Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-19

Shot 18 here

Sanskar woke up nd sees ragini getting ready..
Sanskar:are u going anywhere called ,she asked me to come home once..i want to go..
Sanskar:can i come with u..
(she thinks her parents are angry on him ,she doesnt knw how they will behave with sanskar)
Sanskar:ragini is every thing fine..u r not going being angry on me naa..if it was the reason.plz dont go..i will prove myself ragini..i can’t live without u..plzz dont go..
Ragini:its nothing like that just want to see im going..
Sanskar:u will come back naa
Ragini(sensed his fear):i will come sanskar..
Sanskar:when will u return
Ragini:After 2,3 days
Sanskar:2,3 days u have any pblm
Sanskar nodded..
Sanskar in mind how can i pass those days without u..i will miss u badly.
Sanskar:vo..vo..kuch nay going
Sanskar:take care
Ragini nodded nd goes..
Ragini came to her home,she hugs her parents..
Janki kissed her forehead..
Shekhar:are u ok raagu
Ragini:haan dad..
Shekhar:vo..what about sanskar..if u have any pblm with him ,tell raagu no need to hesitate..
Ragini:no dad..he changed..
His love growing on me day by day even thought im ignoring him..i can see the fear of losing me..but im still im confusion dad..
Shekhar:u r saying truth naa..he changed really..
Ragini:haa dad..u no need to worry about me..
Janki:im very happy for u raagu..
Ragini smiles..
Janki opens the door, hearing calling bell ring..
She is surprised to see sanskar there..
Sanskar:namaste aunty
Janki:namaste beta..
Sanskar:can i come inside..
Janki:sry beta..i was surprised to see u here..come..
Sanskar smiles nd came inside nd sees shekhar who sat there md looks at him surprising..
Sanskar:haii uncle
Shekhar just gives a nod.
(he was not angry but he needs time to behave with him normal)
Janki:vo beta ,ragini is in her room ,u go nd get fresh..
Sanskar nodded smiling..
Sanskar comes to room where ragini lost in thoughts looking through the window..he came towards her slowly nd stood at her back..
Sanskar:what are u thinking
Ragini(still lost):about sanskar..
Sanskar(smiles):sanskar?? heart says he changed ,he will never hurt me..But my mind doesn’t agree..
Sanskar:follow ur heart..he will nrver hurt u..
Ragini:how do u knw
Sanskar:i knw
Ragini(she turned):how..
She looked at him shocked at surprised..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:what are u doing here
Sanskar:i came to see my wife..
Sanskar:what..what..this is my sasural..cant i come here..
Ragini looks at him surprising..
Sanskar:stop looking at me like this..i need to get fresh..where is washroom..
Ragini points towards washroom while thinking why he came here..
Sanskar came out after getting fresh.
Ragini:y did u cme here sanskar
Sanskar:i hav told naa..i came to meet my sasural.
Before ragini could speak ,janki called thrm for dinner..
Sanskar:chalo,aunty calling us for dinner.
Saying je drags along with him..ragini looks on.
Ragsan came sat for dinner..sanskar passed a smile to shekhar who gives a stern look..
Sanskar:ur dad is same like u,always angry on me..but ur mom so sweet.she forgiven me.
Ragini glares at him.
Janki serves food..
Sanskar:wow is very tasty..uncle u r very lucky..
Janki:thank u beta
Sanskar:but aunty u should have make ragini learn like this..she needs to learn..
Sanskar looks at ragini who looks at him angrily..Sanskar looks away.
Janki smiles..
Ragsan comes to room..
Ragini looks at sanskar angrily..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:dont i cook well
Sanskar:vo..u cook well but i can only eat that.
Ragini throws pillow at him..
Sanskar:u need to agree this truth..
Ragini looks at him angrily nd starts hit him with pillow..
Sanskar smiles nd keeps looking at her lovingly..
Ragini stopped hitting him when she noticed his stare at her.
She realized what she is doing.. getting sleep.
Saying she lied on bed..

Sanskar smiles nd says in mind ,
Hope i will get my old ragini soon..
Sometime passed..sanskar was not getting sleep..she looks at ragini who is in sleep..
Sanskar:missing u so much..i knw u are with me but missing ur smile ,missing ur naughtiness ,missing ur love..missing my old ragini so much..
He removes hair strands from her face which is fell on her face..
He bends to kiss her forehead..ragini who is pretnding as sleeping opened her eyes nd sees him close to her..sanskar widened his eyes..
Ragini:what are u doing
Sanskar:vo..mein..kuch nay..good night..
Saying he turned otherside nd closed his eyes..
Ragini smiles..
Ragini woke up nd doesn’t found sanskar..she comes to kitchen.
Ragini:mom..where is sanskar
Janki:he went jogging with ur dad..
Ragini:what..with dad?..
Janki:kya hua
Ragini:mom u knw naa ,dad is angry with sanskar..if he say anything ,sanskar will get hurt..
Janki:raagu u dont wry..he was not angry..
Ragini:but mom
Janki:Look there
Ragini turns nd widened her eyes seeing sanskar nd shekhar coming laughing..
Janki:i will get coffee..
Ragini just stood still not believable..
Sanskar:kya hua..what are u thinking
Ragini:kuch nay..
Sanakar:i misunderstand ur dad..he is very cool..
Ragini looks on..
Sanskar:kya ha..are u tense about something.
Ragini:n..nay..i will get fresh nd come…
Saying she goes..sanskar smiles..
Ragini got ready nd come to kitchen nd again she surprised to see sanskar who is helping janki in cooking..
Ragini:sanskar u go..i will do
Sanskar:its ok ragini..let me do..
Janki smiles..
Ragini comes to her room ,thinking about sanskar..She says to herself y sanskar doing like he trying to impress me like this..or.
Sanskar came..
Ragini:what are u trying to do sanskar.
Sanskar:what i did..
Ragini:y are u acting so nice with my parents..i knw u hate relationships nd all..u no need to do all this..if they knw u r acting they will get hurt..
Sanskar:Haan..i used to hate relationships..i was not used to care about relations..i used to care only myself nd i used to care only my happiness..but y dont u changed..i want to be a good son in law..i want to be part of this just trying to prove my self..i would love to sped time with ur family..i thought u would be happy but ,i never thought u understand me like this..sorry for coming here..
Ragini looks at him sadly..
Sanskar goes..ragini followed him..
Sanskar:aunty,uncle mein chalatha hu
Janki:what happened beta..
Shekhar:haan sanskar stay for 2days naa..
Sanskar:no uncle ,i have urgent work ,need to go office ..thanks for forgiven me..bye
Janki:take care beta
Shekhar hugs sanskar..
He took their blessis nd leaves without looking at ragini..ragini feels bad..
Sanskar comes home from office..he sees ragini in their room..
Sanskar:tum..u said u want to stay 2 ,3 days..u came early
Ragini:kyun ,cant i come..
Sanskar:vo..i mean
Ragini:im sorry
Ragini:for my mng behaviour
Sanskar:no need
Saying he goes to washroom before ragini could speak..
Ragini pouts..
@next day
Ragini:sanskar ,today will u come early from office..
Sanskar looks at her surprised..
Ragini:kya hua..will u come..
Ragini:come..i will tell u..
Saying he goes to office..
Ragini smiles..
Ragini was in thoughts about sanskar ,she recalling all their moments..she heard calling bell ring..Ragini opens d door nd sees swara there..
Ragini:i should ask this..y u are here..
Swara:i came for sanskar..he sent u out na..then y are u here..
(swara was in USA ,she doesn’t knw about ragsan marriage)
Ragini:kyun ki im his wife mrs sanskar maheswari..
Swara:ha ha.good joke
Ragini:i think ur eyes got damaged plz get check once.
She showed her mangalsutra nd sindhur..
Swara got shocked nd says in mind is it true sanskar married her..
Ragini(snapped her fingers at swara with attitude):shock laga
Swara laughs
Ragini:lagatha hai..u became mad after hearing about our marriage..
Swara:pagal mein nay..tum..
Ragini glares at her..

Swara:u r such a shameless(??)
Swara:dont shout..he sent u out of his house..he doubts ur character..nd u married shame..
Ragini:shut up swara..he did a mistake..he is regretting..
Swara:regret my foot..u knw him very well right.he can do anything for his revenge..he felt u cheated him..he is acting being so nice to u..but u will get to knw his real intentions soon..
Ragini:stop ur bakwass..
Swara:so pity on u..nd btw mrs ragini sanskar,See ur husband messaged me to meet him..
Swara shows message from sanskar “i wanna meet u”..
Ragini shocked..
Swara calling sanskar nd puts the speaker on..
Sanskar:hello..swara where are waiting for u at office..come soon..
Swara:coming sanskar..
Saying she cuts the call.
Swara:see how desperate he is ,to meet me..
Ragini stood in tears..
Swara left with evil smile..
Ragini sat collapsed..
Sanskar comes home from office nd sees ragini who sat sadly..her eyes become red..
Sanskar:ragini are u ok..
Ragini looks at him with pain..
Sanskar:kya hua ragini ,is everything fine..
He placed his hand on her forehead..
Ragini(jerks):what sin i did ,for that u came in my life sanskar..
Sanskar looks at her..
Ragini:enough is enough i cant
Sanskar:what happend ragini..what i did
Ragini:stop sanskar..this is my fault for trusting u again..for giving u chance..
Sanskar stood not understanding anything..
Ragini:i hate u sanskar..plzz get out from life sanskar..plzzz
Sanskar looks at her shocked..
Ragini:plzz chali jao..i dont want to see ur face..i hate u..plzz go from here..
Sanskar looks at ragini painfully nd walks from there with teary eyed..
Ragini sat crying badly..

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