Hate or Love? – Part 5 – Oberois after one year

On one side of the Oberoi mansion:

Two men in their 20s, one in his earlys, the other in his mids. They were sorting files but not with pride, with guilt. Guilt from that day. Guilt for hurting their wives. Yes those two men are Om and Shivay. Separation took place in the O.M 1 year ago only due to their stupid mistakes.

Om: shivay, I am going, bye.

Shivay: bye Om.

Om goes only to be stopped by snakelana.

Om: what do you want? Haven’t you done enough to me and Gauri???!!!!???

snakelana: omkara, only you can get out of this mess. You have to marry me else I can send these videos to the media and these videos contains Gauri being tortured.

Om: how…..how long…..do I have?

Snakelana: I feel a month.

Om: fine a month and I will sort you out.

Snakelana: oh we will see

She leaves.

With sso:

 Nagini: shivay, we both know that one year ago, we both slept with each other. Anika found out. You slapped her and I got videos. If you want your respect to be saved then marry me.

Shivay: f….fi….fine. How long do I have?????????

Nagini: till a month is over.

Shivay: the bet is on. I will sort you out in one month.

Nagini: fine. but that’s going to be a mistake if you don’t marry me.

She leaves.

Shivay: Now I am in trouble.

On the other side of O.M:

Jhanvi and Pinky was in Tejvi’s room, trying to search for what Tej is hiding.

Pinky: oH MY MATA! we can’t finds anything!

Jhanvi: I know na. I know that Tej knows something about Anika and Gauri but what is it I don’t know.

Dadi and Shakti comes.

Dadi: found anything??

Jhanvi and Pinky shooks their heads.

Shakti: what does bhai know that we don’t know about Anika and Gauri?

Pinky: I knows rights.

Jhanvi: I ckecked his phone when he left it then I saw Gauri’s name on it. Meaning ther eis a slight possibility that he, for sure, knows something.

All:but what?

precap: tej confronted+gauri ill

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for the fact that it was short and boring.

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