Hate or Love? – Part 9- Promo + asking and trip


narrator: humlilation for the past.

shivay and om’s faces were blackened. both feeling felt more guilt than ever.

narrator: truth………..

anika: why aren’t you eating?

gauri: that anika di it’s…………..

narrator: and two new entries.

it shows two men in sunglasses as they walk away fro the airport.

narrator: what does fate have in for shivika and rikara???





once jhanvi, pinky, dadi and shkati went, tej locked the door and quickly called anika.


anika: gauri, here you go, anika’s khidkithod tomato soup. no heavy food because your body is not able to digest it yet so soup then you can sleep.

gauri: ji di.

anika hears her phone calling, she picks it up and goes to ansh and geetu.

anika: hello papa! how are you?

tej: i am fine. how are you?

anika: i am also fine.

tej: and gauri and my ansh and geetu?

anika: ansh and geetu naughty as usual. gauri is eating light food first as she’s been vomiting if i give her roti or something.

tej: ok…..anika beti i need to ask you a question.

anika: tell me papa.

tej: would you like jhanvi, pinky, dadi and shakti to come to meet you?

anika: wh….what? how do they know?????

tej: they got it out of me.

anika: did shivay and om heard? please please tell me they didn’t. if shivay and om comes here, then i don’t know what will happen to gauri but please tell me they didn’t.

tej: arre anika, they didn’t.

anika: are you sure?

tej: i am sure because the mansion is split since that day.

anika: anyway you want pinky mum, jhanvi aunty, shakti uncle and dadi to come here?

tej: yes.

anika: to meet me and gauri?

tej: oh stop forgetting ansh and geetu. they want to meet those two.

anika: i don’t blame them. fine, ask them to come tomorrow.

tej smiles: thank you anika.

anika: no problem, bye.

tej: bye.

he cuts the phone.

tej: now emotional blackmailing is gone.

he goes to tell his brother, sister in law, mum and wife the news.

meanwhile on the other side:

om: shivay, i can’t live with this guilt anymore. that scene slapping gauri still scares me.

shivay: same here. when i slapped anika, i can’t get over it.

om: but enough is enough! this house has lost its sparkle since they left and now we have to find them.

shivay: you’re right. it’s either snake and ragini or anika or gauri? this guilt is too much.

all of a sudden, he gets a call.

shivay: yes mr patel

mr patel: hello, mr shivay, you and mr omkara got a trip to………………………….

we’re ending this chappy here.

precap: trip place revealed+goa drama to begin

goa drama?








what is going to happen next?

soooooooooo sorry for short chappy.


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