Love Directed Me Chapter 5

SWA: I’ll surely tell him my feelings dida but I have to check whether he also loves her.

A week passed she was very well got to know that he loves her but still didn’t recognize his feelings.

Swara was very happy today and she looked bright y not? She has started loving him immensely. She herself didn’t know how she fell for him but unknowingly it happened. Seeing swara laksh came near her.

Lak: Someone is so bright today? Whats the matter?

Swara told him everything.

SWA: So im going to propose him.

Lak: Whoooo swara u have become too fast yaar.😉

Swara blushed a little and her blush grew more seeing sanskar entering the college.

SWA: Laksh bring him to the back yard now.

Laksh nodded and swara went there. Laksh went to sanskar and blind folded his eyes with a cloth.

SAN: Laksh what r u doing man?

Lak: U will get to know yourself.

He took sanskar with him and left him near swara. The place was decorated with balloons and many other things. It was simple yet a pretty one. Sanskar opened the blind fold and saw swara standing near him having a rose in her hand and holding a hand of his making sanskar confused.

SWA: My life is wonderful because you are with me, you make me happy even if I feel sad and low.My eyes search for you when you are not around. My heart aches when I don’t find you. You are the reason for all my happiness.Before I met you, I was not familiar with the feeling of love. But now I came to know what love is after meeting u. I took long time to understand this but still.


Sanskar was shocked but still he saw swara’s eyes which showed him only love and nothing else. He jurked his hand from hers.

SAN: R u out of ur mind? U know we r just best friends and nothing else then also u…….

He left after shouting. Laksh who saw all this came running towards her.

Lak: Dont worry swara, this boy is doing too much even though he is in love with you he doesn’t want accept.

SWA: Now who said im worrying? I confessed him but he didn’t agree. Today evening he’ll confess all by himself.

She told with a smirk and left making laksh more confused.

Today evening was a birthday party function in club so all were present. As the dress code was red and black all were in that only. Swara looked gorgeous in black.

Sanskar was also present looking as usual hot wearing red Blazer.

Host: So lets have a couple dance what say?

All: Yes!

Sanskar was standing aside having juice still thinking about morning incident.

A boy came near swara was standing a few distance from sanskar.

Boy: May i have a pleasure to dance with u?

His voice was loud enough to make sanskar turn towards them. Swara knew he is seeing and have her hand in his.

SWA: My pleasure.

The boy suddenly pulled swara to which she landed closed to him. Swara was even shock but still she didn’t show up and covered it up with a fake smile. Both were dancing slowly yet closely. Swara didn’t even look at the boy. This was not her plan too, she planned for something else and ended up doing something. This boy was actually sanskar’s only enemy as they always fight with each other. Swara was feeling uncomfortable but she can’t do anything too. Sanskar’s eyes showed the anger he had, the empty glass which he had in his hand is now broken due to his pressure and making his hands bleed. Unable to see this he left. Swara who saw all this in the corner of her eyes was feeling bad. She immediately excused herself and went towards the direction where he went. She saw laksh standing in front of a room.

SWA: lucky where is sanskar?

Lak: He is in this room.

Swara was about to open the door of the room but laksh caught her wrist.

Lak: Swara he’s very angry now r u sure u want to……….

Swara smiled seeing his care.

SWA: Don’t worry I’ll tc.

Swara went inside and saw sanskar who was sitting in the couch looking at the floor. His blood was dripping from his hand to the floor yet he looked unaffected. She took the first aid box and sat beside him. She took his hand and sanskar saw her, his eyes softened seeing her care. Swara bandage his wound.

SWA: What was the need to hurt urself ah?

Sanskar got flashes of how she was dancing with someone few minutes ago. His eyes hardened. He jurked her hand.

SAN: Leave swara.

His voice indicated who much angry he was yet he was controlling.

SWA: U still care for me?

Sanskar stood up and tightened his fist.

SAN: Just leave.😑

SWA: U can’t see me dancing with someone na?

SAN: It’s nothing like that.😏

SWA: k then (she took the glass and pressed it leading it to break and her hands started bleeding)

Sanskar looked at her shocked and he came to her and took her hands in his.

SAN: What is this swara? Have u gone made?😡

Swara smiled seeing his care.

SWA: U still care for me.

SAN: it’s nothing like that, u r my friend so I’m doing.

He turned away.

SWA: U r getting this much jealous then what will happen if I get married with someone?

That’s the stop sanskar caged her in the wall.

SAN: Dare u say that again, u will not marry anyone.😡

His voice sounded dangerous.

SWA: Y? Do u love me or what?🙄

SAN: Yes damn it I LOVE YOU❤.

Swara instantly became happy

SWA: Aww I love u too.😘😍

Swara hugged him tightly. It took few seconds for him to realise what he has done. His anger vanished and only a smile was there, he too hugged me her. After few minutes they broke the hug.

SWA: To make u say this words, how much I have undergone u know?

She pouts.

SAN: leave all that now show me your hand.

He made her sit and started taking out the glass pieces carefully which went inside.

SWA: Ahhh

She winced and he immediately blowed air on it after taking them he started to put the bandage.

SAN: What was the need to break the glass ah? See how much glass pieces have went inside.

SWA: If I have not break them u could have not confessed ur love and I have to come behind u.

SAN: But still

SWA: No pain, no gain u see.😉

Sanskar smiled and finished the work of bandaging (not more like u think😜). Both came out.

Laksh lifted his eyebrows indicating “what happened?” and she nodded her head a little all smiling.

Laksh hugged sanskar and side hugged swara.

Lak: Somehow u made this duffer to realise swara.

SWA: Yes laksh😊.

SAN: laksh u already knew it?😱

Lak: Yes my dear duffer friend. K k enough of all this u both have officially become lovers so I thought u both should dance a couple dance for me.

Swasan: y not.

Sanskar pulled her closer through her waist and took her to stage and started dancing.

Sharing a unbreakable eyelock, looking into each other’s eyes with lots of love both were dancing romantically.

SWA: So sanskar shall we change partners?😉

SAN: No😤

SWA: Oh this much possessive on yr love? Hmm not bad.😜

His grip on her waist tightened and pulling her more closer.

SAN: Yes I’m possessive on the things which is only mine and ur also mine only na aren’t u?

SWA: I’m all yours Mr. Boyfriend 😊

SAN: So shall I show u what yr boyfriend can do?😉

SWA: Sanskar….. (Blushes).

Next day:

As it was Sunday there was no collage. Sanskar called swara.

SAN: Good morning love

SWA: Good morning darling

SAN: Darling? Not bad ..anyways I thought to take u out for a date today?

SWA: U r too fast yesterday propose, today date ah?

SAN: U aren’t cmg k I’ll take someone else.

SWA: I’ll kill u.

SAN: I’m already killed by ur love.

SWA: U seems to be more romantic today?

SAN: R u cmg or not?

SWA: K k I’m coming.

SAN: I’ll be there in an hour u get ready.

SWA: k

Time was passing by their love was increasing day by day. They completed their graduation. Sanskar’s parents got to know that swasan love each other and were very happy. Sanskar started his own business while swara started her fashion house. Laksh was preparing for his police training as he wanted to become an ACP.

Once swara went to sanskar’s office. She opened his cabin.

Swara sneeked peeping her head inside and saw him busyly working in the laptop. She came inside and got afraid seeing him roaring at someone in his phone. Swara’s eyes automatically got filled with tears.

SAN: Look Mr. If u don’t do this and submit the file tommorow then u will see the worst of me. Do u understand?

He roared dangerously with full anger and disconnected the call and closed his eyes tightly to calm him down. He felt someone’s gaze so he looked up towards the door who turned out to be swara. He was shocked seeing her eyes filled with tears.

SAN: Swara

He immediately went to her and cupped her face.

SAN: Swara what happened? R u k? (Concerned)

SWA: hmm.

Swara hugged him tightly and he too reciprocated. Without breaking the hug.

SWA: With whom were you shouting at this much? I got afraid hearing ur shouts.

She told in chocking voice tightening the hug. Sanskar, now only understood y she was about to cry. He broke the hug and her hands in his.

SAN: He did mistake swara that’s y I shouted at him u leave that what a surprise, u’ve come here?

SWA: U already spoiled my surprise (pouts) anyways I came here to remember u that today evening is the inauguration of the fashion house don’t forget.

Sanskar took her inside and and made her sit and sat to her closely.

SAN: Com’mon swara how can I forget it? After all it’s my Love’s first step towards her career.

SWA: k bye I have many work do.

Swara stood up but sanskar pulled her towards him which resulted her in getting closer to him. Only a inch was left between them. Both shared a lovely eyelock and they broke it. Swara got up but again sanskar stopped her through catching her wrist and stood closer to her in such a way that her back and his front were touching. His hot breathe was touching her back and ear. She closed her eyes being affected by his closeness.

SAN: U didn’t tell what u r going to wear today’s evening?

SWA: U will see I won’t tell.

SAN: k but don’t forget what I have asked u today…………. My kiss😘.

Swara blushed. Sanskar kissed her cheeks making her blush more.

SWA: I’m.. leaving bye

She walked few steps forward.

SAN: Don’t forget my kiss😉

SWA: See u in evening and forgot to tell u (she reached the door) everyone one is correct ur Mr. Rude and arrogant only (giggles)

SAN: U will see it my love.

SWA: Bye.

SAN: Bye.

Swara left while sanskar was smiling like an idiot.


Sanskar was at home as he had to get ready. Door bell rang and sanskar went to check who it was. A man was standing with few covers in his hands.

Man: Sir swara mam sent this for u.

He handed over the covers.

SAN: Thank you.

The man left. His phone gave a notification sound. He checked out who was swara.


Those r dresses for u all. Wear this and come.

Sanskar smiled  and gave the covers to his mom and took his and changed his dress

And all went to the fashion house. After inauguration all were having talks. Swara went to sanskar. Sanskar was looking at her lovingly as she draped in pink saree with free hairs and minimal makeup. Maybe she looked simple yet gorgeous.

SWA: Looking great Mr. Maheshwari.

SAN: I would after all it was my Love’s gift for me. U look gorgeous.

Swara smiled. A staff came to swara and called her.

SWA: Sanskar I’ll be back.

SAN: Hmmm

Swara went to meet a client while a young man joined sanskar.

SAN: Hello Mr. Singh.

Singh: Hello Mr. Maheshwari.

SAN: U here?

Singh: I’m swara’s client.

SAN: Oh well.

Singh: She called me here as she said that she will introduce her fiance to me.

Sanskar was surprised.

Singh: Must say swara’s fiance is very lucky. After all he’s going to have the best wife, she’s damn impressive, hardworking yet simple.

Sanskar was smiling as unknowingly mr.singh was telling about his swara to himself.

Swara came.

SWA: Sanskar u know him?

Sanskar nodded.

SWA:Mr. Singh it seems u’ve already met my fiance without any introduction.

Singh: Whom?

SWA: Here Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari is my fiance.

Singh was shocked while sanskar was all smiling. Swara got a call so she excused herself.

Singh: I’m so sorry Mr. Maheshwari I………

SAN: U were not at all wrong Mr.singh it’s true I’m lucky to have her.

He said looking at swara with lots of love and left.

After the party they all went to the restaurant as they didn’t eat in the party. Having all the teasing sessions and fun they ate. Swara went to washroom to wash her hands and after washing she was coming but suddenly she was pulled by someone through her wrist. She closed her eyes due to the sudden pull. Feelings his touch she looked up and saw it was him!

SWA: Sanskar (shocked)

SAN: Yes my lady love.

SWA: What’s this, leave me now.

She struggled in his arms bit his arms were tighter.

SAN: Forgot what I’ve asked? My kiss.

He whispered huskily in her ears making her cheeks go red.

SWA: I…..I’ll give but not here.


SWA: We r in the corridor what if someone else see us?

SAN: Well I don’t care.

He kissed her left cheek. Swara pushed him and freed herself.

SWA: But I do.

Swara fled off from their. Swasan joint their families.

Ram: Till when you both will date ah? That’s enough u both don’t want to get married soon?

Suju: What question is this ram? Infact they will be waiting for this right na?

Swara blushed.

Dida: So let’s go for it, get ready for the marriage my dear love birds.

SAN: Dida u joint them too?

Dida: Certainly yes!

Ram: k u both spent some time together we’ll have a small discussion about ur marriage

Suju: Don’t say no we r planning to make ur small small unofficial romance into a official one.

SWA: Ma………

SAN: Swara let’s go.

Dida: Someone is desperately waiting I think!

SWA: Dida stop teasing us.

Swara said and dragged sanskar to the terrace and hugged him. He hugged her back.

SAN: Swara my kiss?

SWA: No kiss.

Sanskar pouts.

SAN: I’m going swara.

He turned to leave but Swara caught his wrist.

SWA: Sorry.

Swara pulled him towards which made him turn and she started kissing. Sanskar’s eyes widened in shock as he didn’t expect this yet he pulled her more closer to him and both shared a passionate kiss.

After few minutes they broke. Sanskar was seeing her intensively making her blood rush to her cheeks.

SAN: Finally I got what I needed after 2 years. At least you gave me now.

SWA: Shut up.

SAN: Finally we r going to be together very soon, I’m excited.

SWA: Yes sanskar I’m happy too.

SAN: Swara one more kiss?

SWA: No one is enough.

SAN: U may say no now but not on our wedding night to be Mrs.Maheshwari.

SWA: Well see that at that time. Let’s go down.

SAN: I love you.

SWA: I love you more.


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