Love? – Episode 23 – The music studio

that day:
gauri was near the music studio and was thinking over her decision.
gauri in mind: is this the right decision? recording my voice and turning it into something?
she was confused and all of a sudden the people’s taunts entered her head and echoed in her head:
she thought of omkara singh oberoi. how he would rape her, how he would torture her, his accusations, his every word was stabbing her heart but she beared this pain for her children. she beared it because she used to love him. seeing omkara singh oberoi’s face in front of her, she went into the music studio, wiping the tears which were rolling down her cheeks.
she saw buamaa and her friend sorting out the stuff, when buamaa saw her in the corner, she smiled and told gauri to come in the room where they would record her voice.
buamaa: sneha, yeh hai meri beti, gauri.
gauri: namaste.
sneha: hi! i am sneha and if you are okay, we will be recording your voice and we will start off with CDs. okay?
gauri nods and sneha tells her to sit on the black stool. gauri sits on the stool.
sneha: so what song did you have in mind?
buamaa: the one i made you hear two hours ago.
sneha: voh wala! bilkul. you know that song you sung gauri, that just go to hell wala.
gauri nods. sneha smiles and puts the special headphones on gauri. then she gives gauri the microphone. soon gauri was told to sing.
gauri: Yahan se kahan jaaun. Kahan main chhup jaaun. Ye aadha sa dil. Main kaise lagaaun.
on the other screen, om was in his hotel and was thinking of his day with aadhira and munni. he thought of aadhira and munni’s hatred for him.
gauri: Hoon khud se judaa main. Hoon khud se alahada. Ye aadha sa dil. Main kaise basaaun.
he was thinking about the reason his children hated him for. torturing gauri.
gauri: O roothe dil. Roothe dil. Roothe dil. O jhoothe dil. Jhoothe dil. Jhoothe dil. O toote dil. Toote dil. Toote dil. Hai kya teri mushkil. O just go to hell dil.
om smashed the glass of water which was near him in guilt, pain and anger. he banged the table harshly.
gauri: Just go to hell. O dil..Just go to hell. Dil… Just go to hell.O dil.. Just go to hell dil.
om stepped on a glass shred which was on the floor. he wanted to scream in pain but this glass shred was nothing compared to the pain gauri went through.
gauri: Hai meri ghalti. Ya khud ki khata tu. Sharminda dil. Bas itna bata tu. Ke ab kya paana. Ke ab kya khona. Sharminda dil. Bohat hua rona.
meanwhile, in buamaa’s house, aadhira was thinking about the concern mr oberoi was showing to her and munni today. was it really true concern or was it just fake? this is what she thought.

gauri: Roothe dil. Roothe dil. Roothe dil..O jhoothe dil. Jhoothe dil. Jhoothe dil.. Toote dil.. Dil. Toote dil. Hai kya teri mushkil. O just go to hell dil…
(each flash is 3 seconds long)
flash 1:
gauri’s tears rolling down her cheeks.
flash 2:
buamaa and sneha recording her voice.
flash 3:
om in guilt and anger messing the room up.
flash 4:
aadhira banged the wall harshly and blood came out of her fist.
flash 5:
viren and munni heard the bang.
flash 6:
they aid aadhira’s fist.
gauri: Just go to hell. O dil… Just go to hell. Dil… Just go to hell..O.. O dil.. Just go to hell dil yeah…
om picks his phone up and starts to dial a number. slowly and slowly.
gauri: Dardon ki aadat si. Lag gayi hai. Aansu bhi meri. Hansi udaaye. Deti hoon khud ko main. Kharashein kyun nayi. Koyi mujhko. Mujhse hi bachaye.
the person om was calling didn’t pick the phone so om called again.
gauri: O roothe dil. Roothe dil. Roothe dil. Jhoothe dil. Jhoothe dil. Jhoothe dil. Toote dil. Toote dil.Toote dil. Hai kya teri mushkil. O just go to hell dil.
anika’s phone was ringing and anika saw. she picked her phone and and the ‘hello’ shocked her.
gauri: O..Just go to hell .O dil..Just go to hell. Dil…Just go to hell. O dil..Just go to hell dil yeah…Just go to hell. O dil.. Just go to hell. Just go to hell. Dil.. Just go to hellO dil.. Just go to hell dil..
om told anika something important and anika nodded. he puts the phone down.
buamaa’s house:
viren hugs aadhira and munni tight telling them that soon everything will be ok.
gauri was done singing and sneha and buamaa clapped.
precap: oh saathiya
i am just excited for some reason to write the next chappy. been planning it for ages

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