Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 15)

Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 15)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

After breaking the hug Sanky placed a soft yet passionate kiss on Swara’s palm.,

And asked her with still holding her hand.,

Sanky (smile) : let’s go for our date then..!!

Swara replied with smiling in affirmation node.

After coming out of her room, while walking Swara tried for taking her hand back from Sanky’s grip but as she more tried his hold became that much tight…,

Swara : Sanky what if Bhai will see..??? Leave my hand now…

Sanky stopped and looked back towards her and nods in ‘NO’

Swara understood his intentions through the way he answered her in negative nod with smirk.

Swara : Don’t tell me Sanky, we are going on our ice-cream date in front of Bhai…???

Sanky : Wats the big deal in it..??

Swara : have you gone mad..??

Sanky : hmm…I think YES but just BECAUSE OF YOU ONLY..!!!

Swara (little bit frustrated) : arghh, I’m not coming with you on any date like this…!!!

Sanky (confused) : Wats your problem Swara DATE or LUCKY….??

Swara with lowering her head..,

Swara (slight sad) : not wanted to go with you on date in front of Bhai…!!

Sanky cupped her face..,

Sanky (smile) : I’ll handle everything..

With saying this Sanky planted a kiss on Swara’s forehead.,

Swara (innocently) : okey…!!!

Continuing with..,

Swara : But leave my hand first..!!

Sanky again nods stubbornly in negative only…,

Swara (puppy look) : plzz….!!

With saying this she blinked her eyelashes repeatedly..,

Due to this Sanky gets mesmerized in her totally and immediately pinned her to the wall..,

And within no time he started kissing Swara on her neck to her ears…leaving her fumbled on his this sudden act..,

Sanky was planting a lingering hungry kisses on both sides of her neck due to which Swara couldn’t able to help but was letting out a soft moan..,

Sanky was engrossed in devouring her exposed neck with kissing more and more passionately..,

But with wriggling in pleasure, Swara tried for pushing him with saying..,

Swara (whispered) : plzz leave..

Sanky ignored her pleading completely and was more engulfed in nibbling her fairy, soft skin from neck to earlobes while roaming his hands sensuously on all around upper portion of her body from above saari.

Whereas slow moaning was skipping out of Swara’s mouth while breathing more heavily..,

With each sec passing, intensity of his act was growing more and more deeply and he slowly comes to her cleavage while kissing and moving his rough lips on all around her soft, whitish skin with pressing her br*asts slightly by his both hands..,

Swara (with more heavy sigh) : what if someone………

Sanky then stopped quickly and placed his hand on Swara’s mouth for interrupting her…,

With this one eye lock takes place in between both..

After some one minute….Sanky pecked Swara’s lips passionately and made her messed saari’s pallu represent able well.

Then he said while looking deeply into her elegant yet beautiful eyes..

Sanky : Don’t test my patience anymore with giving such innocent yet more tempting looks as I’m very hardly controlling myself by seeing you in saari….!!

Swara : But I didn’t do anything intentionally so what’s my fault in this..??

Sanky took a deep breath for letting out his all desired feelings..,

And turns himself with freeing Swara..,

Then replied back to her…,

Sanky : no, nothing come…,

While Swara gets confused with what happened just now….

Sanky came in hall with Swara following him..,

Lucky looked towards Sanky with drinking juice..,

Lucky finished himself and starts to go towards door with calling Sanky..,

Lucky : Sanky come lets go to your mansion, Nick and Mihir waiting for us there..,

Sanky saw back towards Swara and came towards Lucky..,

Sanky : hunn…Lucky let them wait….I have a plan…what if we four will go for ice-cream parlor….think ice-cream in such a cool winter… chill na….something different….!!

Lucky observed Sanky from top to bottom with confused expressions..,

Lucky (making faces) : what a silly girlish thought Buddy….!!

Sanky : Luckkk….

Lucky cuts off Sanky with saying..,

Lucky : Sanky have you replaced your mind with some girl or what….??

Then Sanky was about to opened his mouth for speaking up in replying…,

But again Lucky stopped him with continuing himself..

Lucky : come quickly, we’ll go for club with taking Nick and Mihir with ourselves…

Sanky looked towards Swara with disappointment expressions…

While Swara also felt bad in a realization of get canceled their date again..,

Lucky and Sanky sits in Sanky’s car…

While Sanky was thinking some ideas for at least bidding bye to Swara..

Sanky : ohh god Lucky, I think I have left car keys in house only…

With saying this he was about to opened the car’s door but Lucky stopped him..

Lucky : arey stop, see here are the keys, you have left that on couch only..,

Sanky takes keys slowly from Lucky’s hand with sad face..,

But with keeping his hand on starring he again said..

Sanky : ahh Lucky I’m thirsty yaar, need water..!!!

Lucky with chewing chingam in his mouth..,

Lucky : wait here is water bottle in your car…take this…!!

With saying this Lucky handover bottle to Sanky..,

Sanky drank one sip of water while giving disgusting look to Lucky..,

Sanky starts the car, but stopped it within single minute only..,

Sanky : ohh shitt man..!! My jacket Lucky…I forget to take it…wait I’ll bring it.

Lucky scanned Sanky and said..,

Lucky : I think you have not forget your jacket Dude…,

Sanky : arey no….I’m saying na, I have left it in house….maybe in Swara’s bedroom I guess…when you both were engrossed in silly fighting…,

Lucky : Sanky start the car….not more excuses…!!

Sanky (little bit loud) : Lucky why don’t you understand I’ll come back within half minute only..,

Lucky : why you are so desperate for going inside house….,

With asking this Lucky raised his eyebrows..,

Sanky with avoiding Lucky’s quetionning gaze..,

Sanky : why….why…..willlll…will…I….??

Lucky : Okey then start the car quickly…..??

Sanky : see Buddy, I think you don’t know but that’s my Lucky jacket what if we’ll meet to an accident…??? That’s why……Nothing else….!!

Lucky starts laughing…,

While Sanky gave him confused look.

After completing himself with laughing session Lucky said with suppressing his laugh…,

Lucky : you and LUCK…??? Oh man..!! Don’t try to make me this much fool Sanky…

Sanky : I’m not doing attempt in such things…..I actually believes that it’s my LUCKY CHARM..

Sanky imagined ‘Swara’ while skipping ‘LUCKY-CHARM’ these two words out of her tone..,

Lucky stared Sanky with doubting gesture..,

Lucky : Sanky, is you and Ragini or Swara and you….??What’s the matter..?? It will be fine if Ragini is your recent days toy…butt…

Lucky gives Sanky serious look and continued himself..,

Lucky (cold tone) : but if you will think about Swara na…then…I’m warning you one more time…moreover she is not of your type….so better take your lusty gaze back from her…otherwise I’ll not spare you at all….!!!

Sanky dropped his jaw and said..

Sanky : What’s this dude just mentioning on going inside house for bringing my jacket back you are doubting me this much…????

Lucky : I’m not trying for doubting…I’m scent percent sure about your fandom of ‘To gets taste every liking girl’…and I saw you how you looks towards Swara….!!!

Sanky (slight angry) : Luckkkkyy…

Gets interrupted by Lucky again..,

Lucky (dangerous tone) : and I don’t want my kitten gets used by you more horny type….!!!

Sanky’s patience lose and he gets mad..

Sanky : Now it’s too much Lucky..!!!

Lucky : oh is that so then why you are asking for your so called lucky jacket….and if I’m not wrong then I guess you don’t wear double jacket right…???

With saying this Lucky asked Sanky through eyes to look at himself once..,

Sanky then saw himself and understood that he already wore a jacket..,

Then Sanky looks towards Lucky with making cute faces..,

Lucky (smirk) : now don’t tell me it happens in pregnancy…mood swings you know….!!!

Sanky now understood that there is no use of asking any other thing for doing entry inside house for meeting Swara at last time before going..,

So he removed his all wishes and starts the car with cursing Lucky silently under his breath…,

And after some time both reach to Sanky’s mansion….!!


Precap :- Swara : I love you Sanky…!!

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