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Ritika is in her house.. She hears her door bell.. She did not go to open the door as she thought that it would be Abhi.. The door bell rings some more times..

Ritika : (thinks) I think he purposefully does this.. Just to make me come there..

She goes and opens the door.. She talks without seeing who the person is..

Ritika : What do u want??

The man : Ritu..

Ritika looks up.. She gets tears in her eyes..

Ritika : Papa.. U?? Here??

She hugs her dad and cries.. She takes him inside..

Dad : How are u beta??

Ritika : I am good papa.. How are u??

Dad : Sorry beta.. I could not be with u.. I am the worst dad in this world.. I was a puppet in the hands of ur stepmother.. I should not have been so.. I am really sorry beta.. U might be angry with me..

Ritika : Haan papa.. I was angry with u.. But all my anger flew away when I saw u.. U have come to see me when I most needed u..

Dad : I came to know that ur mami got some groom for u.. And that groom is already married.. I also came to know that u escaped from them and ur mami has thrown u out..

Ritika : That happened before four months papa..

Dad : Sorry beta.. Before 4 months?? Ur mom(stepmother) did not even tell me.. Now too,I eavesdropped when she was talking to ur mami.. I caught her red handed and scolded her.. Can u tell me what happened actually?? Who saved u??

She thinks of Abhi..

Ritika : That’s a big story papa.. Do u eat something??

Dad : No beta..

Ritika : No papa.. U have to eat something..

She goes to the kitchen.. He looks around the house..

Dad : Seems like some man lives here..

Ritika : (thinks) No.. I will not tell him that I got married.. That marriage is of no use now.. I am going to go away from Abhi.. Let him have a life which he deserves..(to her dad)Papa..this is my  friend’s house.. He comes here at times..

Her dad caught the change in her expression..


Its 7 p.m. Abhi and Sid complete their work and they are about to leave.. By then,Abhi gets a call from his mom ,Kavita.. She asks him to come to her home.. Abhi feels happy.. He bids bye to Sid and goes..

He reaches his parents’ house.. His mother welcomes him..

Abhi : Ma.. How are u?? Why did u call me??

Kavita : I am good. How are u?? How is my daughter in law??

Abhi : She is good too..

Kaviat : U should have brought her too with u..

Abhi : Ma.. Actually. I had some work in office.. Just now I was about to leave for home.. Ritika did not come to office today.. And tell me.. Why did u call me??

Kaviat : Ask ur dad.. He asked me to call u..

Abhi : What?? Dad?? Had I done something wrong?? I don’t know what he is gonna say..

By then Abhi’s dad Pratap comes..

Abhi : Good evening dad.. How are u??

Pratap : I am good.. How are u?? How is Ritika??

Abhi : Ya.. We are good dad..

Pratap : Hmm.. I have something important to say to u..

Abhi : Tell me dad..

Pratap : why don’t u shift to this house?? With Ritika??

Abhi is surprised.. He opened his mouth wide.. His mother too could not believe what she had heard..

Abhi : Dad.. Are u drunk??

His dad throws an angry stare at him..

Kavita : Stupid Abhi.. Is this the way u talk to ur father??

Abhi : Oh God.. Ma.. I don’t know what I am talking.. I am really surprised.. Sorry dad.. I could not believe my ears.. That’s why I asked so..

Pratap smiles slightly..

Kavita : He knows very well about u Abhi..

Pratap : U are right Abhi.. U might have been surprised by my decision.. But u are our only son.. We are also aged now.. And it is true that I was angry at u.. I thought u loved that girl and got married to her.. But later,I came to know that u married her to save her.. I also heard that she lived with her mama’s family and her mami mistreated her.. U have saved her from her misery.. That’s really very good.. And moreover,I am really proud of u.. We have brought u up in the right way.. U made us proud.. And we like her too.. She is very polite and kind.. She is the one who is apt for our family.. So,both of u come here..

Abhi : Thanks for understanding my situation dad.. As u said,I married her only to save her.. But now,I started falling for her.. I love her so much.. If she comes to know this,she would be very happy.. I will tell her once I reach home..

Kavita : Abhi.. We will come to ur home tomorrow and take you both here..

Abhi : Hmm.. That’s so cool Ma..

He hugs his mom and dad..


Sid reaches home.. Swadhu welcomes him..

Swadhu : Sweetheart.. How was ur day??

Sid : Very bad.. U might have seen.. That idiot CEO of mine..

Swadhu : Rakesh is a very nice guy.. Don’t tink bad about him..

Sid : U would not say so,if u saw how he reacted when I gave him the wrong file..

Swadhu : That is ur mistake nah?? Arnav bhai too would have reacted the same way..

Sid : So,u are saying that he was right and I was wrong.. Isn’t it??

Swadhu : Sid.. It’s not like that..

Sid : Then.. What does it mean??

Swashu : Forget it.. U are angry.. Whatever I say,u will find something and fight with me..

Sid : So,u are saying indirectly that I am the one who fight with u every time,right??

Swadhu gets hyper..

Swadhu : Haan..not indirectly.. I am directly saying that u always find reasons to fight with me these days..

Sid : Hello.. What do u mean??

Swadhu : I meant what I said.. U are making this little thing a problem.. This does not matter at all.. U are showing ur work tension on me..

Sid : Is it so?? U were the one who first started.. U told that he is a nice guy nah??

Swadhu : As far as I know,he is very good.. I don’t know what u think about him.. I cannot hate someone,who behaves well with me,only because u don’t like him..

Sid : Do u know how headstrong he is??

Swadhu : Sid.. I don’t want to hear anything about him.. Talking about this will create problems between us only.. I don’t want anyone to come between us and create problems.. U are angry now.. Talk to me once u become normal..

She goes out of the room..

Sid : Hmm.. I can understand Swadhu.. U cannot hear me talking bad about ur beloved cousin.. Hmm.. Everything because of that idiot..

He grits his teeth..


Shruti and Arnav are having good time together talking about a lot of things..

Shruti : Are u a good boss??

Arnav : What?? Why are u saying so??

Shruti : Just answer my question..

Arnav : What do u think??

Shruti : Not at all.. U are very bad..

Arnav : Why??

Shruti : Two of ur employees are struggling in ur office just to make ur project good and to make ur boss happy.. But here u are spending time with ur girlfriend..

Arnav : Its wife..

Shruti : Ok sir..its wife.. Dont change the topic.. Answer my question..

Arnav : Hmm.. What employees??

Shruti : Arnav.. U are very bad.. U forget about my beloved friends Sid and Abhi..

Arnav : Oh..(winks) Let them work.. I have never seen Abhi work.. Let him work at least today..

Shruti : Hmm.. I like ur point..

Arnav : Actually.. I am very tired of being a good boss.. I am trying to become a good boyfriend..

Shruti : correction.. A good husband..

Arnav : Haan madamji.. A good husband..

Both of them laugh..

PRECAP : Ritika decides to go with her dad to Mumbai..

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    Hi di!How are you?? Episode was awesome ??and sorry I couldn’t comment, meri cousin ayi hai +exam, so isiliye nahi hua, sholly…

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  2. Awesome episode …precap ??…rithu went..?…arnav nd shruthi’s conversation is awesome…

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      Thank u dear.. Ya.. 5 more to hit century.. Will make it as soon as possible..

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