Love changes life (part 1& 2)

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Love changes life ?

A story of disabled girl how she takes her weakness to the level of strenght and become perfect and she gave happiness to all nd her love but she made his life beautiful and how their lov cross all hurdles is all abt.

Intro of charecterz

Laksh gadodia- age 28 one of the powerful businessman in india. Arrogent, strict, in business. Kind heartd lovely person. Lov interest of ragini. Lov his sister a lot little bit over protective.

Swara gadodia- age 22 bubly, cute, simple girl lov his bro a lot. Bt disabled girl she cnt walk. Bt she take it as challenge. She is a fashion designer SG. No 1 seen her.

Ansh singhania- bff of swara. Loves her a lot (as a frnd). Joviel boy. Business man.

Ranveer nd ishani-frnds of swara nd ansh

Swara nd laksh parents died in a car accident.

Maheshwari family

Dp- open minded person nw.
Ap- wife of dp mother of Ragini and Sanskar. Lovely mom nd wife.

Ragini maheshwari- age 26. Loves her family especially her brother a lot. Simple bt modern girl. Lovs laksh a lot. Treat swara as own sis.

Sanskar maheshwari- age 27. Business tycoon. Arrogent, emotionless, hate his parents a lot. Bt lov his sis frm core of his heart. Think frm brain. Has a bad past. He dnt knw abt laksh and ragini bt didn’t saw swara.
Raglak r gng to marry soon.

I hope u like it my 1st attempt.
[12/4, 5:55 PM] neha: Love Is Life

Chapter 1.

In mrng birds are chirping the room is fully filled with teddy bearz. Wall is pink nt9 only whole room is pinky. A beautiful girl is sleeping. Sun rays disturbs her sleep. She woke up sat in her wheelchair got ready.
In another room a boy 28age doing pushups and talking in phone abt business. He is luking hot? thn got ready he wore white shirt black coat nd pant.

In dinning table

Girl(shouts)- bhai come fast i m starving.
Boy- (side hugs and kis her forehead) gm gudiya( he is our laksh nd girl is swara)
S-gm. Bhai cme eat today i wil serve u day by day u r becoming weak.
L- hmm famous SG is talking wit me wit ful buttering mode?? do u want to ask or tel me something?or do u want anthing?
S- me nting bhai me apne bhai k kayal ni rak sakti kya (pouts).
L- Rak sakti ho. Bt nw tel me the actual reason (winks at her)
S- wo bhai i want to go vacation with my frndz plz let me na making big eye wit cute puppy face
L- for hw many days?
S- hmm 15.
L- no ways gudiya u knw na i cnt live without u. Who wil tc of u?
S- bhai plz i wil take care of myself.
L- no means no(strictly).
Dnt wry bhai when i m here y to fear (someone said entering the house).
S- bf nw u handle bhai i just want to go.
Ansh(bff of swara)- hello princess(frndly he cals).
L- ok if u r there then you can go gudiya. Bt in 1 condition u have 2 go wit bodyguard atleast 1.
S- what bhai u knw i hate ur gaint dinosorous.
L- gudiya then i wil nt permit u
s-fine. Angerly. Ok nw lets go bf i have many work to do shopping, 1st lets go to office there is many pending work let them complete.
Ansh- ok princess.
They all leave for respective office.

In mm

A girl is doing aarti nd bhajan. And gave prasad to AP nd Dp.
Ap- beta where is he.
Ragini- bro didnt cme sterday from office.
Ap- y god y u did wit him lyk tat. he hate us.( In teary eyes)
Ragini- ma its just he misunderstud u both dnt loose hope i knw 1day he wil becme my old bro.
Dp-I hope so beta.
Ragini(thinking) plz god send someone who fil colour in my bro s life again i want my old bro back.

In big office karma grup and ltd

Office room
A man is shouting at worker
P-get out from here before i fire u cnt do a small work?
Employe-fearing sorry sir dnt fire me (saying dis he went frm there) then that person sat at his chair.
Person is staring at pic his eyes r filled wit water.
Person- y did u leave me ha? jina nai chahta. Bt i cnt die also bcoz of ur swear. They killed u. Ur died infront of me bt i couldn’t do anything. I just hate them i wil never forgive them never.

Johm san pa- sir i 5 min meeting.
San- u cn leave (bosy tone)
he cald ragini.
Ph cnvrtin
R- hai bro when wil u cme. Had ur bf?
San- hmm. I m leaving for usa for business trip send my cloths. Tc.
R- ma nd dad r concernd abt u cme home bfore leaving
San- angrily how many times i hav told u nt to speak abt them (clm voice) u tc bye nd cut the call

Precap- swasan meeting
[12/6, 9:42 PM] neha: Love change life(chapter 2)

In USA airport
All landed nd swara called laksh to inform
S-hai bhaiyu we all reached here safe nd sound.
L-k mera gudia tc of u. Nd ur bf also.
S-dnt wory i knw u handle myself along wit 3 monkeys(giggles)
L(smiles)- k bye if u need anything just cl me

In hotel
All were exausted bcoz of journey so they reached their respective rums nd dozd off.
Next day all r planning to roam d city. At tat time ansh got a cal
Ans-hmm wt? K i m coming.
(to frnds)sry guys i must leave now urgent kaam gaya h
S-its nt fair bf u promised me( angry) hate u.
A-princess,shona sry. If it was nt imp then i would not leave u. Man jao jane do muje i wil give u choco
S-k bt u should cme soon or i wil kil u.
A-k mere maa

After roaming city they went 2 restaurant all were ordering their menu. Ishani got an idea to irritate ranveer(rv).
Ish-shona luk at tat boy he is so handsome wow. (gigling inside)shona got wt she is trying to do.
S- ha ish he is. Bt dnt forgot u hav a engaged dr
Ish- ha yar my bad luck. Kya karu hai muje budda mil gaya(dramatically)
Rv(frownd)wt budda?
Ish-ha budda, unromantic ladka jisne muje rose tak ni dia(fake cry)shona me lut gai barbad ho gai
S-hahaha stop it ish aur nai has sakti. Luk at his face aisa lagta h jaise avi ro dega poor baby.
Rv-shona u 2???. Ansh nai h isliye tum dono teamed up na? Let him come
S-wt wil he do? Wt can he do(raising eye) he cnt do anything we r d great girls (hifi wit ish)
Ansh(frm behind)-wo avi batata hu tuje chudail princess(wit smirk)
S- wt u called me u danav, monkey donkey dnt cal me by tat name.
A- i wil chudail chudail hahaha(sat beside swara)
S- oh (tuk a plate of icecream nd put to his face(hahaha) how was it my dr devil?
A-princess u knw tat i wil nt do lyk dis tats y u r dng na?( puppy face)
S-stop acting go and wash ur face sach me devil lag rhe ho. Nd both start their nok-jok
Ishveer- stop it guys u both r unbelievable. (both swaransh smiles ) and all did sme masti nd left.

In big building of 25 floor in sanskar’s Office was big floors were shinning wit white marbles. Office was protected with high security nd no one can enter without his permission bcoz he don’t like anyone to come der exept his p.a. office has all luxuries. He has everything in his life bt there is only emptiness nd darkness in his life. He has made a wall around his heart oly a angel can broke tat.

Precap swasan 1st meeting. Lov or tashan

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