live to love – part 8

Hey guyzz
I hope that you all are fine
So without wasting any much more time we will start

And now finally the most awaited sangeet night has arrived

Anchor:hey guyzzz….as you all know that we all are gathered here to attend the wedding ? of Arjun and naina
So lets start the program
And bow as you know is the time to call the most important guests of the wedding
So please welcome the lovely the gorgeous……can’t tell you that how I felt when I came to know that she is married
Please welcome SHRADDHA

Everybody claps
And Shraddha enters wearing a beautiful lehenga

Anchor:welcome Shraddha
As we all have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away……
But iss doctor ko koi kaise door rakh sakta hai
So please welcome the Bengali girl…..SONAKSHI

and our Sona enters wearing a beautiful greenish neon coloured lehenga(similiar to the lehenga alia Bhatt wore in humpty sharma Ki dulhaniya in gurpreet’s wedding)

And dev got mesmerized seeing sona
She was looking beautiful

Nikki and Riya:wow…

And dev smiled seeing this while GKB groaned
While everyone were clapping ?

Anchor:you are looking gorgeous as always

Sona smiled

Anchor:now please welcome the bride and groom

everybody clapped
Raabta song plays at the back
Naina wore a beautiful shimmering lehenga which was looking beautiful while Arjun wore a suite

Anchor:may you guyzz always be happy like now
So now as everyone has come so let the sangeet begin

One by one everyone danced

Anchor:wow….loved it
So now it is time for the bride ? and groom’s friends to shake their legs
So first it is Shraddha and Nikhil

They danced on Punjabi wedding song ?
And got honoured with great applause ?

Anchor:now it is time for Elena and jai to perform something
So please give them a big hand

Elena and jai performed on Kisi disco Mein jaaye song
And they also got many claps and good remarks

Now it is time for the bride and groom’s very good friends
Guess who…..?
Main nahi bataoonga
Khud hi guess kar lijiye

It is our devakshi
They chose the song ? …..ZAALIMA

They danced very well
And at the last they were in a hot eye lock
But they broke up due to the applauses
They didi really very well

Anchor:now this is called a super duper dance
Amazing guys amazing
Now it is time for our bride and groom
They were enjoying for such a long time now it is our turn to enjoy
So please welcome naina and Arjun

They both danced on dekha hazaron dafa from Rustom
They also got a share in the applauses

So now it is time for a small little memory show for our naina and Arjun
Which is made by their friends

Then the show begins
It is made up of videos and photos of their school time,college and present

While watching tears started trickling out of Sona’s face
And the show ended
Sona couldn’t take it and hugged naina
Naina also hugged her
Tears were coming from both of their faces
While everyone clapped seeing this

So guyzz how was it
Please tell me via your comments

  1. Hey Shruti di,
    Well, this episode was quite fun, I must say. DevAkshi’s dance and then their intense eye-lock made the chapter even better, as a matter of fact.
    Do post the next one soon!

  2. Shruti710

    Thank you ? so much anshita

  3. Awesome

  4. Amazing shruti….? that slide was a good idea

  5. Shruti710

    Thank you ? princess

  6. Priya12

    Di, superbb…sry I can’t vmt in the last epi and devakshi dance on zaalima…wow…..I luved it…post the nxt epi soon dr

  7. Manya

    Post soon
    Love ❤️❤️

  8. Plzz post soon yr

  9. Aarti32

    Awesome episode Shruti dear

  10. Niki645

    Hey, this was an awesome episode!!!!!
    DevAkshi’s eyelock????

    Post soon!

  11. Shruti710

    Thank you so much guyzzz

    Means a lot

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