Love? – Episode 22 – ‘Has he really changed?’

the next day:
viren was already at home after school and he had a lot of homework to do. gauri had to go somewhere with buamaa so aadhira went to pick munni up from school.
when she entered, she saw munni with a tall man. munni was just staring at him. aadhira went closer and was shocked.
munni: hira didu, this villain want to take me.
aadhira: mr oberoi, how many times must i repeat to leave us alone? and please do not forget that you have munni’s hatred so just stay away.
om: look i came to pick munni up so we could have ice cream.
munni: mummy say no ice cweam from villain. what ice cweam?
aadhira: just some cold dessert. i have never tried myself.
munni: oh.
aadhira: anyway come on munni, let’s leave this idiot alone.
she gently grabbed munni’s small hand and was about to go when…….
om: at least just have one ice cream with me.
munni: didu, munni want ice cweam.
aadhira had no choice but to give in. only for her sister.
whislt walking to the ice cream stall:
aadhira whispering: oh munni ki bacchi, do not tell mama that we had ice cream with this nandi. theek?
munni whispering: theek!
they reached the ice cream stall and munni quickly chose her ice cream flavour. strawberry. om paid for it and munni gave aadhira some first.
aadhira tried the ice cream. something she never ever had before. it was cold, it was sweet. she managed to give a small smile and munni had the rest. aadhira smiles seeing her baby sister happy but when she put her head up, seeing mr oberoi. her happiness turned into rage.
aadhira: come on munni. let’s go home now.
om: arre don’t you want anything else?
aadhira: no.
munni: teddy.
aadhira: you already got this teddy.
munni: new teddy.
aadhira whispering: who do you love? this villain ya your didu?
muni whispering: didu.
aadhira whispering: then go and i’ll get mama to make you a teddy.
munni agrees and both were about to go when:
om: ek minute!
aadhira and munni turned to om. aadhira with frustration rolled her eyes and asked: what?
om: don’t you want some more fun?
aadhira: with you? no, we’re good!
munni: fun?
aadhira: munni, we’ll have fun at home. not with this villain. come on.
om: arre what fun will you have at home apart from listening to your mum? do one thing, let’s go bowling.
munni: balling?
aadhira: no! let’s go munni.
munni: i no go till balling.
helplessly aadhira agreed. but only for munni.

bowling place:
om handed aadhira the bowling bowl and aadhira held it but because she has never been bowling before nor held a bowling ball, she nearly dropped it on her foot but om held it just in time.
om: arre you never held a bowling bowl before?
aadhira: are you blind? i nearly dropped it so obviously i have never been bowling before!
om in mind: wow always angry! must be my characteristics!
munni: hira didu, you alway angry.
aadhira: not always! just when mr oberoi is here.
om: accha munni, i think your didu is just being stubborn. we’ll do bowling, just me and you.
munni: no. i only do balling with my hira didu. you villain!
the name she gave om just stabbed om’s heart. aadhira tries to do bowling but fails. om quickly rushes to her side and taught her.
om: keep your anger aside and i will teach you. so first hold the ball slightly to your side with your bowling hand underneath the ball and your other hand resting on the bottom side of the ball for extra support.
aadhira unwillingly does as told. munni folds her arms and looks at om with an doubt as he was the one who slapped her didu.
om was done showing aadhira and aadhira bowled.
om: well done.
aadhira: thanks.
om: and munni’s turn.
munni: i do with didu only.
aadhira showed munni and helped her.
munni: yay!
aadhira: well done munni!
she hugs munni tight and smiles. just then om came back with drinks and chips.
om: so these are chips and they are only snacks meaning only sometimes food.
aadhira: we get it!
munni picked a chip and because it was hot she dropped it on the small table and had tears in her eyes. aadhira was about to help her but om did it first.
om: arre don’t cry munni. princesses don’t cry, right? so no crying.
munni smiles and om feeds her a chip and makes her drink her juice. aadhira saw this and thought: munni hasn’t told him to get lost. why is he behaving so nice to us? after calling us illegitimate and insulting mama? the one who killed her with his harsh words? the one who beated her up till she was bleeding? what are his intentions? has he really changed?
om dropped munni and aadhira at home and luckily gauri and buamaa still weren’t there.
om: bye!
munni: villain finally go!
aadhira: finally!
they go inside and lock the door.
viren: where have you two been?
munni: villain ki saath!
viren: what?
munni: yes!
aadhira: he was being really nice but i am not convinced! i don’t know that has he really changed?
viren: we all know he won’t. he will keep up the act for a day or two and then he will show his real side.
aadhira: exactly!
precap: music studio.
we are back to gauri now. sorry if this was boring. 🙂

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