Love is in the hospital Episode 5 (Dill mill gaye) inspired

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                                             Love is in the hospital.                     Episode 5

Scene 1 In the canteen

Naira, now give me way to go.
Karthik, okay okay
(And the boys start moving and Naira start going out)
Naira, what do u guys think u can take the notes from us very easily.
(and she goes out and lock the door)
Naira, now stay here.
Veer, oh damn she has lock the door.
Adi, now what the girls will be reading from the notes and they can scored highest marks.
Rohit, guys u all r very bad.
Aryan, rohit now what has happen to u.
Rohit, when I say that we should share the notes with girls then u scold me and now u have given the notes to girls and u r not even telling me.
Karthik, shut up Rohit .
A random boy, veer dude why she has lock the door how can we go out and what the notes u all r talking about?
Veer, oh they should not know which notes we have. Rahul why r u thinking much these notes are those which I and Adi and have made by ourselves and now the girls have taken them so that is why she lock the door so we cannot catch her and take the notes.
Rahul, okay I thought the notes were something imp but cool.
Adi, yes cool ( someone opens the door) look the door is open u should go for your duty and we r also going
Rahul, nye guys see u.
Aryan, bye. Oh god he understand but now we should be more careful as whole staff is alert.
Karthik, yes and this is because of Naira.
Veer, so now what is plan ?
Adi, plan is we should go to our ward and check as if the girls are there or not and if they are in the ward so we have to keep an eye on them to know where they have the hide the notes..
Aryan, yes gud idea but If we find them in our way we will chase them.
Veer, great now lets go.
Karthink, as the girls has started the game but we will complete it.
( and all the boys do hand on hand cheer and move)

Scene. 2. In the bathroom

Swara, so Now I have come in bathroom now I should msg the girls to execute their plan.
( and girls receive Swara msg )
Anjali, great Swara msg has come now lets go.
Naira, hey guys .
Neha, naira r u okay
Naira, offcourse what should happen to me but why Swara is messenging that she is bathroom.
Sanchi, it is a long story we will tell u later but now what your work is to take this paper and hide them in any place which u think will be perfect and then..
Neha. Go to your ward and make sure that any boy like Karthik ,Rohit,Veer , Adi, or Aryan see you and chase u.
Naira, okay u girls wanted to mislead the boys.
Anjali, yes as these boys should know with whom they r fighting with .and girls plz tell us that which boy is behind u.
Neha, so now lets go ( and they move out)


Scene 3. Behind Naira

Naira, okay Naira u can do it. Karthik where r u Karthik come here. Uff am I calling Karthik or a puppy. I should move toward my ward ( Naira move few steps)
Oh god otherwise he is always around me but now when I want him he is not here and there and no one other is here. ( and he suddenly sees him) but he hide and she behaves like she has not seen him)
Karthik, wow this tigress is here and she has notes as well wow great now I will take notes from her and will show all the boys gang who is the boss.
Naira, so here is he now come puppy come. ( and she smiles)
Naira enters a room, I should hide it here no one will ever guess especially that Karthik who is such a dumb how can he guess.
Karthik, u called me dumb I will show u when I will become HOI and I will make u my assistant.
(Naira look at Karthik and move out)

Scene. 4 behind Neha

Rohit, now these boys have send me and don’t even tell me behind whom should I go.
Neha, I hope that Adi chase me . So I can spend time with her. Neha u r gone mad As u r behaving so weird but thats okay cause I am mad in love with you Adi I love u .
Rohit, ohh here is Neha. Neha I will look after u I mean I will chase u.
Neha, I should move and go towards my ward I hope I can find some boy who can chase. ( as she turn she saw Rohit )
Neha, uff Rohit why? But now I have to mislead u. Its okay…. I will
( And Neha hide it in the nearby vase) now I have done my job yours turn now Rohit.
( Rohit take the notes out and he is about to read it)
Rohit, what I will do by reading it I should hide it as it will be really hard to read and if someone take them from me then Adi and Veer and Aryan will beat me I should put them in my locker. ( and he goes to locker room and hide them)
Now done now I should move towards my ward. Byee bye notes meet u soon

Scene 5 behind Sanchi

Sanchi, I should hide them or someone can see me .
Aryan, why someone, I am looking at u.
Sanchi, Aryan is behind me yes I should tell the girls that Aryan is misleaded. He think that he is very intelligent and brave but now he will see when he will know that he is make fool by me.
Sanchi, okay so now I should go and I hope no one has see me. ( loudly)
Aryan, why his shouting loudly. Dumbo
(Sanchi went and aryan saw the notes and gets angry when he saw that the notes are fake.)

Scene 6. In the file room

Aryan, Sanchi what the hell? Where r the notes we have get the notes how can u girls steal them from us.
( holding her hand tight)
Sanchi, Aryan leave my hand it is hurting
Aryan, it is hurting and what about that pain which u have given me You have again mislead me. Like if have done before. (And he pushes her and she hit with a table)
Aryan, I am sorry
Sanchi, and you r again hurting me like u have hurt before. Just leave me.
(Aryan give her water and get to a side)
( a girl who is watching this from outside says)
Girl, oh so the fire is getting cold but no worries I have come so I will definately give this fire oil. If 2 years back love is rising so 2 years back hatred will also and hatred will conquer the love. Again.

Scene 7. Veer and Swara

Swara, why all of them r not coming. I think the boys will be behind them that is why.
Veer, where is SWARA why I am unable to find her.
Ria, hey veer how r u?
Veer, hi Ria I am fine. We meet in home everyday so why are u asking a silly question .
Ria, veer i am not asking a silly question but if u donot like it I will never ask ot again.
Veer, Ria.. Okay nothing.
Ria, okay so whom r u finding.
Veer, I am Swara.
Ria, Swara why r u finding her u should find me and be with me I am watching u spent most of your time with her but u should not or I will complain it to uncle
Adi, okay u can complain but now someone has complain that u r not in your ward to dr. Kabir so go in your ward.
Ria, thank you for telling me so sweet of u and I will meet u Veer soon.
Veer, okay bye
Adi, She has gone Veer if you dont love her why dont you tell why r u ready to marry her.
Veer, just leave it mom also want and dad as well and she is nice.
Adi, and Swara
Veer, are you gone mad I don’t like her I just irriated her. I hate her as u hate.
Adi, Anjali
Veer, yes maybe, but did u get the notes.
Adi, I cant find Anjali.
Veer, And I am not able to find Swara.
Adi, okay so I am going to my ward so I will see is Swara is there okay.
Veer, okay then tell me till then I will try to talk with other boys.


Scene 8 In general ward

Ankita, Anjali where were u okay so now there r the patiemts and tgese r their files check them out and If you have any problem don’t consult me.
Anjali, okay but thank you Ankita I have never see a teacher like u.
Adi, you can never.
Anjali, what r u doing here.
Ankita, adi hey.
Adi, hey Ankita nad anjali where is Anko baby there will be Adi
Ankita, so sweet of u.
Anjali, Flirting expert whatever.
Adi, so what I was saying no teacher can be like Ankita because she is so hot, charming sweet, innocent and what not.
Anjali, stop adi I hope u dont have any work that is why u r wasting your time here.
Adi, why r u so rude anjali or if have work so do that I have no work bigger than Ankita.
Ankita, thank you * why this adi is showering so much love on me *
( Anjali is working and adi saw that papers)
Adi, * oh so this r the notes I should take them *
Anjali, *look look Adi at the notes amd take them what do u think I donot know why have u come here*
(Anjali turn her face and start moving towards the next patients adi see her and just pounch on the notes)
Adi, yes I have got them.
Ankita, adi baby what have u get.
Anjali, yes tell what have u get.
Adi, I have got these notes.
Ankita look at the notes, but I think they r empty.
Adi, what? But how?
Ankita, why r u behaving weird u were very happy right now and now u r sad.
Anjali, ( laughs) what do u think adi u will get the notes so easily.
Ankita, what u guys r talking about which notes,
Anjali, actually I have made notes which r very helpful for the HOI exam but Adi want that notes. Understand.
Ankita, Adi u can make your own.
Adi, yes offcourse alright I am going my patients will be waiting for me

Scene. 9 In the nursery ward

Naira, why he is not angry I mean he should be.
Karthink, I know u will thinking that why I am not angry but I wont show u that I know that the notes were fake because this can be a way which will lead me to real notes
Naira, oh now I know he had not check them he may be thinking hinself smart but he donot know he the biggest fool but nice for us. He will keep on thinking he has the notes and the real notes will be safe.

Scene. 10. In OT 2

Adi, I won’t leave that Anjali. But where can the notes
Adi sees here and there
Adi, but where is this Swara I should ask Neha.
( adi receive a msg ) from Veer
” Adi all the notes which Aryan , Rohit n Karthik has get were fake. This was girls game.”
Adi, my notes were always fake which I got from Anjali.
Aryan, what ? These girls have played a huge game .
Veer, but Adi r u in OT 2 is Swara there
Adi, no she is not here and I am going to ask Neha if she knows.
Karthik, okay

Adi, hey Neha
Neha, hi
Adi, Neha have u
Neha. Adi if u r going to ask about the notes so I cannot tell Anjali have stopped me.
Adi, that anjali I will kill her.
Neha, did you say something.
Adi, No, but Neha u are doing work alone u should do work with Swara she is your incharge for today right.
Neha, yes.
Adi, where is she ?
Neha, in the bathroom.
Adi, why?
Neha, Adi… Adi why people go to bathroom u should know u r big enough right. *sorry adi I am lieing to u*
Adi, okay no I was just joking. Okay I must see my patients.
Neha, okay

Adi msg, guys I get to know that she is in bath room
Veer, okay.
Aryan, guys keep checking the girls who r with u
Veer, adi u tell us when Swara come
Adi, okay so back to work.

Note, guys as I have tell u in the previous update (episode 4 ) that I am hoing to upload the next chapter on my youtube channel but Guys I donot know if it is easy for u to read from there. So guys you can tell me now by liking this update if this update get 5 or more than 5 than I will upload it on my youtube channel and it get less then 5 than I will upload it on telly update till than enjoy this chpater.



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