Love? – Episode 13 – A ray of hope

she saw two figures. as they came closer, she recognized them. her two eldest aadhira and viren. aadhira quickly took the knife out of gauri’s hand and threw it across the room.

aadhira: what is this mama?! what were you trying to do?!?!

viren: yes mum, answer us! what were you trying to do?

gauri: END MY LIFE!

they both were shocked hearing this and gauri cried. they were even more shocked seeing her forehead bleeding and bruises on her arms and legs.

aadhira: mama, who did this to you?!

gauri: those market people.

aadhira and viren were shocked.

viren: how could they?! mum, do not worry. aadhira and i will sort them out..

gauri: you will not do as such!

aadhira: but……

gauri: they hate me for the past and because…. because i am an illegitimate child!

they were shocked listening to this

aadhira: mama, the past and your birth truth should not make you commit suicide. mama, promise us that you won’t leave us. we don’t have a father, only a mother. we need you mama.

viren: yes mum, aadhira is right. we need you. you are the best mum in this world.

gauri smiles and they hug just then little munni comes and joins the hug (awwwwwwww!)

the next day:

gauri was in the market, her head covered by her duapatta so people wouldn’t recognize her. just then her friend ahana noticed her. she runs to gauri.

ahana whispering: gauri?

gauri: ji?

ahana: oh my god, i cannot believe it’s you!

gauri: me neither.

ahana: how are you doing?

gauri: dead.

ahana: gauri, are you okay?

gauri shooks her head. ahana brings her to a side and gauri tells her what happened.

ahana: you need to pent down your emotions, feelings, pain. i know! when we were little, singing. sing your emotions gauri. teri pain, teri struggles. go on!

gauri: how?

ahana: here, meri microphone. here i do entertainment for people to earn money and to see everyone know pain and sometimes love.

she passes gauri the mic then gets everyone’s attention.

precap: ‘just go to hell dil!’

yes a song and emotions and……

wait for it………..


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