The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 4

Soon doctor left. He was looking at swara who is looking pale and weak. He was totally worried for her. All others left swasan alone as they knew both needs only each other now. While uttra came with cold water and a towel.

She kept it on the table and looked at her Bhaiya sanskar who was still looking at swara lost in thoughts. She placed her hand on his shoulder, this made him look at uttara.

Utt: Bhaiya don’t worry bhabhi will be fine.

Sanskar just gave a smile hearing it.
Sujata too came there with a hot soup bowl, seeing her mom uttara made herself aside. Sujata kept the bowl on the table and sat beside sanskar on the bed.

Suj: Sanskar.

SAN: Mom.

Suj: U don’t go for office tomorrow, otherwise I’m sure she will not listen to me and yr ma and start to work again.

Sanskar just nodded his head. It was true swara will definitely do something and start working again which will lead her to more stress. Sujata caressed Sanskar’s head.

Suj: and don’t worry swara will be alright and if u need anything call me.

Sanskar nodded. Sujata caressed swara’s hairs, soon uttara and sujata left.

After sometime swara started to gain consious. She opened her eyes and saw sanskar who had moist eyes. She tried to get up and he helped him. Before swara could speak sanskar turned to take the soup. Sanskar forwarded the soup and ask her to eat through his eyes, she too started to drink obidently while looking at sanskar. After having the soup sanskar gave her tablets and was about to leave but swara caught him through his wrist.

SWA: Sorry.

Sanskar couldn’t control anymore. He sat close to her.

SAN: How many times I have told u to take care of u ah? Y don’t u listen to me swara and now look because of ur over stressed, u got fever. U know how worried I was for u? I’m not saying u not to work, u work but take take others help and take care of yourself too but when u have listen to me.

Swara was overwhelmed seeing his love and care for her. He immediately hugged him while he too reciprocated

SWA: Sorry sanskar.

SAN: Now sorry will not make ur fever alright.

Sanskar broke the hug and made her lie on the bed. He took the cloth and dipped into the water and kept it on her forehead. Swara was all the way looking at sanskar with lots of love. Very soon swara slept due to tiredness and medical effects. Sanskar was all the way taking care of swara the whole night. He didn’t even sleep even for a second. All his attention was only on swara. Soon it was morning and sunlight came inside. He looked at the time on the wall clock which showed 6:15. He closed the curtains and went near swara.

SAN: it’s 6:15. (He touches her forehead) hmm fever has decreased. He took off the cloth and kissed her forehead.

He went inside to freshen up. After sometime he came out and saw swara who was still asleep. He went and sat beside her and caressed her hairs lovingly. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. He went and opened the door it was ap and sujata. They came in, Looking at sanskar.

Suj: Sanskar taking care of swara u didn’t sleep?

Sanskar’s face was quite dull as he didn’t sleep the whole night.

SAN: Mom……

AP: Sanskar how is swara?

SAN: She is alright ma.

AP: Sanskar taking care of swara is important only but u should also take care of yourself.

SAN: Don’t worry ma, I’m fine.

Hearing the sounds swara woke up. Sujata went and sat beside swara.

Suj: Swara u r fine na?

SWA: ha mom. Don’t worry.

AP: Swara take care of yourself k?

Swara nodded and suju, AP left. Swara got up and sanskar immediately supported her. Swara got freshen up and was about to go while sanskar came in with 2 food trays.

SWA: Sanskar y u took this here and came?

SAN: Because u r going to have complete rest today and no work.

SWA: What? but how will mom and badi ma..

SAN: I already arranged a maid to help them so u better eat.

SWA: but..

SAN: Swara…..

SWA: k baba I’m coming.

Both ate their breakfast then Sanskar gave her medicines and she too gulped them.

SWA: u didn’t go for office?

SAN: No today I’m going to be fully with u.

SWA: Sanskar but office?

SAN: Don’t worry I have already informed my manager so he will take care.

SWA: Sanskar but u know na I can’t sit idely without doing work.

SAN: U better read books.

SWA: but..

SAN: U r not going to do anything today, am I clear?

SWA: k k….

Sanskar didn’t even allow swara to do anything and he took care of her the whole day not letting her to do even a single work.


PRECAP: Swara faints again…

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