Love? – Episode 17 – buamaa enters the story

in barielly:


gauri had munni in her arms and was about to leave when:

munni: mummy, no school. i stay with renvi bauya and hira didu!

gauri: but they went with ahana aunty.

munni: why?

gauri: to check which high school they want to go to and you need to go to school missy!

munni: no school!

gauri: arre you will meet so much friends sweetheart.

munni: friends?

gauri: kids who are munni’s age and will love munni so so much!

munni: i go school.

gauri: good girl.

she leaves the house with munni and goes to the preschool to talk to the principal.


munni: who these kids?

gauri: friends.

they go into the school and waits outside the principal’s office.

outside the office:

munni: i keep teddy?

gauri: yes keep your teddy.

then the door opened and the principal came out.

gauri: namaste. i am gauri kumari sharma.

principal: namaste mrs (uh oh) gauri kumari sharma.

gauri: it’s miss not mrs.

principal: you are not married.

gauri: widow. (i don’t blame her. she considers om dead!)

principal: oh very sorry to hear that. anyway do come in.

gauri and munni goes in the office and sits on the chairs.

principal: so what is this little girl’s name?

gauri: omika kumari sharma.

principal: sweet name.

soon everything was sorted but the fees was a shock to gauri. (look i don’t know the school system in India. in England, it doesn’t cost in state schools but i think in India, they have a fee for preschools).

later that day:

the kids (viren and aadhira were back) werre at home and gauri went in the town to find a job. thought the market people kinda forgave gauri for what happened, the people in the town bit were furious seeing her.

person 1: that’s her!

person 2: yes that girl who tapped kaali thakur!

person 3: who trapped an oberoi! apparently pregnant with his child!

person 4: such ladies these days! she should be burnt to death.

gauri: no, please, i beg you! please do not do as such! i have children and….. and 13 years back was not my fault.

however they didn’t listen and trapped gauri’s hands by force. she tried to scream but her mouth got tied up. she was tied around a wooden pole and a man got a fire stick and was about to bring it near gauri when……………

voice: STOP!

all turned to see a lady in her sunglasses ad blue dress. she walked towards gauri and immediately recogonized her.

lady: gauri?

she takes off her sunglasses and is revealed to be:

she takes off her sunglasses and is revealed to be:


gauri: buamaa? you here?

buamaa:  the real question is how come you are here?

gauri: i’ll tell you later. just save me.

buamaa: oh you stupid town people! let this girl go else dolly singh oberoi will get you all arrested on attempts on committing murder!

the people listened to her and letted gauri go.

once let out, gauri hugged buamaa tight who hugged her back tight.

buamaa: accha let’s go to somewhere and tell me everything.

gauri: ji.

precap: gauri tells everything to buamaa.

how are you all? 

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