Love birds (part-16)

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This part is starting from aditi cries.she hugs poonam.she says to that poonam,maa…don’t worry.thapki becomes well very soon…she gets her all memories back one day.krishnakant cries seeing them.
bihaan gets upset.vasundhara gives food to bihaan.but he refuses to eat food.
vasu:bihaan nothing will happend for our didn’t eat from yesterday. she will become god.
bihaan:no Maa…I dont like to eat.leave me alone.
vasu:don’t gets upset.atleast drink this juice beta..
(bihaan drinks juice.he gets teary eyes)
bihaan recalls about moments with thapki.fb shown thapki enters to bihaan room.
thapki:bihaan….bihaan….where are you????(some sound comes in room)
thapki:bihaan…I know you are presence here.don’t make me scare.come out from room.(she hears suddenly someone locks room.she turns there.but nobody is there)
suddenly water ballon comes and burst in thapki face.she gets many water balloons burst on thapki.bihaan comes out suddenly.he beats in water balloon.he laughs at her.thapki looks angry at him.
thapki:bihaan…see my dress… you makes me fully wets.I won’t leave you..(she runs to him.bihaan laughs and runs around room)
she catches him.she holds him tightly.thapki pulls him to washroom.she switches on the shower.she holds him in shower.
bihaan:thapki…what are you doing..leave me…I feels very cool (he tries to go from there)
thapki:no…(she hugs him)
bihaan sees thapki.they looks at each other. they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…..)fb ends.
bihaan wipes his tears.he goes to temple for praying for thapki.
he reaches temple.pandit comes to bihaan.
pandit:don’t worry bihaan ji.tomorrow is special day for matarani.if you do puja that day,you can get whatever pray to lord.
bihaan nodes at pandit.
(bihaan goes to hospital.he goes to ward)
he sees thapki.he sits near to her.he holds her hands.he cries.he says to her,thapki I can’t live without you.I want to speak with you.I need you in my life….wakeup please…get up thapki…(he talks very loud)dhruv hears this sound
he goes inside of room.dhruv sees bihaan is crying.bihaan asks her to getup.dhruv gets teary eyes.
dhruv keeps his hands in bihaan shoulder.he says to that bihaan,don’t worry bihaan,she will speak to you very soon.dhruv goes from there.
vasu goes to Sankara.
vasu:betiya…are you finished cooking?
Sankara: nahi Maa…still some works are pending…
vasu:OK complete it soon beta..
Sankara nodes at her.vasu goes from there.

aditi comes with one person.she enters to house.aditi calls everyone.everyone comes there.
aditi introduces him.
aditi:I called everyone here for introduce him.his name is john.he know cooking very well.vasu aunty,he is so poor family.he trying for shall I join him here as a servant in kitchen.
vasu:yes…sure beta.(she sees john)john…you can join here from today can stay here beta.
john:(gets happy)thank you madam.he smiles at aditi.they gets happy.
everyone goes from there.

john sees Sankara.he stares at her.Sankara thinks why he was staring at me.she goes from there.john looks at Sankara.

the next day morning bihaan does aarthi.he holds diyas in both hands.he songs aarthi songs very loudly.everyone’s comes there.they sees bihaan doing aarthi.they gets shocked.bihaan cries while puja.
then he wipes his tears.

vasu comes to him.
vasu:don’t worry beta.god saves thapki.lord surely will give her memories back.bihaan holds vasu hands.he cries.

dhruv goes to room.Sankara goes out from there.her leg struck in saree.she falls down but dhruv suddenly holds her.they have an eye lock.they looks at each other.then Sankara thanks him.she goes from there.
Sankara goes to kitchen.john stares at her.Sankara looks John.she realizes him.she says to him angrily,what are you looking at me?are you finished all works??
Sankara:oh…is it…then mind your own business.don’t look at me.
she goes from there.

thapki gets some memories while coma.bihaan sees her hands are moves.he gets smiles.john goes to Sankara room.he sees Sankara is alone there.

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  1. Good one dear… cnt able to wait aftr seeing the precap… am gtng more tensed… pls update soon… tc…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks dear.

  2. Nice episode…

  3. After all the love triangles of Thahaan … Now the love triangle of Dhruv – Sankara – John …?? Perfectly going …. Loved this episode also ❤❤ Plz continue …. And plz unite Thahaan soon ???

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much naitan dear

  4. Super episode dear. . I have some assumptions on John’s entry… upload the next part asap

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks Priya darl

  5. oh jhon entry is intresting….waiting for thapki good health and thahaan marriage….update soon….

    1. Vinolin.d

      OK sadia.thank you so much darl

  6. Thenkani.M

    The john entry is gd i think it was aditi’s trap n dhruv n sanskara wil unite soon…n the tears of bihaam i dono y alwayz bihaan the one cry…i feel so bad to hym.vino sis pls unite them soon i dowan see bihaam cry anymore…??

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you dear thenkani.bihaan is loves thapki.he can’t bear thapki pain always.this is heavy accident.she gets he was getting teary eyes.

  7. Its really a nice one.I wish Thapki will get her memories soon…its completely a well balanced story.vino has the magical power to know about the pulse of the readers .anyway good luck friend.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much pooja for encouraging me dear.

  8. Navami

    Good epi drr… pls unite our tahan soon

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai navami….yeah sure dear.

  9. Alia919

    Its an amazing episode … Bihan concern for thapki is outstanding. triangle b/w dhruv and shankar is also amazing…
    Waiting for next update anxiously….

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you for your love alia dear…

  10. Manish ki deewani

    Nice dear after John enter it become more interesting waiting 4 next part

  11. Manish ki deewani

    Nice dear after John entery it became more interesting waiting 4 next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai darl…manish ki deewani…thank u

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