Love makes a change Season-2 Chapter 2

A boy entered a big mansion. He looked damn handsome, his muscles were strong and he was fit. His eyes told nothing. His lips were creeped into a small smile on his lips.

“Areey sanskar come come swara was waiting for u only” Swara’s mother sharmishta said welcoming him a smile.

“I know she would be waiting for me ma” he replied.

“But she won’t be in her room, she’s in the garden”. Swara’s father shekhar told without taking his eyes out of from his case papers.

“K pa I’ll go” he replied.

He went to the garden and was looking for her. He heard Bangles tingling sounds with a girly sweet voice giggling.

He smiled.

“I know where this girl would be now” He said to himself and started walking and saw her. His breath stopped seeing her and he started admiring her.

A girl is seen shaking the branches of a tree making the water drops and flowers fall on her. She widened her hands and was twirling herself all giggling while those drops and flowers fell on her. Her silky soft hair was open. Her eyes were so beautiful that anyone can fall for it. Her soft pink lips were always smiling. She was beauty which every men wants.

Sanskar saw her and went near. Seeing sanskar she came to him and hugged him.

“U came, come let’s play sanku” She dragged him under the tree.

“Swara stop it u r going to get married but still u r behaving like a child”. He said.

“Shut up Mr. Maheshwari, not a word. Don’t forget even u were playing with me yesterday”. She mocked.

“Ok fine, let’s go to the mall” he said diverting the topic.

“Yes, yes laksh will be waiting for us”.

He smiled sadly which was not seen by swara.

“Come” She said and bidded bye to her family.

“Sanskar give me the bike keys please”. She pleaded.

“No I won’t”. He replied.

“Oh really? Then I’m not coming with u”. She said and was about to leave but he caught her wrist.

“Fine Miss. Dramaqueen I’m defeated”. He said and dropped the keys in her hand.

“Good for you” She replied and started the bike.

Sanskar sat behind her and she started the bike.

“Sanskar I’m going through the market area”

“Fine do whatever you want”.

Swara went through the market area and stopped in a shop and got down.

Sanskar gave dead glares to her while she totally ignored them.

She came out with a cover.

“Y r u buying these chips daily ah? I swear u r going to become fat because of this”. He pointed towards the cover.

“I’ll not become fat and all, we’ll park the bike and go by walk na! Please”


Swara parked the bike and both started walking hand in hand.

While passing by she heard a woman’s talk.

“She’s going get married to someone but here she’s having fun with another man, chi what type of a girl she is I don’t know”.

Swara’s blood boiled hearing this while sanskar was keeping himself calm and was trying to get swara out from there but alas! She heard it.

Swara immediately went to that lady.

“Excuse me, what’s ur problem? I’m not a girl who clings on with mens do u know who he is?” She was bursting out and sanskar was catching both her arms towards him so that it won’t end up in fight.

“Swara leave her let’s go”. He requested her.

Swara jurked his hands.

“Chup sanskar” she warned him and turned towards the lady.

“He’s my best friend and even my fiance knows him. He doesn’t doubt like u cheap lady! If u don’t know the matter then y the hell u peak the nose in some else life? Because of like u many girls life is spoilt, dare you comment on us. I walk, dance, play and do whatever I want so u don’t interfere, it’s not ur business. I know what relationship we share I don’t have it prove it u”. She scolded her harshly and started walking in full speed. While sanskar followed her.

Swara was still angry, her face was burning in red.

“Swara” a boy called her but she gave no need to him and passed away him.

Sanskar saw the boy. He was well dressed in formals, he was having his coolers in his hand, he was looking handsome.

“Laksh” He called out the man and went to him.

“What’s the matter sanskar?” Laksh questioned while sanskar told everything.

“Mmm she’s damn angry” laksh said.

“We have to make our angry bird calm, let’s go” Sanskar said and both followed swara.

Swara entered the park and sat on a bench still angry.

“Look what I’ve brought swara” laksh said and he showed the ice cream in front of her.

“I don’t want” Swara said turning her face.

“This” he showed the chocolate but Swara turned her head to the other side.

“But I think u also say no for this, well the chips are yummy” Sanskar chirped while munching the chips.

Swara turned towards him.

“U started eating my chips without my permission?” Swara made crying faces.

“We tried to give you everything but itseems u didn’t want so I started eating u see” Sanskar justified.

“Ahhhhh wait” Swara got up.

“Shona Noooooo” Sanskar shouted and began to run while swara chased him.

Laksh was admiring their bond, each and every day without looking at swasan his day would not end. He loved both of them.

Laksh sat on the bench still looking at them.

After 10 minutes both came and sat. Swara was in the middle while other two beside her. Both were breathing heavily.

Swara snatched the chips from him.

“Done with ur Tom and cheery fight?” Laksh asked.

“We are not that” swara answered.

“As u say my love” he said making swara smile at laksh.

“k guys will meet u later” Sanskar stood up.

“What happened sanskar?” Laksh questioned.

“Dare u leave” Swara warned.

“Calm down guys i have to take off a flight which at 1:00 and its already 11:00 so i need to go”.

“Dont lie, last time u said like this and i saw u sitting in the beach like some devdas” Swara said.

“U dont believe me right” he showed his mobile which had the message.

“K man take care by the way when u’ll come?” Laksh asked.

“Its a domestic flight only so will be returning back tonight” Sanskar replied.

“K Captian Sanskar, have a safe journey” Swara wished.

Sanskar smiled and left. Swalak spent some quality time.

Night 10:45

Swara was sitting on the bed. It looked like she was waiting for someone. She saw a shadow near her window so she opened it and sanskar jumped in.

“Swara u r fine na, where u got hurt?” He asked impatiently while breathing heavily too as he came fast to see her.

“Im fine” Swara smiled.

“Fine? Then what the hell was that message? I got afraid on reading that, u wrote that ur wrist got cut.” Sanskar shouted.

“Shu shu sanskar don’t shout otherwise mom will come”

“Tell what happened?”

“Sanskar come we’ll go out na” She looked at him with a puppy face.

“Shona we’ll go out tomorrow” he said.

“No i want to go out now” She said stubbornly.

“Ah……. Fine” he surrendered as he knows how stubborn she is.

“Its 11:05 now come” she said and opened the door.

Both somehow sneaked out of the mansion.

“U brought car ah? I thought it would be bike” she complained.

“So that u can drive na! Be silent and come”.

He said and sat on the driving seat.

Swara pouted.

After few minutes she started telling her stories.

“Sanskar stop the car” she shouted.

“What happened?” He asked while jurking his car with a break.

“Ice-cream” She squeled and pointed out the ice cream vendor.

Sanskar left out a relief sign.

“I got scared seeing ur shouts shona”

“Come lets go” She ran to the vendor.

Sanskar smiled seeing her.

“Bhaiya 2 kulfi, 1 butterscotch ice cream” She ordered.

“Y 2 kulfi i want only one shona”

“Hello 1 kulfi for me”

“U r going to eat 2 ice creams?”

“Yes” Swara took all the 3 ice creams and both started walking.

“Have urs sanku” She gave a kulfi to him.

Swara was totally engrossed in her ice cream but after few minutes she heard camera clicking sounds. She looked up and saw sanskar who was clicking her photos.

“Stop clicking photos of me” Swara said.

“U know what you look sooo cute like a kid shona” he said pinching her cheeks.

“Im born cute” Swara said proudly.

“Aww, k come its getting late” Sanskar said seeing his wrist watch.

“Sanku 5 more minutes” she requested.

“No its already late shona come” he ordered.

“Go sanskar” She stood their wiping her face with the tissue.

“If u do this then i won’t drop u home”

Someone turned sanskar and slapped him.

“Mom” swara shouted at her mother.

“Chup swara, sanskar is this the time to take her out? I know you both r best friends it doesn’t mean that u can take her out at this time! She is going to get married in 2 weeks. Be in ur limits!” Shomi roared at sanskar.

Sanskar was hurt with her talks so he was just looking down. Shomi dragged swara with her. Swara tried to explain to her mom but she didn’t listen.

While going swara saw his eyes which indicated that he was hurt yet he smiled at her.

Sanskar left.

Shomi left her in the room and not giving her time to explain which left making swara get angry on her mom and worried for sanskar.

“God sanskar pick up ur phone” swara tried as much as she can but he didn’t pick up.

She sat on the couch.

“Oh no i don’t know what will i do now” She said thinkingly.

Soon she slept in the couch thinking about sanskar……..


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