OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 4)

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In case if you have missed the earlier episode….
Episode 1
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Episode 4:

With the net not cooperating, Sonakshi shifted herself from her bed and sat curled up in her window side couch..
Time seemed to come to a standstill as she stared out of the window to that moon…
The only common factor for the two…
She became very restless after seeing his photos.. She wanted to see more of his picture…But the network would not compromise…Frustrated with the network,she throws all her stuffs down her bed…

Hearing the sounds from her room.. Asha and Bijoy came running to ask her if things were going fine in her life… opening the door…she puts up a sleepy smile and said she by mistake kicked the laptop while she was asleep…

Her parents sigh of relief and leaves her room.. She closes the door… And tears roll down her cheeks…
She paces up and down in her verandah, as the night passes, She felt as though the whole universe was conspiring against her….

Early next morning, Sona is seen sleeping on a chair in the verandah…cold and shivering…
Asha comes and knocks loudly on her door… startling Sona of her sleep… she walks towards the door in an unbalanced sleepy manner… and opens the door… and says
“good morning”
Asha tells her to get fresh and come for breakfast..

But Sona was too lazy to get fresh hence falls on her bed and sleeps of again…Asha comes into her room again to wake her up…
Upon entering Sonas’ room… Asha senses something wrong… as though something has been disturbing her daughter…
She pecks her daughter.. And notices that she had mild fever… she calls out for Bijoy and asks him to get a glass of water along with the box of tablets… she wakes up Sona… by calling her softly… and asks her to take the tablet…so that the fever subsides…

But Sona was reluctant to eat big sized tablets.. Saying “these are too big for my esophagus to handle..
Her mom laughs and breaks the tablet into 2 for her .. And tells her to get fresh and come for breakfast .. As the food is getting cold…

Sona was too tired as she could not sleep enough… But yet goes to get fresh…

Upon having a quick bath… she hears her phone beeping of messages.. She picks her phone to see many facebook notifications… realising that the network is better now… she once again searches for Devrath Dixit… And clicks on the friend request button… she also drops in a message…
“Sorry for all the things I yelled on your face 17 days earlier in your favourite coffee shop… I have been their for the past 16 days since then… just to apologise… But may be my yellings fall hard on you that you stopped visiting your 8 year old favourite coffee place…extremely sorry…
Dr. Sonakshi Bose ??”

Texting so she gets dressed up beautifully in a plain red suit accompanied by a multicolured dupatta… she wore kajal and put on her glasses.. Applying slight lip balm on her delicate lips… She goes to have her breakfast…

On the breakfast table… Bijoy was seen reading newspaper… while Asha was busy walking to and fro getting hot paranthas for them… Sona comes into the kitchen asking her mom to resign her cooking job… As the rest of the work the nutritionist should do…
Her mom smiles and pulls her nose.. But does not move…so, Sona takes her out of the kitchen and pulls out a chair… Asking her to sit down.. And disappears into the kitchen to prepare food for her parents….

Bijoy suddenly looks at Asha happily and shows her the newspaper.. Asha also looks happy… And through the language of her eyes asks him read it out loud….
Sona was startled hearing her father reading news loudly when suddenly she hears Bijoy reading out loud an advertisement in the newspaper…about search for an efficient nutritionist to help in launching the new health product by the Dixit group of industries…
Her heart skipped on hearing the word Dixit… She comes running out asking
“What group of industries???” with her eyes bulged out in surprise and excitement…
Asha and Bijoy stared at her in surprise..
Sona takes the paper from her dad..and reads the advertisement…she hugs her dad and her mom….
Then rushing to her room.. She picks up her files and phone…. Puts them into a bag… and rushes to the kitchen… Serves her parents hot food… and tells them to bless her… as she is going to a little far away… but this job is very important for her….
Her mom holds her hands and asks sternly…
“Sona is there anything that you are hiding from us??? Your behaviour and excitement is weird…”
“No… nothing if that sort–”
“You never wanted to go to Delhi for work.. But today??”
Sona looks down upset… and then hugs her parents saying “you people were,is and will always be my top and first priority…. Nobody can ever take that place… you should know…and your daughter knows how to be single and how to control herself among other handsome people?? ?”
Her mom pecks her and says “wait…”
She disappears into the kitchen and comes out with yogurt and sugar…
Feeding her a spoonful… she says
“I know why you are taking up job so far away…just to make sure that your dad’s open heart surgery can be performed quickly… and to help set your brothers’ business..as that company is a high profile company… Salary would be given good..”
Sona looks up at her in tears and says
“Oh mom… even if the company would not be so high profile i would have done the job… i would have done multiple jobs… but as I said that dad will have his operation in 2 months… he will.. There is no backing off.”
Her parents bid her off happily… as she is seen walking down the street towards the place she would find her missed heart beat…

Sonakshi hits a middle aged woman in the crowd and apologises to her..and rushes through the busy Delhi road..the woman stares at her quite irritated..


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  1. Hello,
    I am extremely apologetic for not commenting on the previous parts despite reading them. The thing is, my studies haven’t been giving me much time to spare at all.
    Anyways, I would firstly like to congratulate you for this wonderful attempt made from your side. Your work is truly commendable and as a reader, I really do enjoy reading your story. So far, I’ve absolutely loved each and every part and I am looking forward to such amazing chapters in the coming time as well.
    Do update the fifth chapter at the soonest. I am eagerly waiting for it.
    Take care<3

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thanks a lot!! Even It is difficult for me to udate as well… As i m having my medical profs coming in sonner tyms.. But i started skipping afternoon naps for writing these updates.. Any free tym i find… I spend it in this work…
      All my writings r just formed tht very moment and directly from heart to paper…
      I will surely try to keep updating the episodes…
      People are reading and appreciating it… Thats soo much enough to motivate me… 🙂 love you all!!! Thanks for the motivation and trust… And support… 🙂

  2. Shruti710

    Nice very nice
    I read all your episodes but commenting fir the first time

    And it is very good

    Love ❤

  3. Loving It… It’s Super amazing…..

  4. Priya12

    Di, superbb..awesomeeee. ..n unique story line …eagerly waiting …post the nxg epi soon di…

  5. Very excited for the next episode. Awesome episode dear.

  6. Niki645

    Amazing episode!!!! Eagerly waiting for next part!!

    Post asap!

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