Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 12

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Hello guys, thank you all who read and like this ff. Thank you Anu, Jasmine, Sia and Silent reader.



Adi: then RV, What is your vacation plan?

RV: Adi it’s study leave. Anyways i am going to Delhi to stay with my Grand parents. I will prepare for exams there itself.

Adi: wherever you go don’t forget to come to birthday party.

RV: Sure Adi. Bye.


Sanskar: Noor this is 13th ice cream. When will you give me idea?

Noor: okay ok. Cool. One more please.

She asked him childishly.

Adi parks the car outside the ice cream shop.

Zoya: I thought you were lying yesterday.

Adi: when you will believe me?

They enter inside. Adi notices Noor.

Adi holds Zoya’s shoulder and turn to entrance.

Zoya: what happened baby?

Adi: this shop is not looking nice. We will go to another shop.

Adi pushes Zoya out. Before they went out Noor caught sight of them.

Noor: Appi.

Zoya turns back. Adi too turns back without any option.

Zoya: Noor what are you doing here?

Noor: meet my friend Sanskar Sehgal.

Zoya shook hand with Sanskar. Then Adi shook his hand.

Zoya: You are the one who saved her na. I wish to meet you for so long. Thank you so much. Really surprised to meet you.

Sanskar(smiles): nice to see you.

Adi: i think your purse might be emptied by now.

Noor pouts. Meanwhile Adi orders ice cream for them.

Sanskar: anything for little sissy.

Noor: he is not spending for me simply. I have to give him idea to surprise his wife on their anniversary.

Zoya: what’s this habit? Call him bhai.

Noor(childishly): appi he is my friend. I will call his wife as bhabi. But i won’t call him as bhai. What? Whether you want me to call you bhai?

Sanskar(smiles): no madam. This much respect is enough for me.

Zoya: whether she gave you any idea?

Sanskar: not yet. I hope before night fall, she will come up with any idea.

Zoya: why don’t you celebrate it in any  home? Because they people are longing for love. If you spend one day with them they felt like you spend your whole life with them. Their happiness is the blessing from god.

Sanskar: brilliant idea. Thank you so much.

They all went outside.

Sanskar: shall i drop you Noor?

Noor: I will go with them. Bye Sanki.

Sanskar: bye sweety.

Noor: i forget one thing. Next week Adi bhai’s birthday. We are inviting only our friends. So i am inviting you. You should definitely come with bhabi. Ok bye.

Adiya and Noor reaches their house. Adi stops the car infront of gate itself.

Adi: Noor our friend is going to outstation. We have to go to send off him. Inform to Pooja

Noor nods and steps out of car. Adi calls her.

Adi: Baby give me your mobile.

She gave her mobile. Adi gives their both mobile to Noor and told her to connect it in charger. She takes the mobiles and leave from there.

Zoya: we know RV for 3 months only. But see how he is close to us.

Adi: yeah.

Zoya: whether we are going to airport?

Adi: No.

Zoya: then?

Adi: we are(he looks at Zoya) going to long drive.

Zoya: oh ho. What? You told to Noor that we are going to send off

Adi (cuts inbetween): i lied.

Zoya: but, for what?

Adi: i wish to tell this in Boomerang itself but i can’t able to tell you this when Noor is with us.

Zoya(confused): what you want to say?

Adi(nervously): i wish you as to be my mom throughout our life.

Zoya is still more confused.

Zoya: what you are saying?

Adi: i wish you to be with me always.

Zoya: i will be with you only. Where i will go without you?

Adi turns his face to another side and murmurs can’t even understand what i meant to say. Oh god.

Zoya: Adi see front and drive.

Adi: ok i am coming to point straightly. Will you marry me?

Zoya: it’s not at all matter. Wait, what did you say?

Zoya’s heart jumps in joy. Adi is tensed about  what she is going to tell.

Adi: that…that i…love…you.

Zoya hugs him in joy. She is speechless.

Adi(shouts): baby let me drive.

Zoya releases him.

Adi: you didn’t say anything.

Zoya:why you take these many days to tell me your love? If you didn’t tell me now means also i would propose you on your birthday.

Adi(with huge smile): really? But you won’t hide anything from me na.

Zoya(blushes): actually i was shy to tell you and also afraid that you may reject my proposal. Only i tell this to RV.

Adi: RV? he too didn’t tell anything to me.

Zoya: he find out. So i request him to stay silent about it.

Adi: he is just know you for 3 months. He knows about you more than me.

Zoya: leave it. How sir got knowledge to tell it now.

Adi(he stops the car): actually i love you so much from our childhood. But i wish to tell this now.(emotionally) Because on my every birthday our parents will be with me. But for this birthday they are not there. Even Pooja is like a mother to me. But you are more special to me baby. I want you to be in the place of mom in my birthday. Will you be with me as my mom.

Tears fall from Zoya’s eyes. She hugs Adi.

Adi: don’t cry baby.

Zoya(kissed in his forehead): i will be with you forever.

Adi(smiles): time to change situation. You shouldn’t tell this to RV until we meet him.

Zoya: why baby?

Adi: he too cheated me na. I want to play prank with him.

Zoya: as your wish. Paka promise.

Adi: remember you promised me.

Zoya nods. They resume their drive.

Both felt some different kind of feel inside their heart.


Yuvi  makes a call to Arjun. Mahi picks the call. She didn’t note the number.

Yuvi: hi Arjun.

Mahi realises it as Yuvi. She is silent.

Yuvi: hello, it’s me Yuvi.

Ragini snatches his mobile.

Mahi(nervously): hello.

Ragini cuts the call.

Here Mahi fumes in anger.

Yuvi: Ragini.

Ragini: come on Yuvi. One match. After to that only i will give mobile.

Yuvi: okay ok.

They starts play carrom. Bela and Swara one team, Yuvi and Ragini one team. Suddenly first Ragini mobile rings. She picks the call.

Ragini: hiii Laksh.

She move away from there without tell to anyone.

Next Bela, then Swara both got a call from their hubbies and they went. Yuvi is in high temper. After a while Ragini came.

Ragini: let’s play.

Yuvi look at her in anger. Then she realises what happened. She hold her ears.

Ragini: sorry Yuvi.

Yuvi: give me my mobile.

He moves from there dialling Arjun number.


Zoya is super duper happy. She thought of share this with RV. but she remembers her promise and starts dreaming about Adi.

Yash is trying to contact Mr. Varma. His mobile is not reachable.

– to be continued.




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  1. Jasminerahul

    can’t believe that rajveer is leaving all of a sudden.I feel he is leaving for another purpose.sanskar noor scene was cute.sanskar noor adiya scene was nice.waiting for adi’s birthday swasan anniversary party will be in their house.waiting for that.yuvi rang up sweet.but sad that ragini interrupted them.poor guys.adi trying to confess his love to zoya was hilarious.adiya confession was sweet cute n romantic. adi telling zoya to take over his mom’s place in the birthday party …zoya hugging him n consoling him was emotional. perfect pics

    1. Anuva

      I meant to say home means Orphanage… swasan anniversary will be celebrated in orphanage by them…

  2. Yahoo I am so happy… finally adiya confessed their love to each other.i am jumping with joy
    …adiya car scene was romantic and emotional.waiting for yuvi’s love confession…I am so happy yaar…thank u so much…the pics was so beautiful…the first pic of adi was superb…what a cute romantic smile..sad because rajveer is leaving so soon… eagerly waiting for the next soon

  3. Tanshi

    Wowwww superb loved it a lot!!!!!Adi’s proposal was emotional????

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