Naagin 3: BeHir SS: Always on my mind Part 1

Part 1

She was a reflection of a pure angel, at times she reminded me of my own mother. The one who had died from the hands of these evil humans. But Sumi Maa was different. She deserved the world by the looks of it she had endured a lot by the disgusting deeds committed by her husband. She didn’t deserve this kind of betrayal from me. The guilt was slowly killing me, I was set out to destroy her entire existence. I had already killed Yuvraj Sehgal now it was Mahir who was left. But before doing that I had another task to break her heart and dreams by telling her the truth of my pregnancy, but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to do it. On top of all this Mahir wasn’t helping by putting more fuel into the fire. The only way I could get this message across to Sumi Ma was through Mahir who had turned a deaf ear to me.

Why couldn’t Mahir understand? I wasn’t pregnant and definitely not with that filthy Yuvraj Sehgal’s kid. Mahir was doing the utmost, from the decor of the room to placing baby books and toys on every hook and nook of the room. He’d had gotten rid of any hazardous thing that could put me or the “baby” in any sort of danger. Mahir was trying his level best to reach Yuvraj but of course that wasn’t possible, he now like always had put the responsibility upon his own shoulders. According to him this “baby would be raised by him and will be given nothing less than a fairy-tale life. At times it was hard to believe this was the same Mahir that had killed my Vikrant instead he seemed like some sort of gift sent from the heaven above, but I was the only one who knew that he was a devil in disguise.

As I made my way pass the corridor towards my room I can’t help but think of all the times I’ve spent with this man. Why does my heart sink every time I see the hurt flash through his eyes? It’s almost as if I’ve ripped his heart apart and he’s dying a slow painful death every day. How was I going to convince him that I wasn’t pregnant with his brother’s kid let alone I had never even let Yuvi touch me in the privacy of four walls while I was engaged to him. Just as I step into the room I see him sitting on the bed reading the fourth book in 2 days of pregnancy. What will I ever do with him? This needs to stop.

Bela:Mahir ji do you mind if I have word with you? It’s really important.

Mahir:Bela when did you come? I’m sorry I was engrossed in this book I hadn’t noticed. By the way has the pregnancy reports come in? We should start planning according to the due date it’s always good to be prepared beforehand.

Bela:Mahir ji I’m telling you I’m not preg..

Mahir:Did you know there have been many cases where women delivery ahead or after their due dates. On top of it the first few initial stages of the pregnancy are really dangerous. Anyways you don’t worry about all that I’m here for that, you just tell me what do you think we are having a boy or a girl?

Bela:What do you mean we are having?

Mahir:Look Bela I know you don’t consider me your husband but please don’t take the right of this child away from me. I’m bound to get attached to this child anyhow, but I promise if Yuvi comes back I’ll go away I won’t come anywhere near you guys.

Bela: That’s not what I meant, what I mean is that..

Mahir:No, look Bela you don’t have to explain to me. I understand.

Bela:Understand? What do you understand? You don’t even let me speak. You’re just rambling on and on about a baby that doesn’t even exist.

Mahir:I’m sorry I’ll listen to you… Here wait let me get you some water, don’t yell it’s not good for your condition.

Bela:Have you lost it Mahir ji? Did you listen to anything I’ve said?

Mahir:Calm down Bela… here have some water.

Bela:*Grabs the water and starts drinking it, as Mahir walks away to put away the book he was holding * (inner thoughts) That’s it I’ve had enough of this nonsense, this man has completely lost it, he won’t understand this way. I’ve got to get his attention somehow.*

*Putting the glass down I walk closer to Mahir and pull him by the collar and come face to face with him. Our lips almost touching. I don’t understand what I’m feeling and by the look of it I can tell he’s feeling the same thing… this connection there’s definitely something between us.*

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