LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 25)

The episode starts with rahul giving a worried look Raghav comes there and says he will never change his attitude
rahul:leave it beta he is the one who got more affected after me and your chachi speration
just then shivya,anika,sahil,rudra and om entered kajal sees them and went to them and says wow anika your looking so beautiful saying this she took her kajal and keept in her neck the oberios brother similed and kajal took anika with her just then arnav entered and says hi buddy
shivya:hi buddy they gave a hifi and huged shivya introduced om rudra to arnav
arnav called khushi and introduced her ad his wife

shivya:namaste bhabhi i am shivya shivya sigh oberio
khushi:nice meeting you shivya he had told lot about you
arnav:but this idiot didnt atten our wedding and not introduced his wife yet
shivya:k k wait dont get angry i will introduce her anika
shivya:come here for a minite

she nodded her head and went there kajal sees it
shivya:this anika my wife anika this arnav my best pal in college
arnav:oh anika your shivya wife you have not told me
khushi:you know her?
arnav:yes she is the event organiser eho prepared all this by the by where is your brother
anika:he is busy in his work

shivya:cid officer is always busy om rudra arnav khushi shivya shares a special bond of talking are seen by kajal she informed this to usha rahul shlok and raghav
shlok:we have to inform shivya regarding it
rahul:ya right
rajveer and ranveervjoins them there and ask about it they see arnav picking sahil in his arms and playing with him suddenly raghav phones ring
otherside: …..
raghav:k i am coming to delhi
usha:what happened beta?

raghav stood silent
ranveer:bhai tell us what happened?
raghav:i have found kalpi everybody smole with happines raghav continues she in delhi i will go and bring her back
kajal:listen handle her carefully already
raghav:mom i can handle her if she refuse to cone with me i will forcr her to come with me she is mine only mine saying this raghav left kajal closed her eyes in pain.
rahul msged shivya to come back he wants to talk to hom immeditly its very urgent


Shivya:what happened mr.goenka
rahul:call me dad i am your father in law do you rember that?
shivya smiled and says ya ya ehat happened dad?
rahul:how do you know arnav?
shivya:i knoe him from my college days we both did mba in london
rahul:oh you know anyother thing about him?

shivya:his mother died during his birth he was brought by his aunt and after her marriage there was misunderstanding btw brother and sister and she is left them
rahul:do you know who she is have you seen her photo?shivya nodded in no i will tell you she is annaya sachin and anikas mom

shivya:it means arnav anika sachin and sahil are cousins
rahul nodded in yes and tells i am requesting you plz dont tell this to arnav
shivya:what?but why?
rahul:he is over possive with annaya if he gets to know he will defintely not allow me to clear my misunderstanding

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