swasan ff : falling for you again part5

Both reached outside the mansion

Swara: now who will save you from me(smiles evilly)

Sanskar gulped seeing swara in front of her who was not looking like less than a devil to him .swara was moving towards him but suddenly she got pulled and she got landed on his hard toned chest.
Both were looking into the eyes of each other which were conveying some different feelings for each other which were unknown to them. Their hotbreath fell on each other leading in the increase of their heartbeats

This feeling was new to them which were very unknown because whenever they get close to each other a shiver ran through their spines leading them to lost in each other

Ragini and laksh were passing from there when they saw swasan who were lost in each other without caring for the world which seems to do not exist when they are with each other

Laksh: ragini are you see seeing them who will say that these people have lost their memory(smiles looking at them)
Ragini: yes laksh even after loosing their memory they are with each other like they were before but time have changed earlier both used to love each other but now both can’t digest each other(laughs)
Laksh: but you know ragini behind their cat and dog fight its their love. Their unconditional love who can recognize each other by feeling. They do not need to remember each other for their love their heart is enough for them who beats for each other and can recognize each other.
Ragini(tear drop rolled from from her eyes because of happiness): I’m very happy laksh seeing them because I left hope seeing their condition in past. I used to question god that how can he separate two people who loved each other unconditionally . is this the end of pure love and the the end of the story of people who faced so much difficulties and discovered their true love?
Laksh: ragini god proved that there is no the end of the love it can be forgotten but the people who are connected by heart can’t be separated. They are the best example for them. They have forgotten everything but still their heart have found each other. They are not able to recognize their feeling

Both raglak stood their admiring them from far. A true example of pure love who are two bodies one soul which every couple want. They were admiring them but suddenly both got a idea at same time and they looked at each other mischievously

Ragini: laksh it revenge time(smiles mischievously)
Laksh: ya ragini remember how they both used to do with us when we were lost in each other although they do not remember but still its revenge time(smiles mischievously seeing them)
Ragini nodded and both went towards each other and saw that swasan are lost in each other it was looking like world does not exist for them when both are with each other , they do not need anything both are enough for each other.

Swasan were lost in each other’s eyes and ragini went near them and coughed

Ragini(coughs): ahem ahem

But their was no effect both were lost in their ownmagical world which they have created for themselves which they also do not know. They are just feeling each other unware of the world.

Seeing no response ragini shows thumbs up to laksh and laksh went to the garden took the water pipe from the gardener and moved the pipe towards the swasan direction making them drenched and leading them to come out of their dreaming world

Swasan got separated with a jerk

Swasan: aaaaa(shouts)

They both saw raglak laughing a them and rolling on the grounds

Swasan; what the hell

Laksh: this is not hell swasan it is heaven(victorious smile)
Sanskar: LAKSH WHY YOU DID THIS?(anger)
Laksh; we..we..(nervous)
Ragini(divert the topic): we did this to bring you both out from your dreamworld. By the way where were you both lost ha(teasingly)
Laksh:tell na (teasingly)

Both were embrassed seeing the situation and were not able to meet each other’s eyes
Aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon
O aankhon ki
Gustakhiyan.. maaf hoon

Laksh started singing teasing them more and enjoying seeing them

Aankhon ki
Sharmohaya.. maaf ho

started singing ragini supporting his husband

both swasan were fully read now.

Swara: I think maa is calling me

Ragini:but I didn’t heard anything(innocently but teasingly)
Swara: woh.. woh ha ma has given me some work I remembered

Saying this she ran like a bullet train before ragini could stop her

Ragini: aar swara

Now both looked at sanskar at passed a teasing smile to him

Sanskar(monologue): o god these two why are they passing me this smie. Beta sanskar bhag le yaha se

Sanskar took out his phone and started talking more than acting: yes oh it is necessary. I’m coming

Sanskar to raglak:who I’m going a important work has come so I have to leave

Saying this he went from there and raglak burst into laughter: hahaha

Laksh: did you see them(laughing)
Ragini: both are behaving like teenagers

Laksh: I’m happy today ragini after many months seeing them lik this

Ragini: those days were horrible


Whole family was brokedown seeing the condition of sanskar and swara. One side sanskar was in coma and other side after loosing her memory swara became a quite shy girl who lost her charm.

Ragini; maa chachi ji come and eat food
Ap/ sujata: no ragini

Seeing them ragini also couldn’t control her tears
And went away and started crying

Laksh: papa chachu come we there is a meeting today

Seeing their condition his heart ached but he composed himself and thought to divert their mind

Dp/ram: no laksh we are not feeling well you please handle the meeting
Laksh(chocked voice): o..k dad a..nd chachu

He went from there before his tears make their way

On the other hand swara’s condition was also not well due to falling from height she received headaches frequently and sometimes get unconscious

When she was well she was remain quiet and an unknown pain always get reflected on her face when she was asked about it she said

I do not know maa like someone is calling me, someone needs me but I’m not able to recognize anything. Someone who is near to my heart is in pain but I’m unable to do anything. I’m feeling helpless where is he and who is that person. I always feel an unknown pain in my heart

Saying this she always strted crying


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