Mariam Khan Reporting Live 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam escapes

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aayat dragging Mariam. Mariam shouts to Aijaz to help her. Junaid and Hamdan think of some way to stop the operation. Mariam shouts and refuses for operation. Aayat controls her. Doctor asks Aayat not to let anyone know that this operation is happening against Mariam’s will, my license can get cancelled. Aayat threatens Mariam. Doctor says we have to go for Jibraan’s test now. Aayat sees some kids crying and asks him. He says they were going to celebrate independence day, the school bus met with an accident on the way. He asks her not to worry for Jibraan. Junaid and Hamdan come there and think which doctor is helping Aayat, if she knows about us, she will kill us, we have to execute this plan. Doctor says Jibraan will get better, but Mariam has to bear much pain. Aayat says I don’t care for her, I will get her. Junaid and Hamdan come to Mariam, and ask her to run away, Aayat will kill her in order to save Jibraan.

Mariam says Aijaz asked me to save Jibraan, what shall I do, I m feeling the pain. Hamdan says your dad has come, you can go to the bus stop and board the bus, your dad is waiting for you. They see Aayat coming. Aayat gets shocked seeing Mariam gone. Junaid and Hamdan try to divert Aayat. They send Mariam. Mariam hides. Doctor says it will be a case of child abuse if Mariam complaints. Aayat says we have to save Jibraan’s life. Mariam sees Aayat arguing with someone and goes. She dresses in an animal costume. A man gets a call. Someone asks him to get the kid’s bag to the function venue soon, the kid is at the hospital right now.

Mariam makes faces seeing Jibraan and goes. Someone asks the man to look for teddy bear costume kid. Aayat sees Mariam and shouts. The man says another child is running away with that bag. Aayat asks Mariam to stop. Mariam runs out of the hospital. She runs and boards a bus. Aayat sees the bus number. The men also follow Mariam to get the bag. The man informs his boss that he will get the bag, there is a timer in it, they are tracking it. The chief asks him to remember that the bomb will blast when the timer ends. Mariam says I have to go to my dad. Conductor asks where do you want to go. Mariam recalls Majaaz and praises him. Aayat follows Mariam.

Doctor calls her and asks her to get Mariam soon. She says this time I won’t leave Mariam. Mariam looks out of the bus. The lady says its 14th august, our independence day. Mariam says I know that its not celebrated in 15th august. The man asks who is your idiot teacher, who taught this to you. Conductor says India celebrates its independence on 15th august. She says Pakistan is same as India, you all look the same, why is independence day different, I m from India. Everyone looks at her.

The man says we shouldn’t lose this girl. Conductor asks Mariam to show what’s in her bag. Mariam says I will show you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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