater. Maybe I kept in that big bags. …..
Wt i have 2 doo. …..

ATHARV -wait……
(He removes his sweater and gives to her )

ATHARV -wear it Vivida jiiiiiii. ….
VIVIDA -for you?????
ATHARV -I can adjust with my formal coat. Don’t worry
VIVIDA -tqq so much. ..
ATHARV -no mention. …..
VIVIDA POV -itna acha insann hey……

Later both are listening songs

PRECAP-vivida slept on atharv shoulder…….he mesmarized to her beauty……
Airhoster came there to ask food…but atharv lost in her beauty….Later the stranger beside atharv calls him…..
Atharv says he will have food later……with vivida


Sooooo guys this is episode 9.
Hope you guys like our vitharv chemistry and romantic scene’s……..
Sryyy for any gramitical mistakes……

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  1. aww cute so nice di keep it up….

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq sooooo much dear ???

  2. Short & cute..?…Vitharv scenes are awesome..??
    Keep writing dear..

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq dear tq sooooo much ??

  3. Awwww so sweet episode ..vivi sleeping on atharv’s shoulder ?
    Keep going di and precap is also interesting

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq sandy dear. Tq sooooo much ???

  4. RAOne

    nice keep going……….. try to make it more spiciy…… london dreams…….. all the best keep writing…..

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq raone dear Tqq so much ???

  5. awwwwwwwww such a cute episode I really enjoyed it I was imagining every part great keep writing

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq dear tq sooooo much ??

  6. Just an awesome episode….just loved it? waiting eagerly for the next episode…☺

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq dear tq sooo much??

  7. Really cute.. Loved Vitharv scenes..

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq dear tq sooo much??

  8. it’s too much awesome.?????lovely?????luv u dear?????????

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq diya dear tq soo much

  9. It was cute and lovely..???waiting 4r the next

    1. Sunanda12345

      Tq dear tq soooo much

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