Miracle Of Love Part – 3 (Ragsan) (Swalak)

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Hi friends, i am really very very sorry for late. Thank you all who read and like this FF. Thank you jasmine, Nithya, Vini, Nive, Keerthi, Vani, Tara, Shalini,Rikashini, Ragasanian, Tanvi, Ishu, Ria, Moni, Rehna, Raguzz01 for your lovely comments.


College canteen:

Ragini: why you slapped him Swara? This will create another issue.

Swara: so what? If we didn’t react now, then it would be advantage to the person like him.

Ragini’s mobile rings. She gestures Swarato keep quiet.

Ragini(with huge smile): hi papa.

Shekar: hi beta. How was your first day? Me and mumma miss you both so much.

Ragini: fantastic papa. Even we too miss you both lot.

Shekar: whether you both had lunch?

Ragini: not yet papa. We are going to have.

Shekar: give mobile to Swara dear.

Ragini gives mobile to Swara and gestures her not to tell anything to their dad.

Swara: hi papa. How are you doing? What about mumma?

Shekar: we are fine beta. Is everything ok there?

Swara: yeah papa. Papa i beat you by 10 points.

She continues her usual talk with her dad. Ragini took a glance around her.

Ragini(to herself): i felt like i saw that boy (Sanskar) near to me; where he went all of a sudden? I thought of ask sorry to him.

Ragini takes Swara’s mobile and start surf it. After a while Swara give mobile to Ragini.

Ragini: haan papa.

Shekar: i gave your number to Sanskar. He will contact you beta.

Ragini: ok papa.

Shekar: i will call you later dear. Take care of yourself and  your sister.

Ragini: ok papa. Bye.

Swara: while i was speaking with dad, you search for that guy only na?

Ragini: yeah, so what?

Swara: something something.

Ragini: nothing. For you only everything will be different. I just wish to ask sorry to him.

Swara: i believed.

Ragini: really baby.

They after a while went to their hostel room.


Everyone gathered in function hall. Ragini’s mobile rings.

Swara: will you keep that mobile in silent?

Ragini picks it.

Male voice: hi.

Ragini(confused): who are you?

Voice: is this Ragini?

Ragini: yeah, may i know who is this?

Voice: i am Sanskar.

Ragini(relieved): oh, Sanskar. I am afraid.

Sanskar: shall i know where are you?

Ragini: i am in function hall.

Sanskar: i have work near stage. I will send you my pic. Will you come forward?

Ragini: yeah, ok.

Near stage,

Boy: Sanskar you have to start by telling rules.

Sanskar: wait i will come.

Sanskar send her pics and went to stage.

Boy: here our College senior and students favourite leader will tell rules and regulations of students. It’s none other than our Sanskar.

Ragini: slow network. Can’t even able to download single photo.

Sanskar stand on stage. Swara mouth fell open.

Swara: you no need to see photo.

Ragini: what?

Swara hold her chin and turn it towards stage. Ragini felt like she is fainting.

Ragini: he is

Swara: Sanskar.

Ragini checks her mobile. She sees his photo in gallery. She is afraid so much. She holds Swara’s hand and left to hostel immediately.


Ragini is walking to and fro.

Swara: i told you first itself na.

Ragini: keep quiet swara. I was already tensed. I don’t know how i am going to face him.

Swara: i can’t understand one thing. Why he didn’t tell us first itself that he is Sanskar?

Ragini: yeah, why he didn’t tell?

Swara: means he too fall for you at first sight, how you fall for him.

Ragini: shut up Swara. I didn’t fall for him.

Swara: don’t lie. You flirt him or not?

Ragini(stammers): yeah. But it just flirt.

Swara: whether you flirt anyone before?

Ragini: no.

Swara: then it is love only.

Ragini: Swara.

Swara: ok ok. Sorry.

Ragini hear beep sound from her mobile. She sees the message.

Sanskar: where are you both Ragini?

Ragini don’t know what to say.

Ragini: sorry. We are in hostel. I slightly felt like headache. That’s why we returned to hostel.

Sanskar: are you all right now? Or else shall i buy any tablets for you.

Ragini: i am all right now. You carry on.

Sanskar: will you send me your pics? So that i can identify you tomorrow.

Ragini didn’t reply. Sanskar wait for a minute and he didn’t mind anything. He continues his work.

Ragini feels guilt to cheat him. She thinks he is so caring. I insulted him without any reason. Otherside she is really afraid so much. Her body temperature increases. She kept her mobile in silent and went to bed early.

Swara: Ragini are you ok?

Ragini didn’t reply. She slept. Swara also didn’t disturb her. She too slept.

Morning, Swara wakes Ragini. Swara touches her cheeks and came to know that Ragini got fever. Swara give her tablet and told her to take rest. Ragini denies and both left to college.

Voice: Ragini. Swara.

Both turns and shocked to see Sanskar; both surprised how he identified them. Both went near to him nervously. Especially Ragini is so nervous.

Sanskar: hi.

Swaragini: hi.

Sanskar: i called you in morning. But you didn’t attend the call.

Ragini: i kept my mobile in silent. I didn’t notice it.

Sanskar: when i met you both yesterday for tge first time, i thought you are so brave and Swara is shy type. But yesterday afternoon incident changed my thought totally different.

Ragini look at him with shivering. But he didn’t realise it. He continues.

Sanskar calls a boy. Same boy who try to misbehave with Ragini. Swaragini look puzzled.

Sanskar: say sorry to her.

Ragini: no need.

Sanskar(ignored her): come on.

Boy: sorry.

Sanskar: how i told you to ask sorry.

Boy kneels infront of her; hold his ears and says Sorry sister.

Sanskar holds Ragini’s shoulder; Ragini feels some secureness she look at his hands and face.

Sanskar: look she is my friend. I already warned you so many times. What are you thinking about girls idiot? Uou are not at all human being. I don’t want anymore girls to suffer because of you. So you will receive your TC soon from Principal.

Ragini: don’t you think TC is too much?

Sanskar: i am not request Principal to give TC to him because he misbehave with you. Because of him already two girls parents stop their daughters studies. I don’t want to repeat it anymore.

Ragini feels proud and something more for him inside her heart.

– to be continued.

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