Love at coffee shop (episode 4)

Hey guys keerti is here again. How are u all? I hope u are interested in my ff. Thanks a lot for your comments. So here we go.

Same cafe & our sharukh with an amazing love story convo.

Laksh: Just listen to me. Please spend some time with me to know more about my love.

Swara: Fine go on.

Sharukh’s p.o.v

If a girl doesn’t walk away & lets you sit before her it means she has some intrest in you. Now we should turn that liking into a judgement. Thats the fifth stage.

5. Judgement stage.

We always wonder what lovers will talk on phone for many hours right, that will be seen in this stage. Many questions & many more answers travel excessively via both phones. All these are for judgement alone.

In this stage hours travel like seconds. You phone batteries empties faster than your balance. Time flies faster than a bullet from a gun. Your numb mind cannot differentiate between sugar & salt. Because we just did a shallow dive into love. Thats y we can’t see or hear anything.

Me(keerti): So then did this couple match their judgement or not?

Sharukh: See yourself keerti.

Coming to scene

Swara:Why do u like me?

He smiles a little.

Laksh: No one can say answer for this question because this fondness, love , liking…these are all matters of the heart. Not intellect.

Swara: Hmmm, since i believe you are sensible i am asking is there this thing called love at first sight? Can it be called love?

Laksh: I do not know about love but first sight is very pure, beautiful & strong. In ramayan during sita’s swayamvar time she has a transparent veil before her facing hundreds of kings. She knows none of them including Lord ram.

She looks at everyone from the veil but the moment she sees lord ram for the first time ever an unknown feeling she connects to him. Though not knowing a thing about him she believes that he will only break the bow & marry her. If you look at that situation there isn’t any time for love or belief. Thats the beauty & power of first sight.

Swara: That is treta yug & this is kali yug. There is as much as difference between a towel & a tissue paper. And in 80’s time they used to write love letters, one soft drink & two straws. Literally we miss those golden days now.

Giving greeting cards & sitting in these coffee shops. One pair orders two different coffee cups too bad. How sad?

Laksh: Fine. I will put this mythology stuff aside, and will say u a practical real life example. 1988 delhi a girl ran into a boy in the haste of her interview. She dropped her files & papers. The boy picked them up & handed it to her their eyes met & thats their first sight.

Love struck them in the elevator itself. After that, as you said love letters, private messages, one bottle two straws everything happened. They did marraige too. After 24 years, their son is narrating that story in a coffee shop to a beautiful girl in red dress. A boy & a girl if share life from their very first sight will be happier cos me & my parents are the living proof of that. In these 24 years neither they have cried nor made me cry.

Only the family loves you as you. That alone is the diamond. Rest all are coloured stones. No matter how much they glitter today, they will fade off tomorrow. That is why i want you to be a part of my family.

She smiles at him.

Laksh: Listen to me. Leave that boyfriend of yours. The market is flodded with pirated stuff. Concentrate on me. Step into my home. I will capture & frame every step of yours.

Swara: Have you prepared all these lines in advance?

Laksh: Hmm, i have short term memory loss fearing that i would forget, i have tattooed everywhere. Or else what? For the first time in my life i am being heart felt to a girl. And the best part is i wish her to be the last one.

Swara: Listening your words loosens my grip. Where do u folks come from? You will disturb our peaceful lives & goes off.

Laksh: Life is not just about peace. It also needs love.

Swara: Conversation with you demands a lot of intelligence.

Laksh: Not at all. A little love is enough.

Swara: What are those words yar? I bet u had a lot of girlfriends before.

Laksh: No one at all. I already said that u are first girl. I am not fishing for a hit or miss girl in a random coffee shop like everyone but aiming for that girl who is devoted to love & will give me a morning coffee.

Swara: So you are searching for a faithful servant?

Laksh: No. For the one who loves me. Servant just mixes sugar with coffee. But lover mixes love along with the sugar. Believe in me & marry me. I don’t gift you a necklace only when remember you. I will daily remind you my love with a rose. I eill take good care of you. I can cook too. Watch your fav serial i won’t fight for remote.

I prefer washing machine & dish washer to a girl doing households. Finally a word. Don’t worry though i call you silver dearly i will buy you gold only. The word out there is, boys are experts in making girls fall in their love that is not right. Only with this smile you will sweep us all.

Do you know how much troubling it is?

By way laksh saying swara smiles at him hard & laksh just admires her.

Thats it guys. How is it? I know for sure u will feel that love. By the way that was my dream that anyone propose me like that. I wish my dream should become true & my dream should turn into real. Anyways guys how is the laksh’s way of proposal to swara. Did u guys like it? Please comment.

See u all again.

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