Hate or Love? – Part 4 – One year later: Aniri


in goa, the camera enters a nice, lovely house suitable for four members. a lady in a android green off shoulder blouse and white jeans was sorting out files for a sweet 16. that lady is anika.

another lady in a strapped yellow kurta and orange leggings was carefully folding the dresses she designed ready to take them to her boss. that lady is gauri.

aniri quickly goes to a big nursery where their children were playing in the little play crib.

anika: ansh, geetu!

the two smiles at their mothers.

gauri: time for work.

gauri picks geetu up and tell anika: di, i am off to work now. bye.

anika: bye.

gauri goes with geetu.

anika: ansh, now sudha mami’s pasta!

ansh signs anika to pick him up.

anika: ok.

she picks ansh up and them two go.

gauri’s work place:

a elderly lady in a beige sari comes in. that lady is called jaya.

jaya: arre, geetu baby.

geetu smiles at jaya.

jaya: gauri, pass her to me.

gauri: ji.

she hands geetu to jaya.

jaya: geetu, you know nani (aniri treats jaya as their mother) was up all night stitching you a cute shirt. and that too pink.

gauri: arre ma, why did you take the trouble?

jaya: oh hello gauri, geetu is a sweet princess hence she deserved it.

gauri: sweet? as if! at home, she is very naughty. just last night, she tired me out.

jaya: naughty? oh abha!

abha (lady who works in gauri’s work place): ji?

jaya: is geetu naughty?

abha: arre. who can say that this princess is naughty? she is an absolute angel.

geetu gives a naughty look to gauri:

abha: anyway gauri, sirji wants the clothes

abha: anyway gauri, sirji wants the clothes.

gauri: i knew it.

sirji comes.

sirji: clothes?

gauri: here.

she brings out eight traditional clothes.

sirji: arre wow. look how beautiful they are.

jaya and abha:  yes absolutely

sirji: did little geetu help?

geetu smiles and giggles.

sirji: i’ll take that as a yes.

gauri: arre why would she help?

jaya: because she is soooo cute and precious.

gauri: only i know the real her.

sirji: anyway gauri, whilst we pamper geetu, you can get to work. you have an order of six dresses to do. all western. no traditional.

gauri: ji.

anika’s work place:

anika enters the hall of where the sweet 16 is being held.

anika: see ansh. pretty pink.

ansh makes a sour face.

anika: party popper.

sudha comes (aniri treats sudha as a sister)

sudha: ansh! my favorite! i got pasta. your favorite.

ansh smiles and signals anika to pass him over to his sudha mami. anika hands ansh to sudha.

sudha: tomorrow would you like meri homemade apple juice?

ansh smiles in agreement.

sudha: ok so tomorrow apple juice.

anika: sudha, you spoil him too much.

sudha: so? he is too cute.

another person who anika works with comes and that person is sejal.

sejal: arre ansh sir. hello baby.

ansh smiles at sejal.

sejal: so got any complaints against ansh anika?

anika: yes. last night, he hid my files, broke my heel, pulled my hair and wouldn’t eat his food unless i put on TV. even geetu doesn’t need TV to eat.

sudha: arre he is only a child.

sejal: yes and children are extremely naughty.

anika: looks like you come prepared to fight for ansh.

sejal and sudha: yes.

anika’s madamji comes.

madamji: hi anika. arre ansh baby. you are looking like a real boss today. anyway anika, got the files?

anika: yes. after 2 hours searching.

sejal, sudha and madamji all laugh.

anika: ansh, you have definitely influenced them to be on your side.

ansh raises his eyebrows.

madamji: if you are going to keep being mean to ansh baby then go and sort the decorations out.

anika: ji madamji.

she goes to sort the decorations out.

anika’s pov:

why does ansh remind me so much of mr shivay singh oberoi? the way he demands things, stubbornness……..all of that.

on the other hand:

gauri’s pov:

why does geetu remind me so much of mr oso. the naughty look……. the fact that she already developed a passion for art. all of that.

precap: shivom and oberois after 1 year

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