Dil Hai Tumhara (Introduction)

Hi guys I am new here in TU
I want to write a fan fiction..

Let me introduce my self
I am Sunaina
I am in 8th grade
This ff will be of 10 parts.
There are 3 couples in my ff..

Lets start introduction
Shivaay singh oberoi: Elder son of oberoi family.. He is an business man
Very arrogant but loves his family alot..specially sis
Avni singh oberoi: Younger daughter of oberoi family.. sweet and ladli of her family..very talkative girl
All remain oberoi family chararcters are same which are in ib (in my ff there is no omru and jhanvi and tej have daughter name avni)
Agarwal family..
Raj agarwal: Elder son of agarwal family…. very funny and independent boy. Loves his family
Kartik (kittu) agarwal: younger son of agarwal family… also funny and sweet boy like his brother..
Anika (anny) agarwal: kartik and raj sister..very responsible girl and sweet bubbly girls lover her family but scared of dad
Amrita agarwal: mother of kartik and raj and anika loves them alot.. she is house wife
Surya agarwal: father of kittu anny and raj loves them alot .. he is very successfull bussines man
Singhania family
Naira singhania: life of her family love them alot.. college love dance.. and a very good dance

All remain characters are same which are in yrkkh (in my ff there is no gayu and akshara is alive.. family forgive naman)

Hope you liked it
Please comment if u like and if u don’t like it then please tell me…

  1. Vinni05

    Can’t wait for next

    1. Sunaina123

      thank uu
      Yeah i will post soon

  2. This is a really nice start, also I can relate coz I’m also in 8th Grade… excited for your ff. good luck ?

    1. Sunaina123

      Oh nice you are also in 8th grade..

  3. Vrushy

    Nice one.
    Cant wait for next part.

    1. Sunaina123

      thanku i will post soon..

  4. Fenil

    Nice….pls continue…

    1. Sunaina123

      Yes i will continue it..

  5. Hales

    Nyc story! Looking forward to it! Keep the updates long …btw i love the fact tht u r combining ishqbaaz n yrkkh as these two r my fav n idealy also these two have fresh story with vibes of young generation! Keep it up?

    1. Sunaina123

      thanks alot,
      I am glad that u liked it

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