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Challo let’s start varna I will be cursed by many that she is just wasting  our time 

Recap: Twinj romance in Kunj’s flashback and Sandhir romance in real Twinkle was seen crying holding someone’s picture …
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Let’s start : 
Twinkle is seen crying holding someone’s picture and that someone is none other than her parents (Now the real fun begins) 
Twinkle: ( to herself) Ma papa I am sorry I haven’t found your murderer yet but I promise if I do I would surely Kill him 
Here we see a hooded man entering Sandhir’ s room and moving close to Sanyu he removed his hood and the man is  revealed to be Aryan he lustfully looks at sleeping Sanyu who is in her night gown her belly is visible Aryan moves his hands over her hands and then her perfect curves to her belly where he was just about to open the knot when he felt Sanyu was waking up he got from the bed and stood there his blood boiled seeing Sanyu turning and hugging Rd placing her head on his chest 
Aryan :(in his mind ) I have to do something I want you Sanyu (left the room ) 

The next day in the morning : 
On the breakfast table : 
Kunj: Sanyu bhabhi I am full I can not eat more 
Twinkle: why are you calling my bhabhi as Bhabhi 
Kunj: voh…voh..
Rd: voh he considers me as his brother na so that is why 
(Kunj takes a sip of water ) 
Twinkle: Oh so Kunj bhaiya when will you leave? 
(Kunj spits out the water he was drinking )
Kunj:  Bhaiya? 
Twinkle: (chukles) Ha Rd Bhai is your brother so I am your sister and you are my brother 
Kunj: No I am not I wont call Sanyu bhabhi my bhabhi 
Twinkle : Then what will you call her ? 
Kunj: Sanyu..
Twinkle:(strict tone) Sanyukta 
Kunj: ha Sanyukta 
Twinkle bursts out laughing 
Twinkle: I was just joking even UV calls Sanyu bhabhi bhabhi even you can but  you look cute when you are scared 
Rd: Oh ho cute and all 
Twinkle:  ( realises that she had called Kunj cute ) Voh I mean you … you are sweet 
Rd: I did not ask for an explanation 
Twinkle: (changing the topic) Bhai you are taking me out for shopping today na 
Rd: Voh I am sorry Twinkle I can’t come with you there is lot of work in the office even Sanyu has to come with me  …(looks at Twinkle’ s sad face ) why don’t you take Kunj with you the number 1 fashion designer will help you select a dress too 
Twinkle: ( Thinks) Okay but then we will have Lunch outside and then watch a movie also and then dinner also in short you have to take me around Mumbai today 
Kunj: Okay 
Rohan: But Twinkle Kunj is so busy na 
Twinkle: No there is nothing more important then taking Twinkle Taneja out  
Rohan : Oh okay (he joins his hand in front of her ) 
Kunj: So Miss Taneja let’s move 
Twinkle :By Bhai bye bhabhi  bye  Rohan bye Aryan 
Rd: Aryan for how long are you going to stay here 
Sanyu: (glaring at Rd while Rd makes a what’s my mistake face ) Aryan don’t take Rd wrong he is just asking so that we can make proper  adjustments for your stay 
Aryan: Sanyu I think no should leave I will stay in a hotel  that’s better than troubling you guys 
Sanyu:  No Aryan it’s nothing like that you can stay here you have to if you consider me as your friend for the sake of our friendship 
Aryan :Oh Sanyu if you give me our friendships promise than how can I leave I will stay here 
Rd:(thinks) What is this Sanyu doing she has gone mad people hot hit the axe of there legs she is the only 1 peice that is hitting her legs on the axe 
Aryan : (gets up and hugs Sanyu-friendly hug) Bye Sanyu I have to go for an important meeting (hugs Rd)  Bye Randhir 
Rd:Bye bye Aryan 

Sanyu: ( hits Rd a bit who was waving both the hands to Aryan in order to indirectly tell him not to return ) Aryan wait eat Curd before going it’s considered  to be auspicious (she gets a bowl of sweetened curd for Aryan and feeds him ) All the best may you succeed 
Aryan : That is it Sanyu you are my lucky charm and your prayers always come true bye catch you guys later (he leaves )
Rd: Sanyu you are my lucky charm (says this dramatically enacting the way Aryan did it) 
Sanyu: Rd 
Rd: Sanyu 
Sanyu: Rd 
Rd: Sanyu 
Sanyu: Rd 
Rd: Sanyu 
Sanyu: Rd 
Rd: Sanyu 
Sanyu: Rd 
Rd: Sanyu 
Sanyu: Rd 
Rd: Sanyu 
Rd: okay fine I won’t say anything to him but make sure he stays away from me 
Sanyu:  Oh babaji pls mere Rd ka kuch kijeye  (Oh babaji pls do something about my Rd )
Rd: Only you can do something with me (pulls Sanyu close to him which makes her fall on his lap )
Sanyu:Rd shi it’s morning now go to work (tries getting up but isnt able to do it because Rd is holding on tight to her ) 
Rd: In which book is it return that you can’t romance in the morning 
She kisses his cheak 
Sanyu: Ummm…. my book Rd I want to talk to Pihu on skype now let me get up 
Rd:( Leaves her and takes out his mobile to skype with Pihu)  ya even I want to talk with my princes  
Sanyu: Oh ho you forgot your wife for your daughter 
Rd: No I can never forget the one who gave me my daughter my Pihu that is you (kisses her cheaks)
Pihu: (closing her eyes ) Mummy papa shame shame at least don’t do this in front of your daughter 
Sandhir compose themselves and try changing the topic 
Rd:Princess papa is angry with you 
Pihu:(eating a chocolate)  Why papa ? 
Rd: You do not miss me right (he said in order to tease her ) 
Pihu: Yes I don’t miss you I missed  Mumma 

Sanyu: Hww my baby missed me (gives her a flying kiss) 
Pihu: Papa I missed you too  (she said coz Rd was sad ) 
Rd: Princess it’s night there na why are you eating chocolates 
Pihu: I am missing you that is why 
Sanyu: Baby once Bua gets well we will come back there 
Kavaya: Hi mamai 
Sanyu: Hi beta 
Kavaya: Mamu how is mom and dad did mom remember something Mamu tell me na something please 
Tarun:  Oh mamau ke bhanji let mamau speak it’s only then when he can answer you 
Rd: Beta we are trying but we can’t stress your mom na or else … but beta your mom and dad have gone out today all alone so hopefully she remembers something 
Kavaya:  Okay mamu 
All the kids start giggling 
Rd: Naughty kids why are you giggling Parth and Vidhushi you too 
Parth:(trying to control his laughter ) Voh Rd morning romance is so good na (starts laughing )
Sanyu looks at Rd and sees a lipstick mark on his cheak she wipes it 
All of them : Good bye enjoy 
The Skype call ends 
Rd: See Sanyu because of you I had to feel ashamed infront  of all of them 
Sanyu: Beacause of me ? You were the one who was busy romancing 
Rd: Ha but … 
Sanyu:  Ha but what ? 
Rd: Leave it 
Sanyu: okay bye………. I won’t talk to you ….. you …. you just leave 
Rd: Sanyu…. Sanyu …. (she leaves ) Oh god abhi Sanyu ko manaan padega 

Twinj part : 
Twinkle :Kunj I need to buy a gown a neck peice some lipsticks and a bracelet ….. 
Kunj: Bas Twinkle how much will you buy….
Twinkle : Kunj Don t you know that how much ever  girl shops it’s less ….
Kunj: Okay mere Ma … 
Twinkle : Kunj…….. stop stop he car 
Kunj:(stops the car and is concerned about Twinkle ….) Twinkle what happened ? Why did you ask to stop the car …. ? 
Twinkle :Voh Kunj look there … ( she said her eyes beaming with joy …. a roadside market … ) 
Kunj: Twinkle are you serious you want to shop here in this hot sun … he said looking at the hot bright sun )
Twinkle : Kunj just Shut up do you know the variety of clothes you can get here and all of them at cheep rates so cool na … come lets go (She said removing her seat belt Kunj looked at her shocked but then gave an impossible look to her while she chuckled at him and then he had to follow her )
It had only been an hour since they had started shopping and t seemed as if Twinkle had bought the whole market and Kunj he had shopping bags all over him like the cloth stand
Kunj:Twinkle please lets go home now (He requested )
Twinkle : Kunj it has only been an hour now You go and keep the bags in the car till then I will ry some dresses in that shop come there directly (She said and like a young school going girl ran up to the shop which had a SALE sign board on it )
Kunj:(Walking towards the car thought )I never knew that Twinkle can bargain so well (He then walked back )
Twinkle:Kunj you took so much time see I have already selected the clothes (she showed him the clothes she had in her hands there were so many dresses that he could not even count )
Kunj:Twinkle did you buy the whole shop today …. (He said looking at the clothes with his mouth wide open
Twinkle :Kunj thats not a joke
Kunj:Twinkle who said I was joking ….I am serious
Twinkle :Kunj so tell me which I should I take this Green one or this Pink one …..
Kunj:Twinkle I think you should take this Pink one the colour will suite you and the fabric is also nice + The design looks simple beautiful and sober
Twinkle:(impressed ) Oh so I will take this one Kunj can you just book a table in XYZ restaurant
Kunj:Sure I will pay the bill till then you go and sit in the car
Twinj had Lunch together and watched a movie
In the restaurant for Dinner :
Twinkle:Kunj …. Voh I want to ask you something
Kunj: Ha Twinkle fell free to ask me …
Twinkle : Voh Kunj you remember you picked me up from college … Yesterday
Kunj: Ha I did
Twinkle : My friends were standing with me
Kunj: Yeah
Twinkle : They said bye to you too
Kunj: Yup
Twinkle : So Kunj
Kunj: So Twinkle …
Twinkle : So Kunj
Kunj: So Twinkle …
Twinkle : So Kunj
Kunj: So Twinkle …
Twinkle : So Kunj
Kunj: So Twinkle …
Twinkle : So Kunj
Kunj: So Twinkle …
Twinkle : Aree Kunj let me speak na
Kunj:Okay speak (He said nodding his head like a small kid )
Twinkle :Voh Kunj yesterday I made new friends in college many boys proposed me but I said no to all of them So my friends asked me that do I have an allergy from Boys So I got hyper and said I have a boyfriend And since I did not know whom to name as my boyfriend I said your name So will you be my Fake boyfriend
Kunj: Twinkle are you serious me and your fake boyfriend … no I cant do it
Twinkle : Why Kunj ? You don’t like me
Kunj Nods his head to say” NO “
Twinkle :You love someone else ….
Kunj Nods his head to say” NO “
Twinkle :Then what is the problem are you a Gey
Kunj Nods his head to say” NO “
Twinkle :Then Why ????
Kunj: Because I don’t know how to act
Twinkle : Kunj no problem I will mange that you just need to be a bit friendly with me and my friends
Kunj being left with no option had to say yes to Twinkle
They ate lunch and Kunj dropped Twinkle home and himself left for his house
During the night Both Twinj were thinking about the time they spent together and had a big smile on there lips
Sandhir Part :
Aryan :(In his room in Sandhir’s house ) Sanyu just 2 more days And then you will be mine (He laughed a devilish laugh )

Precap :
A marriage is taking place but ………

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