Swasan SS- You have to live without me (episode-3)

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Sry for delay, hope you remember this story…

Both started walking feeling the nature, A pleasant smell is coming from surrounding which was making it more special. Cold wind blowing making them little shiver. With slow steps they finally reached at their destination.

At restaurant,
A silence was prevailed there, no one saying anything just sitting silently and enjoying weather. In between it both were secretly taking glances of each other. Soon their secret glance disturb by someone voice.
“ Di, you here and too with him” Someone said it and with naughty smirk sees them.

She became a kind of afraid realising what will happen if he blurt out that she was staring him in cafe, she rotate her eyes signal him not to say anything.
“ Waise di, you both….”
“ Aahil, what are you doing here and don’t you will give us menu” she glared him and he just chuckled and handed menu card.
“ yeah di, I also work here” Aahil replied
“ it seems you both know each other very well” he hides his grin and look other side. Along Aahil he also teasing her, he well knows what Aahil is trying to do. In cafe he was silently noticing her every action. Just he didn’t able to figure out reason behind that.
“ Yeah yesterday only, I met him.” She looked other side to hide her nervousness but it seems no one is planning to leave her today.
“ waise, I heard some of your talks ….” he sees toward her who is looking everywhere except him.
He doesn’t able to figure out why he not liking that she is not looking at him. He wanted to see her red cheeks and oval shaped eyes which must be filled with nervousness.
Like he thought her cheeks turned red and eyes were filled with nervousness, at this moment she just wanted to escape from there and make her hide somewhere so they both can’t reach. Her attention seek by two voices.
“ I didn’t knew at first day only you will make me die by hunger”
“ yeah di,it’s not good to behave like it.” He again giggle and looked toward sanskar who was trying hard to suppress his smile.

She looked toward them and give deadly glare to Aahil, which make him gulp in fear. He handed her menu card and went from there.
“ it’s not good to make someone afraid”
“ are you pointing me?” she said with fake confidence well in real her heart ready to come out at his statement.
“ never, how can I point you” he pretended to being afraid by her.
“ see due to you both I forgot that I am hungry” she picked menu card and hided her face.
“ So what are you going to order, as you bring me here then must you have decided something good.”
“ don’t worry sir, I will make you eat such delicious food which you remember for life time”
“ umm let see” …. Both ordered some local foods and started to eat it. She continuously seeing him to know about his reaction but as he was expert in hiding his emotions he managed to hide it and pretend to engrossed in eating .She became irked by it, snatch his plate and sadly sit there.
“ sir , you know how much you’re boring. I ignored that fact you can’t smile but what is this?” he became highly confuse by her actions. According to him everything is going to prefect then what suddenly happen to her.
“ what” he said with irked expression right now he just want to do two works. One eating and second want to stare her secretly. And she is disturbing him in both works.
“ You just useless, sir you don’t know anything. I have to teach you many things. Umm how to tell you, you should be expressible” he confusedly look at her, understanding his confusion she playfully hits her forehead. “ First finish your food then we will start our class”

“ Don’t dare to ask anything from me” she said annoyingly and passes his plate.
“ As you order mam” he took his plate and started to do his work.
“ better”
“Well sir we will meet in evening because after it I have to go for some assignments”
“ why? Can’t you take me?” unknowingly he blurted out…. “ I mean my work is finished here, I just here due to you. So I mean if you don’t have any problem I can come along you. Also I promise you to give my 5 days to you. So..” he was just hoping she not deny him.
“ of course sir you can come along me, but I have doubt that when I will busy in my work then what will you do.” She also badly wanted to spend every single second with him. But also don’t want to make him bore.
“ no problem, so tell me when we have to go”
“ sharp 1”
He nodded in yes and again continued to eat breakfast while enjoying weather and furtively staring beautiful piece in front of eyes.
After finishing up breakfast both went to hotel to take rest for sometime.

Swara’s room
She irritatingly roaming in her room.
“ umm here I am thinking how to make him smile but he even don’t know how to express emotion. Oh god how much hard work I have to do. But still I am loving it, it’s first time I want this 5 days never end. I think I started to feel for him. But how it possible. Just whatever it’s I hope he also feel in same way. In these things I forget to sleep. In morning also I awake early due to excitement. So now swara stop thinking about him and take nap for some time”

She hided her face in pillow and started to think about him. Soon thinking about him she fall asleep with shy smile.
There he was angry on himself, he didn’t wanted any kind of feeling. He well aware of that fact after knowing about his reality she will hate him. That he don’t want. By passing time she is becoming his weakness which is neither good for him nor for his work.
One side he don’t want to spend time with her other side he don’t want even single second separation. It’s not even single day completed she is effecting so much then what will be her effect after five days. This question usually disturbing him.
It’s true, In front of her he didn’t accepted her friendship but in heart she already made a special place which is more than a friend should have. He also don’t know why it happening with him, why he don’t able to control himself. He want to put full stop at his feelings. But alas everything was seems to slip from his hands.
He sat on chair and tried immersed himself in lots of work to stop thinking about her. But unluckily nothing is working for him. Only one thoughts are coming in mind just wanna stare her. Once he want to become selfish for her. Once he want to forget his reality.
“ do I should forget everything and go along destiny. Uff but what will happen if she get to know mine identity. Too much questions but not a even single answer. Uff leave it I should concentrate on other things. She is driving me crazy.”

At 1:00 pm, some clg
He was sitting at bench and usually busy in staring her.
While other hand, she was busy in talking with some students. She was making them understand something. Seeing her reaction he understood she is not able to handle situation, he decided to help her. He went near them.
“ see guys, I just need some time. Moreover principal already allowed me to take pics here”
“ see miss you can’t take any pics from here. It’s our clg not any tourist place.” Rudra (gang leader) said and folded his arms near chest.
“ Swara, any problem” he stand near her and looked angrily toward group of boys.
“ see her bodyguard also come” Rudra and other gang members started to laugh at them. Sanky angrily glare them all became silent seeing his frowned eyes expect Rudra. He continued to laugh. He about to punch him but someone gently held his hand. He looked down and found swara is holding it.
“ nothing sir, I will handle” she sees toward him, she understood if she will not stop him right now then situation can slip from her hand.
“ ohh sir and student nice realtion….” before he could speak further someone punches him on nose, blood started to ooze from it.
“ sir, what you did?” She held his and tried to move from there while he is still glaring Rudra, who is also looking at him with flaming eyes.

Rudra about to stop them but luckily principal reach there.
“ wat the hell is happening here” ….. He sees toward swasan and Rudra. “ I guess miss gadodia I only gave you permission for taking photos. But you and your boy friend start to fight here. Just leave this place before I take any action.”
“ sry sir” she tried to move from there but sanky tightly hold her hand…. “ Sir, lets come I don’t want any mess” he ignored her words and held Rudra collar.
“ You’re telling what happened here or I should tell” he angrily said which make all gang members shiver in fear, they all back out and started look down.
“ What are you doing Mr, leave my him. You are not supposed to …..”
“ see sir, it all started by them. I only react if you not believe you can ask them. I am sure they will not lie”
Rudra and his gang nodded in yes, All accepted that they started it. As a result they restricted by principal.
Before going from there last time he sees toward swasan and thinking something, smirk in mind.
“ Sry miss gadodia, due to my students you both have to face it.” He joined his hand and looked down embarrassingly.
She held his hand “ no sir it was not your fault, so don’t be sry.”…
“ okay now you start your work, no one will disturb you.” He said it and went from there.
Sanskar came near swara for saying something but she angrily went from there.
“ Now what happened with her, I only helped her but instead of saying thanks she is showing attitude.” He run behind her and stop her by blocking her way.

With anger filled eyes she saw him and without saying any word she tried to move. He tightly held her shoulder, as a result his nails pierced in her skin. She showed no reaction and started to look down.
“ Listen swara, I only tried to help you.” …It was first time he was explaining someone to reason behind his action. But she was not ready to listen him and continued to look down which irked him a lot. He forcibly pull her and cup her face. Seeing her eyes which were glisten with tears he felt sad and leave her shoulders.
Without saying anything he moved little distance, she wiped her tears and sat on bench. After claiming herself she stood from there and tried to take snap but her hands started pain.
Whereas he still thinking about her eyes, he looked at his hand to hit something but he noticed some blood marks in his nails which was still fresh.
He quickly sees toward swara who was hissing in pain, he went near her… “ Sry…” before he could speak further she moved from there. He can’t able to take it more, he snatch camera from her hands and made her sit forcibly. “ see till you not answer me I will not let you go, first answer why are you doing it.”

She tried to turn her face “ see swara last time I am asking you politely or else….”
“ Or else what, will you also punch me? Or you will kill…” her words pierced his heart in several pieces. As result he don’t give her chance to complete her, he angrily place his lips at her lips and started to kiss her aggressively. She was not at all responding him neither stopping him. He continued to kiss her soft lips.
“ I am sry” numbered between the kiss, by it she came in sense and force him with full force.
“ i never expected it from you, you are like other.. leave it you’ll not understand.” She angrily went from there.
He again cursed himself for kissing her like animal, he ran behind her and started to shout her name.
“ Swara, pls listen I am sry I don’t know how I loosened my control.” He said it heavy heart and still running behind her. At last he get succeed in stopping her.
“ Pls yr I just ….”
“ sir leave my way” she said directly and looked in his eyes, his eyes were showing genre guilt but still she don’t want to forgive him easily. She was not angry on him for hurting her. Yes she is angry for recent kiss but mainly her anger was due to loosing his control over silly situation which can be handled without any fight.
“ Pls don’t do it, I know you’re hurt due to me.” He gently held her hand and took it in his hand…” I promise it was first and last mistake. Pls swara forgive me for it.”
“ Promise me that you will not loose your control, I hate fighting. Mainly I hate those person who do fighting unnecessary.” It was like thunder for him, his heart broke in several pieces listening it. He well knows they don’t have any future after five days but still his heart don’t able to take it. Now his fear seems to be true, after knowing about him, she will for regret her decision. He chooses to forget all and just follow with situation. He nodded in yes.
“ hmm kk I forgave you, now come we really need rest for sometime”
“ stop, before it you need first aid. Your arms had marked due to my grip. Come with me, in car there must be first aid and don’t dare to oppose me” he said with guilty voice as well as some happiness filled in voice. She smiled little and nodded in yes. She liked his ordering nature, it felt like he is caring for her. She became sure he also has some feeling or else it not effected him her rudeness. He bought first aid from car and started to apply medicine on marks.
“ swara, is it paining?” he looked in her eyes because she can speak lie but her eyes can’t. As he expected she nodded in no but her eyes give betray her. It showed her feelings.

“ Really , don’t lie I know it’s paining” again she became shocked how could he able to understand it, she thought that girl must be lucky who will be his partner. As he able to understand her feeling without any relation then what will about that person whom he will love. A lone tear escape from her eyes thinking he will love someone.
“ Swara, frnds” this words bring her back in this world. With popping eyes she looked at him. Don’t able to believe he is asking her for friendship.
“ Are you sure, means it’s not due to recent happening na. See if it’s due to that then forget it. I already forgive you” this line surprised him, means the girl who is longing for his friendship now refusing it.
“ I asking you with pure heart.” He forwarded his hand.
“ Umm let me think” she act to think and also noticing his actions with corner of eyes, tension were building in it.
“ it’s okay, if you don’t wanna my friendship. I can understand after that incident you must be…” before he could complete he heard soft melodious voice.
“ Sanskar”
he looked upward to know it’s true or his dream, she giggled little and kept her hand on his hands.
“ it’s means you accepted it”
“ I guess yes, now stop your talks we have to explore this place more and I also have to complete my work”
He nodded in yes, both again entered there but this time not like any stranger.
Like it whole day passed, first day also completed. With completion of first day she move more close toward succession of her wish.

His trances were broken by someone tap on shoulders.
He sees upward and found a person with smirk on his face.
“ Sir, do you remember me” He sited in front of him with crossing legs.
After lot of thinking also he didn’t get who is he, just blur images came in mind.
“ Sry but who are you?” he said
“ Not fair sir, but leave it. How your life going on without your student uff I mean your wife. I guess it has 2 months na she leaved this world” he said with smirk on his face, lips were curved in smile.
With no second he understood who is he, he angrily sees toward him.
“ How dare you” he stood and held his collar.

An unknown place
There was darkness everywhere, not even a single source of light were present. Someone entered there.
He switched on the light, their a group of girls were tied in chain. All of their condition were worse than animal, from little distance to them A girl lying unconscious.
All were pleading him to make them free. Ignoring all pleading he went towards that girl.
“ Still Unconscious, I think we gave her high dose today.” Saying it, he hang phone and again check girl. After it, he went from there leaving her in same condition.


Note: 2 months had been passed disappearing of swara.
Thanks for response on previous, hope you all support like it till end.

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