Ishita does not accept Raman’s apology and worries for Ruhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Simmi tells Raman that she was afraid to disclose anything, and Ishita and Mani being behind his success, to make him win the Asia’s business head by ruining Ashok’s plan. Raman thinks he was wrong, and evaluates Ishita and Mani’s meetings for the same work, and how Ishita did not tell him anything about this matter.

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  1. wat the hell! everyone in this serial is so stubborn!! they just dont bother to know wat others have to say… if it goes like this its better not to watch this serial

  2. I love this show ! I m loving this track keep it up cv s!

  3. YHM rocks… Raman & Ishu are awesome.. OMG Raman is just wow.. Gud show.. Heart catchers.. Ishu change ur hair style .. Ur looking worse

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