Whom do you like between Suhani and Soumya in SSEL?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki which started few months ago on Star Plus, have raised quite interest in the viewers by the unique storyline and powerful cast. Suhani and Soumya are the two female leads of the show, whose life is linked to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj has loved Soumya, but has married Suhani being helpless to save his family business and Soumya ditched him. Yuvraaj has always valued beauty and fair looks. She disliked dark and ugly faces to the extent that he insulted few girls, who sort of cursed him to get a dark girl as his life partner. Yuvraaj has married Suhani, but still he could not accept her as his wife and is constantly making Soumya jealous by showing his fake love for Suhani. He is still crazy about his first love Soumya and is unable to forget her.

Coming to the characters, Suhani is an innocent, simple and average looking young girl. She is smart, bubbly, caring and compassionate. She overcomes her problems with her extraordinary intelligence and wit and is always willing to help others during their times of need. An independent girl, she does not want to be a burden on her parents and hence provides tuition to fund her studies. Suhani has simple needs and dreams and she wants a man who will value her and truly love her for who she is and not judge her for her external appearance. Whereas, Soumya is young and extremely beautiful. She believes that beauty needs to be valued, praised and pampered. Belonging to a rich family, Soumya has always got all the comforts and luxuries of life but she lacks confidence because her parents have always substituted money for love and affection. She depends a lot on Suhani, her best friend. Soumya is good at heart, but at times she tends to be selfish putting her own happiness ahead of others. She is a dreamer and she wants a guy who will constantly praise her and pamper her for her beauty. The show passes message not to judge people from external beauty, but by heart. Whom do you like between Suhani and Soumya? The show passes message not to judge people from external beauty, but by heart. Let us know in this poll.

  1. Suhani is much better better than saumya ! I hate saumya !!!

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  3. who said saumya is xtremely beautiful? i mean i find her quite avg. nd her dressng sense- those horrible long skirts- yuck! bt suhani is a gem of a gal! pretty inside ov! i luv suhani!

  4. Suhani is the best and soumya is ugly as hell

  5. Suhani is my favourite and uff I dnt like souyma I only like her hair

  6. Suhani is the best and soumya is stupid she thinks that beauty is everything f**k that stupid girl soumya. She is ugly like a witch with her big eyes

  7. Suhani is beauty.i love suhani atitude and speech

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