Love story of a don – Raglak (by Kristen) part – 6

Hello guys sorry for my late latifee reason is my exam so lets start

Last episode – raglak 1st meet fb end

Ragini is sitting on the bed n a old woman near about knock the door n she open

Ragini pov

“A old woman come name is doly n she told me she is caretaker of laksh she said today’s is my 1st rasoi n i have to make something i don’t wanna make anything but i have to bcoz of that don,

Ragini come in kitchen with doly aunty n she is instruct her

Doly- i hope mam u understand everything n ya laksh baba doesn’t eat spicey food so plz don’t make

Ragini nodes n smirks n doly aunty goes

Laksh’s room

His phone ring he didn’t see name n pick up

” hello,laksh said

“Hello son in law,other side man said

Hearing his voice he bcome angry

” what the hell why u call me whatever u want i did na than why call me,laksh said in anger ?

“Are are why u angry i m fil forget that,shekhar said with evil smile ?

“U r not my FIL u r not REAL DIG SHEKHAR GADODIYA infect u r not REAL FATHER OF RAGINI seriously how cheap u r how can kill ur own bro take his place, laksh said in anger

Laksh was about to say something but doly aunty come n called him for bf

” u go aunty i come,laksh said

Doly aunty goes

“Listen u cheap i m going talk to u later,laksh said

Episode end

Next episode-ragini make spicy paratha n laksh eat

  1. Awesome…interesting waiting for next

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    Superb dear

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    Awesome dear but too short

  5. Awesome pls update it soon

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    awesome but it is too short kriyu di
    waiting for the next part

  7. Interesting episode and eagerly waiting for next. Plz plz plz make next part long


  9. Asra

    awesome dear….really loved it alot..but it’s really short dear…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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