A SwaSan SS: Innocent Souls by Manasvi (Part 2)

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Hello frnds!!
How r u all??
So I’m back with the second part of Innocent Souls..
**Note:- Swara & Sanskar are in 10th std.. Swara is one year younger than Sanskar..**
Recap: Swasan family intro and background.. Both SwaSan leave for their School..
Sanskar entered in the school campus and met his best friend I.e. Arjun.. He hugged him tightly..

After that they both were going towards the stairs when suddenly a car came and Swara with Shekhar came out… Seeing her, Sanskar was lost..
Arjun to Sanskar: Sanky, come on.. We are running late bro..
Sanskar: (coming out from his dreamland) Yeah.. Come on bro.. Why are you wasting my time?? I’m running late!!

Arjun gave you-are-unbelievable look to Sanskar.. Later they both went in the class..
Sanskar was sitting in the third bench.. Whereas Arjun was sitting behind him in the fourth bench talking with Uttara..

At that time, Swara entered the class.. Sanskar was watching her (no..no..actually staring her!!?) and Swara stood in front of him..
Swara: Excuse me!!
Sanskar: …

At last Arjun smacks on Sanskar’s head from behind.. (Poor Sanskar!!?) and Sanskar comes to his classroom back!!
Swara: Ohh hello.. Can’t you hear.. I’m calling from the last five minutes??
Sanskar: ??Yeah!! Say.. Wh..whhat hap..happened?? (he was stammering because of embarrassment..)
Swara: (in a cold tone) Can you tell me who is Sanskar Maheshwari here?? Principal ma’am is calling him..
Sanskar: ?? You came at the correct place dear.. I’m Sanskar Maheshwari only..
Swara: (rolls her eyes) is it?? You already wasted your five minutes here!! I guess you should run now!!

Sanskar nods and goes from there..
Swara scans the whole classroom.. But doesn’t finds any vacant seat except for Sanskar’s..
She rolls her eyes over and then keeps her bag beside Sanskar’s bag and sits there.. (All credit to me.. It was my plan ?)
Just then, the teacher arrives in the class.. Sanskar also arrives just after her.. He goes towards his bench, sees Swara sitting beside his place and gets confused yet happy..
He smiles at her and sits..
Teacher: So, as it is the start of your new academic year, I will like to take a small intro from everyone.. (Actually there were many new students, so it is necessary for everyone to know each other’s name and befriend each other)
Thus, every student was giving their intro..
Soon, Swara’s turn came..
She stood up and said, “I’m Swara, Swara Somani..”
Sanskar: (monologue) Swara.. Nice name..

Like this, lectures passed.. Soon, it was break..
Swara: (monologue) uff.. At last finished with these lectures.. Damn hungry.. Come on Shona.. Let’s go to canteen and have food otherwise my stomach will be no more? But where is canteen?? Uff..
Sanskar: (monologue) ughhh.. M feeling too hungry.. Chal Sanskar beta.. Kuchh khaa lete hai.. (Come on.. Let’s eat something..)
Swara: (monologue continue) with whom should I ask?? What to do!! M too hungry!!?
At that Sanskar saw her biting her nails.. He went towards her and said, “Do you need something, Swara??”
Swara: (in her mind after seeing Sanskar) yeah.. I should ask him only..

Swara to Sanskar: Yeah.. Can you show me the way to canteen??
Sanskar: (smiles genuinely) Great!! Even I’m going to the canteen.. I can give you a company!!
Swara: (gives a tight smile or you can say a too fake smile) If possible just show me the way.. I will be really thankful towards you..
Sanskar understands what Swara is trying to say and shows her the way to canteen..
Swara muttered a quick thank you (audible to Sanskar) and also a sorry in a really low voice (not enough for Sanskar to hear) and goes from there..
Sanskar muttered: How rude!!
Sorry for this short update!!

But my exams ended today only.. And I was seriously not in a mood to write anything.. So please ignore any typos or grammatical errors!!
I’m eagerly waiting for your reviews!!

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  1. Rabia

    Ayyan’s mana it was awesome andd no problem i knoww after exams no one wants to write anything soo take your time ???

    1. Manasvi

      Even I m searching for a bf for you. 😛 😉
      And thnk you dii..
      Love you ???

      1. Rabia

        Mana dekho i gave u cutest bf ever soo for mee it should be also cute and sweet okay ??? hehehehe

    2. Manasvi

      Don’t worry Rabu dii.. 😉
      He is going to be world’s no. 1 hitler..

      1. Rabia

        huhh stamping ayyan’s gf foot ?

    3. Manasvi

      Ayyan is stamping your foot!!!
      *possessive bf*?

  2. Nice dear

    1. Manasvi

      thnks dear.. 🙂

  3. awesome dear

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks kat 🙂

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks Soujanya.. 🙂

  4. nice update soon

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks anu dear.. 🙂

  5. Awesome

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks Vanisha dii.. 🙂

  6. just loving this cute story…

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks ritu.. 🙂

  7. Aarushi_99

    It was amazing!!
    I know how it feels when the exams are over so it’s ok?
    Anyways, loved the chapter!
    Update soon, take care!!

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks Aarushi dii.. 🙂

  8. Awesome

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks dear.. 🙂

    1. Manasvi

      Thnk u dii.. 🙂 ???

  9. Seebu_s

    awesome…so cute…waiting for next☺

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks dii.. :-*

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks dear.. 🙂

  10. Alku

    Aww mana superb?

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks alku dii???

  11. Hey manu my sweetie…it was awesome.. And super fantastic just like you????????
    Enjoy your vacations dear…?
    Love you…???
    Take care…stay blessed…????

    1. Manasvi

      Thnk u DII!!?
      Love you too?

  12. awesome…

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks dear..☺

  13. Scooby

    Superb ?? sanskar fell at first sight?

    1. Manasvi

      Thnk u dii?

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks Arshaa dii?

  14. awesome ☺

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks dear..☺

  15. Shiksha


    1. Manasvi

      Thnks dii..?

  16. Pramudi

    Nice.. ? waiting for the nxt part.

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks dii..?

  17. Gayathri.visu

    Aww! Soo cute…

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks dii.. ?

  18. IME

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii manuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    keviiiiiiiiiiiii cheeeeeeeeee
    aneeeeeeeeeeee kyaaaaaaaaaaa cheeeeeeeeeee
    hu bau busy chu yrr su karu
    atle jyara tu aave che tyare hu nathi hoti!!!!!
    rava de
    loved ittttttttttt
    post soon
    love you
    take care

    1. Manasvi

      Tame kem chho?? Hun toh majja ma ja chhu!!
      Baaki tame toh khub aj busy chho!!
      Ane thank you..
      Love you too!!
      Take care!!?????????????

  19. Meera_s

    I read 2parts now only…loved it..

    1. Manasvi

      Thnk u so much dii.. ?

  20. Shifa96

    Nice one..r u going to complete your other ff?

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks dii?
      And all the parts I wrote got deleted from my cell phone.. So i will think to write it back later!!

  21. just now i read n loved it dear…continue soon

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks sri..?

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