DIFFERENT VIEWS – KKB (Episode 4) part 2

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Hi thank u saranya for pointing i would change it now to the story
Its early morning
Bul: breeze its time get up breeze ….breeze…
She found only pillows
Here in 3 beds
Yok: kanna its surprising right
Pur: whats so surprising bhootham.did u loose some weight
Yok: no no not that u woke before buji
Pur : really bujss bujss
Found only pillows and started searching him
Bul: oi mavbonda did u see breeze
Pur : s she too missing
Bul: s she means?
Yok: buji is also missing
They went to pati and informed she said them to search and went to priya
Pati: priya buji and breeze are missing
Kum : ma we know this would happen dont be worried
Pri: ma am tensed .i dont want to regret for bring them her
Pati : nothing will happen lets belive in god
Here purbul searched for them in many places .but they were not found they were tensed
Yok: kanna ……( screamed)
Pur : what da bhootham did u see any gost
Yok: u have to see this and showed something
Pur : ooo mmy goddd
Bul: what r u doing without searching
Pur turned her head and she was shocked by the sight
Bul:maaaaa……paaa….come here soon
On hearin her pati pri and kum rushed there all were stunned to see a big castle but literally destoryed due to course of time
Yok: what the heelll
Bul: it looks like heaven bubby why do u say it hell
Yok: its like heaven but seeing breeze over there s like hell to me kanvi
All at same : whhattt
Pragya was lying in the leaf bed (as the same in pic) which hand near the castle .all rushed towards her.
Pati.: breeze …breeze wake up na
Pur : sprinkle some water i think she s unconscious
Bul: sprinked water
Slowly pragya oped her eye
Pati : what hppend breeze
Pra: oops sry did i sleep a long time sry ma & pati but y r u all tensed
She then sensed the surrounding
Pra: why am i here wat ppace is this
She turned and saw the castle her face changed a little but didnt show up
Pati: oo thank god she s fine but were s buji
Pur : still have to search
Pri:pu,bul,search him others come with me
Yok : ma can i go
Pri: noo i said come with me( little harsh)
Pra felt like looking for abhi but went with priya
Purbul started searching him around the castle
Here at temple
Pati : she didnt even know how she went ther
Pri: am strong now we know everything already nothing happening her should suprise us we came her to face everything more over….
Kum: (continued)we have to as we r ordered
Pati: but we shouldnt brought yok then
Pri:no ma he s the backup i know its hard for a mother to say but we have to… we r depted(had tears in eyes and held Kumar’s hands tightly express ing that she doesnt want to but its the only way.)

Thank u for ur comments frnds

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  1. Intrestinggggg….

  2. Nice episode. But some mysterious there that only i can’t understand. Story was too good

  3. Rithi

    Thank u priyanka and kavi .i didnt thought of adding it at first but s there s mystery and will b reaveled in 2 epi

  4. Wow nice yaaa

  5. Rithi

    Thank u di

  6. Saranya24

    Wow nice waiting tp reveal mystery??

  7. Reshma_Pradeep


  8. Rithi

    Sure saranya and thank u reshma

  9. Superb episode yaar very interesting

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