Living Together (RagSan SS) Epilogue

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Sanskar sat in mandap as groom nd waiting for his bride..he then looks at janki who brings his ragini..she looks like most beautiful bride in world in her wedding lehenga..janki makes her sit beside sanskar..sanskar stares at her without blinking his eyes..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:looking gorgeous.
Ragini(smiles): looking at me like this..all are watching us..
Sanskar:i dont care..wanna kiss u..
Ragini:sanskar stop it..pandit ji calling u..
Sanskar:let him
Ragini:sanskar plzz..
Sanskar smiles nd turns at pandit who asking them to stand for varamala..
Both exchanged garlands looking into eo eyes..
Suji did ghat bhandan ,they took pheras ,promising each other,recalling their sweet moments..
Pandit gave sindhur nd asks him to fill her hairline..sanskar fill her mang nd kissed her forehead while saying i love u..ragini looks at him emotionally..sanskar makes her wear mangalsutra..ragini looks at him lovingly..sanskar smiles at her..
Pandit ji said marriage got over nd asked them to take elders blessings..
Sanskar held her hand nd walks towards elders nd took blessings..
They moves to sravan who attended their marriage..
Sanskar(hugs sravan):thank u so much..all bcz of u..thans for giving my love back..
Sravan:true love always wins sanskar..wish u a happy married life to u both..
Ragini:thank u sravan
Sravan:stay happy always..
Ragsan smiles…
Sanskar comes to room where ragini sat middle of bed with veil on her head..sanskar smiles nd sat beside her..He slowly took off her veil..ragini smiles..sanskar kissed her forehead nd says best day in my life..
Ragini:best day in our life..
Both looks at eo with so much of love..they are lost in eo..
Sanskar caressed her face looking at her intensily..
Ragini blushes..
He moves close to her nd took of her all jewelry..
Ragini hugs him..
Sanskar brks d hug nd kissed her lips pulling her close..ragini held him tight..both lies on bed while kissing…sanskar pulls blanket over themselves..
After 6months..
Suji ,ragini sat at dining..
Ragini:how much time u will take come..
Suji:haan..we are very hungry..come fast..
Sanskar comes out from kitchen nd crossed his arms, glaring at ragini suji..
Suji:what are u seeing..where is breakfast..
Ragini:haan..we are waiting naa..
Sanskar:bas karo tum dono..i just get inside before 15min only na..If u want bf..chup chap sit..dont disturb..if u need bf urgent ,i need help..ragini come
Suji:no way..i knw what will happen if she cme..i dont want to wait till lunch time..
Suji:chup kar..ur dad is there naa ,he will help u..
Ram who is reading news paper looks at suji..
Sanskar:dad??mom i never seen him in he helps me..
Ram:dont underestimate ur dad..chalo..we will prepare tasty bf than ur mom..
Suji:i will see..
Ragini:all the best papa
Ram:thank u beta..
They goes to kitchen..ragini suji smiles..
Sanskar nd ram served food to ragini suji..
Suji:such mein..ragini we should take rest now onwards.we have great cooks..
Sanskar nd his dad looks at eo..
Sanskar:oh..this is ur plan right..
They smiles.
Ram:sanskar we have to take care ,orelse they will really make us cooks..
Sanskar:yeah dad..
They had a family chit chat while eating bf..
Sanskar(in ragini’s ear):chalo now..i need to bath(he winks at her)
Ragini smiles..
Suji:ragini come..i have work with u.
Sanskar pouts nd goes to get bath..
Sanskar got ready for office..ragini came nd back hugs him..
Sanskar turns at her nd puls her on him..ragini encircled her hands around his neck nd looks ar him romantically..
Ragini moves close to him..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini about to kiss him..
Ram(knocks d door):sanskar..getting late for office..
Sanskar:ha dad coming..
He looks at ragini nd says thats ok u can kiss..i will go after kiss..
Ragini(smiles):go ,papa waiting .
Sanskar:but kiss..
Sanskar smiles..he pecks her lips nd goes office bidding bye to ragini..

Ragini comes to room after chit chatting with suji..she sees sanskar who have slept while waiting for her..she moves to him.she kissed his forehead nd sleeps hugging him..
@next day
Sanskar got ready for office..he looks at suji who is talking with ragini..
Sanskar:mom..will u leave my wife for 5mins..
Suji:kyun..for send off kiss???
Ragini looks at sanskar nd signs him no..
Sanskar:haan mom..
Ragini glares at sanskar..
Suji:ok..i will close my eyes..u can kiss her..
Sanskar smiles nd pulls ragini into room..
Ragini:sanskar what u have done..what maa thinks..
Sanskar(smiles):Mom have habituated by this..leave that..give my kiss,go nd continue ur talk..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar pulls her nd kissed her neck..
Sanskar:can i bite here
Ragini:no way..maa will see..
Sanskar:but i want to
Ragini:i will kill u
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini(kissed his cheek):bye
Sanskar(pecked her lips):bye wify..
As soon as ragini comes to room..sanskar pushed her on bed..
Ragini:sanskar what are u doing..
Sanskar:see..what im doing..
Suji(knocks the door):ragini beta
Ragini about to speak..
Sanskar( closed her mouth) have slept..
Suji:itani Jaldi
Sanskar:haan mom..shall i wake her up..
Suji:no sanskar..let her sleep..good night..
Sanskar:good night mom
Suji leaves..
Sanskar took off his hand..
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar smiles sheepishly..
Ragini hits him playfully..
Sanskar:how much chit chat u noth haan..always busy..
Ragini:are u feeling jealous
Sanskar:haan..u r snatching my mom ur side..nd she is snatching my love from me..
He pouts..
Ragini( pulls his cheek):my cutie
Sanskar:shut up
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:thank u
Ragini raised her eyebrow ..
Sanskar:for making my life awesome..i always used to feel marriage is a burden..nd i used to hate those relationships nd all..but now im loving this married life..
My mom teasing talks ,my dad sweet warnings..nd ur mom nd dad’s love..nd his chori chori chupke chupke just loving it..
Ragini:me too..
Sanskar:ragini promise me..u will never leave me in any situation..if i do any wrong ,make me understand..but dont leave me..
Ragini:i promise i will never ever leave u..
Sanskar(kissed her forehead):i love u
Ragini(hugs him):i love u too..
They leads a happy life..


Thank u so much for all ur really thankful to all for loving my all ffs nd encouraging update will be bcz i love u..

I will continue my i hate that i love u ff which i kept in hold..once again thank u so much for ur love nd support???????

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