Love? – Episode 12 – Struggles start for Gauri


after the bus ride, gauri led her kids to her chacha and chachi’s house. she saw a car there and was wondering who it was as her chacha and chachi never had a car. she rang the doorbell as she didn’t have the key and a woman she has never seen before came to open the door.

woman: who are you?

gauri: gauri kumari sharma, namaste.

woman: namaste but why are you here?

gauri: ji this house belonged to my chacha and chachi, pratap mehta and rani mehta.

woman: don’t know them.

she went back in her house and locked the door.

gauri: sorry kids.

viren: it’s no problem mum. do one thing, let’s rent a flat for the time being.

gauri: this is why you are my son.

they go to a ‘rent a flat’ apartment (i can’t be bothered to research all the facts).

gauri: lekin i have three kids to feed aur…..

man: look you need money first and you haven’t got enough for the rent.

gauri: i will earn it. just give me a flat and i will get a job to pay the rent.

man: fine! but the first month fee is 27,405.04 Rs (i definitely researched this!!)

gauri: what?!

man: yes, got a problem?!

gauri: no…. it’s alright.

the man hands the key to gauri and leads her and the kids upstairs. they open to a flat as simple as could be:

 they open to a flat as simple as could be:

the man leaves gauri and the kids alone

the man leaves gauri and the kids alone.

gauri: i am sorry kids. i know this isn’t the best but it’s home now.

aadhira: mama don’t be sorry. you did this for us only.

the kids hug gauri tight and then munni toddled to a bedroom (1st pic) and says:

munni: my room!

all smile at her rcute antics.

that night:

aadhira, munni and gauri were sleeping in the room munni claimed and viren slept in another room (3rd pic). however gauri couldn’t sleep. she kept tossing and turning. she got up from the bed, kept a pillow border around the bed as of munni and went to the living room to try and sleep. however she couldn’t. she tried many places of the flat but couldn’t sleep. a sleepless night.

the next day:

gauri managed to make some food for her kids and left viren in charge whilst she went to find a job.

market place:

vegetable stall:

gauri: please trust me. i can help please.

stall owner: never!! you characterless girl!!

gauri was shocked that no one forgot about 13 years ago in barielly.

she went to the duapatta stall and asked:

gauri: hello, do you need anyone to help in the stall?

stall owner: arre yeh ledki! hey bhagwan, this bad omen. get out!

gauri went to another stall and another but everyone said the same thing. some ladies noticed gauri and two grabbed her by an arm each. the other ladies started to slap her tight and made her fall on the ground, causing her arms and head to bleed a little. she wanted to scream her pain out loud but didn’t.

why? kyunki she was used to bearing pain silently! she has dealt it at O.M. she dealt it silently when om forced himself on her, killed her with his words, made her cry every night.

once the ladies were done, gauri had bruises on her arms and legs. her forehead had blood oozing.

she came back home and locked herself in a room. she went to the set of drawers and searched every one till she found a knife in the last one. she held it near her wrist when……..

voices: STOP!

precap: a ray of hope for gauri

but who told gauri not to commit suicide?

and what will be the ray of hope for gauri?

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