Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 23

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The episode start with the race bike bihaan ridding his bike and a car hit him, suddenly thapki wake up it was her dream, she look around and screaming Bihaan..Bihaan, Bihaan come to her and hold her face,
Bihaan: what happened thapki?!
Thapki hug him: Bihaan please don’t leave me ..
Bihaan: I will never leave you thapki..And now I need to get ready for the bike race..
Thapki: no Bihaan don’t do it I saw a dream today that you get hit by a car and I don’t want anything happen to you..
Bihaan: my lovely wife it was a dream and then I will not leave you so let me get ready ..

Thapki: please god save Bihaan..
Bihaan go to the family and tell them about the race, they decided to go with him to cheer him and thapki was worried about the dream ..
Bihaan sees thapki is worried he go to her and hold her hand ,
Thapki: Bihaan..
Bihaan: my love is worried about me ..
Thapki: Bihaan you think that am joking no Bihaan am really worried about you please don’t do this race..
Bihaan put his two hand in thapki shoulder: look thapki if you are with me can bad thing happen?
Thapki: no
Bihaan: so if you with me in this race nothing will happen to me so please smile because I will not win this race and my love is worried..
Thapki smile..
Bihaan: gajab..
The family call Bihaan to go to the race place,
Bihaan get in his bike thapki sit beside him and they go .

Meanwhile, geet in her office waiting for druve, Akash see geet he go to her.
Geet: what do you want from me..
Akash: I read your letter yesterday and I think a lot about what you write..
Geet get shocked and says in her mind: what! It mean the letter go to Akash not to druve..
Akash: I want to tell you geet..
Geet get angry: look Akash..
Akash: I love u too geet..
Geet get more shocked: what did you said ..
Akash: sorry geet but I was watching you from the first day and I was always see you in Your office I tried to speak to you but am afraid that you don’t reply to me..
Geet: Akash you shocked me..

Akash: but when you send this letter I felt so happy that you feel the same …
Geet get emotional..
Geet: look Akash..,Akash get in knees and brought a ring ..
Geet get extremely shocked to see the ring..
Akash: geet I promise to give all the happiness that you want in life I will make you as a princess will you accept to be my wife …
Geet recall that druve never love her and when she work as housemaid she tears..
Geet: but there is something that I hide from you my name is shardda not geet
Akash: oh sorry I mean shardda will you accept to be my wife ..,
Shardda: yes I do accept..
Akash feel happy and let geet wear the ring .
Druve come to his office he sees shardda sitting in his office,
Druve: shardda!!!!!
Shardda: hi druve
Druve: what are you doing in my office..
Shardda : am geet druve ..
Druve: what you are geet..
Shardda: yes I was geet but am not geet anymore …I come to tell you that am sorry druve..
Druve get shocked..
Shardda: am really sorry druve now I realized that I was crazy about you and I did crazy stuff to get you but now I want to change for good I want you to apologize to all your family especially thapki …
Druve get shocked and says : but what Changed you ..
Shardda tears: seeing some one love me change me is truth that the love can change a person ..but that love come from Akash not you …now I will leave from your life druve so you can and your family enjoy your happiness.
Shardda go to Akash,
Akash: are you ready to go to London..
Shardda smile:London ..yes..I want to go there.
Druve sees them he smile : finally shardda find someone who deserves her .

In the bike race, everyone arrived,
The announcer : hello everyone today will be the big race that happens in this city the winner will get a huge prize so let’s see who will win..
Thapki: I didn’t know there is a prize ..
Bihaan: there is but you will know the prize when I win ..
Thapki smile: good luck Bihaan..
The family: win the race Bihaan good luck ..
Raj come with his friends,
Raj friend: look to Bihaan he think he will win..
Raj: stop looking at the loser and clean my bike , raj friend star cleaning raj bike..
Raj sees thapki with bihaan he says :
I need to tell koyal about this she still don’t know that Bihaan thapki is husband..
Raj search for koyal in the race place…
Koyal was in flower shop she buy a packet of flower and put a letter in it she says ,
Koyal: when you will win the race Bihaan I will give you this …, she imagine Bihaan says:
If you with me koyal I will win ..
Koyal stop imagining Bihaan and go to the race place, raj sees her and go to her ,
Raj: koyal there is something important I need to tell you..
Koyal: leave me raj I don’t want to talk to you anymore go away , she leave him,
Raj: koyal you need to know this thing I know your heart will be broken but if you keep loving Bihaan he want love you back..
Koyal go to Bihaan and Bihaan was speaking to thapki ..she come closer and sees Bihaan alone..
Koyal: Bihaan there was someone with you..
Bihaan: yes it was.., the announcer : please every racer need to take his place the race will start ..,Bihaan: I need to go koyal..,
Koyal: wait I want to tell you good luck I know you will win …,
Bihaan: thanks koyal and he leave…
Raj and bihaan meet each other in the starting line …
Raj: hello loser ..
Bihaan: say loser to your self..
Raj : let see who will win..
The announcer : three..two …one …go
Bihaan and raj and 3 other racer start ..
In the middle of the race …raj bike stop ..
Bihaan sees him …raj bike start going left and right until he fall down from the bike …
Bihaan was closer to the finish line he remember raj falling down …Bihaan return the bike to help him…the announcer : what Bihaan pandy is doing he was close to the finishing line but her return to save raj what a racer Bihaan did you lose your mind !….
thapki : Bihaan..what are you doing..!?
Koyal: ..I am sure it is raj plan ..koyal run inside the race …
Thapki: koyal..what she doing her..
Koyal go to raj bike and Bihaan was there Bihaan take off the man helmet it was not raj …
Koyal : I came to tell you this raj game go and win the race …,
Bihaan: that raj I will never let him win..
Raj : was so close to the finish line..
Bihaan take his bike and continue the race..
The announcer : Bihaan pandy continue his way to the race but unfortunately raj is the first bike that come closer to the finish line…., Bihaan see a short cut: I tell you raj you will never win …,Bihaan take the short cut ..
Bihaan and raj in the same place ..the announcer : unbelievable Bihaan pandy is also close to the finish line who will win…
The family: Bihaan…Bihaan
Thapki: please god let Bihaan win..
Bihaan give a angry look to raj and he win the race..raj get shocked…the announcer: it is a miracle Bihaan win the race even when he go to save the another racer he win ….
Thapki go to Bihaan and hug him …
Koyal sees thapki hug Bihaan she got shocked .

Bihaan show to thapki the prize thapki feel happy, koyal know that Bihaan married to thapki , a car about to hit koyal raj save her..

Thank u so so much I hope you enjoyed the episode


Love u all take care

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  1. gajab shadz gone for forever wow my hero win and feels bad for koyal but I know raj will console her too good

    1. Thanks anu so much ???❤️️

  2. It’s so lovely….♡♡♡
    Shraddha gets her true love and realized her mistakes, bihaan win the race with fair and honour, thapki and family happy… 🙂 🙂
    Precap raj becomes real hero for koyal…✩
    Reading your ff is like reading a fairy tale, everything turns good and everybody happy…so lovely…
    Thank you sweetheart you made me smile again… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Love your comment lee_na and am more than happy that you like it ❤️❤️❤️
      Also My mind is full of fairy tales ??
      Am smilllling seeing your comments ?
      Thank you soooooooo much ??❤️

  3. So shraddha’s track finally going to end and feeling bad for koyal

    1. Yes shardda track is end and thanks for your comment ❤️️???

  4. Manish ki deewani

    dear so bihu win ……hw he concern 4 other that he went to helped raj so i like that thing ……thanh god in ff only goodness win evil …..loved it shradha got her true love wow …..koyal heartbroke …….thahaan r the best

    1. Thank u YOu ❤️?
      ❤️️Manish ke deewani ❤️
      And am happy to see you like the episode ?

  5. Waiting for next part…as usual its a fabulous part.

    1. Thanks pooja sOoo much ?? I hope you like the next episode ?❤️

  6. Sulbi

    Fantabulous part….

    1. Thanks sulbi soooo much ❤️️ ???

  7. Awesome part and waiting for next one and sorry for not commenting previous parts

    1. Thanks Rifa so much ❤️and please dear don’t say sorry am happy that you read it no need to comment in every single episode ??? love u take care ??

  8. Love your ff, please don’t make koyal bad like shrada & sangkar..

    1. Thank you ?❤

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