Swasan ” My nine years old wife” Episode 1

Episode – 1 “My nine years old wife ”

a lady of middle 50s pays the hire of taxi and gets down on the busy road of Kolkata in front of a hospital.
“Medinova hospital ”
she mends her glasses and enters inside with lots of hope and cherished dream in heart.

she looks inside people are visiting doctor buying medicine paying bills… some are happy some are scared some are sad..full form of life can be feel in hospitals.

receptionist – which doctor u want to meet ?
lady – Dr Sanskar Maheshwari
the receptionist became shocked and tried to explain her
” sorry mam but he is unavailable he doesn’t practices now ”
lady – I have reference of Dr Naira rawat
receptionist – naira madam…OK u please wait..what’s ur name mam ?
lady : Mishty Bose

she waits while receptionist talked in intercom.
receptionist – u can go… sir is waiting .
nurse – still naira madam holds so much power here !

Misty knocks and enters inside the chamber.
a man of late 20 was sitting as a doctor. he was reading a book and offers her to sit. She looks around the chamber all his medal and certificates are there showing his glory.
Sanskar – mam sorry to disappoint u …but I have left practices… but as naira has sent you here..I’ll surely listen ur problem and suggest the best doctor.
Misty – OK..I have faith in destiny till now let’s see if you are the one or not.
Sanskar clears his throat

Sanskar : ur the patient ?

“no..my child…Swara. Swara dixit ”

Sanskar asks
“so where is she ?”
misty – if u want I’ll bring her but first here the story out .

Sanskar : OK mam…don’t leave any small details as all is important for her treatment.

Misty – it was 2007… 30th December

a big mansion is shown with s big gate , beautiful garden fountains and lots of staffs.
a nine years old girl is playing cricket with her parent.
Swara : yeah !! I won I won..papa is out…
her mother catches her and kisses her cheeks. ” what does my baby wants as birthday gift ??
they are rich businessman shekhar and janki dixit parents of Swara

she holds her head and pretends to think a lot
shekhar – so what my baby thought as gift ?
Swara – I want a big very big teddy bear !!
shekhar kisses her cheeks and swrils her around while she giggles.

?swara the princess of her palace and her parents. a lovely girl who can mesmerize anyone by her charm and ineer beauty. that day was her birthday.. like any other kid she was happy to not knowing what destiny has store for her ?
31st December

Swara is watching television with her caretakers. she is little upset as both ma and papa has gone on Kashmir for one day…leaving her as she has a cold and cough.
all her friends are doing fun tonight… but she can’t… meher her besty had called her to come her home for party.

just then sahil uncle comes to meet her and kisses her cheeks saying baby doll.
Swara : uncle… u here ??
sahil : shekhar had asked me to take you to mall as you’re getting bored. go and get ready

Swara : wait I call him…
sahil : no baby doll…he is busy now hurry up…

Swara gets ready in a pink frock. sahil takes her with him and starts driving.
Swara : uncle my friend meher has called me..
sahil : we will go there but first I have a surprise

Swara waits for her surprise eagerly.
sahil stops near a house and get down with her..
Swara : uncle maybe it will rain today…
sahil keeps staffs on guard and gets inside

Swara : uncle where is surprise ?
sahil : wait baby Doll….
they get inside a room and he locks it.
Swara looks at the toys on bed.
sahil removes his jacket and comes behind her. Swara turns and feels fear… her uncle was looking so unknown now.
a thunder strikes and Swara shivers giving an opportunity to sahil to hug her tightly.

Swara felt her chain of dress was opening revealing her body. she gets away but he had removed the dress…
Swara stands there is fear and horror with hands covering her body. her uncle tried this kind of things earlier but every time she would escape or someone would interrupt.
she tried to say this to ma but she ignored and said to respect elders love.
but what now… how endure this elderly love ?

sahil pulled her into his lap . Swara had stopped thinking as her mind was not working.. it was not in even the bad nightmare of this nine years old girl .

sahil while caressesing her body said ” don’t worry baby doll. it won’t even pain..see you’ll feel good. now be a good girl and remove your hand..let me see my baby doll. ”

by then it was raining heavily and thunders strikes even in December. the nature cried at the agony of misery which the girl was facing. her every painful sobs were bringing the destruction of the masculine society…. the part which nature created for nourishing the world was suffering… what can be more harmful then this ??

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