Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka telling Suhani that Yuvraaj loves Soumya. Suhani does not hear anything, as her ears is unable to get any sound. Menka says Suhani got deaf by the shock. Rags asks her what shock. Menka says I told her that Yuvraaj loves Soumya. Rags is shocked. Suhani tells Pratima that she can’t hear anything. Pratima says maybe its my high sound and asks Ramesh to get Sarson oil. Suhani shouts and Yuvvraaj keeps his hand on her mouth. Rags tells Menka how will you prove Suhani that Yuvraaj loves Soumya, see their romance, Yuvraaj will say you are lying and Suhani won’t believe you. Menka says so what, Dadi knows the truth and she trusts me, I told Suhani so that she goes from this home herself. Rags scolds her.

Rags keeps the camera in Suhani and Yuvraaj’s room. Dadi sees the camera and Rags says she has fixed the camera. She says its very cheap way. Rags says it’s the only way to know the truth, they don’t have anything like husband and wife. Menka comes there and says don’t lie Rags. They start arguing. She says she was with Suhani, to make Rags do her work and so she has told Dadi about Soumya and Suhani’s fight. Dadi says I know you both will be doing this work for me. Rags says see them, does any husband and wife sleep like this. Menka ssays yes, when husband has gifted wife something. They laugh. She says I m thinking about Anuj, sometimes he gets naughty at night.

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Yuvraaj and Suhani sleep on the either side of the bed. Suhani gets up and eats black jamun. Dadi says chee, she does not deserve to be our bahu, I can’t keep her as my maid too. She says she won’t see this more. Suhani gets hiccups and drinks water. Yuvraaj wakes up and says what is this Suhani, what do you want that I go and sleep on sofa and you get this bed alone. Suhani says no, you sleep on bed. I will keep pillow in between. Dadi, Rags and Menka see the video. Yuvraaj says stay on your side and please don’t disturb me, sleep now. Menka says they are behaving like neighboring countries. Rags says it happens when there is not relation, or relation between love.

Dadi says stop this nonsense, stop this video, I don’t want to hear anything against Yuvraaj, he is my grandson, I can’t bear anyone interfering in his personal life, take the camera out tomorrow before Gowardhan puja. Rags says fine, but Yuvraaj does not love Suhani. Dadi says I want to be sure before deciding. Menka says I told you Rags idea flops. Dadi asks Menka to limit her tongue and do as she says. Menka says yes. Its morning, Suhani talks to Soumya on phone. Soumya keeps phone to speaker. Suhani says does your mum in law get angry when you come to meet me. Soumya says no, its only you that she agrees to send me. Suhani says its good. Pratima comes and asks Suhani to come as they have to do puja work. She ends the call. Soumya gets Dadi’s call on waiting and takes the call. Dadi invites her in Gowardhan puja.

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Pratima explains Suhani about the puja rituals. Soumya says she can’t come, as she has to go for job. Dadi says I don’t like you working, you should rule in palaces, as you are like princess. Soumya says she has to do job for financial help, thanks, but we can’t win over fate. Dadi says fate changes too. Soumya says maybe, but now I have to fight with my fate, I will meet you when I get free. She ends the call. Rags comes to Dadi. Dadi asks her did she remove the camera. Rags says I m waiting for chance. Menka says she is keeping eye on Suhani’s room. Dadi says if Soumya did not marry Krishna, she would have been our bahu, I wish I was here for Yuvraaj’s marriage, I would have not let this happen. Menka says yes, I missed you a lot. Rags says yes, I also wanted to say. Dadi says but you did not say, I will never forgive you both for this. She leaves.

Menka says Dadi got angry again for old things. Rags says my mistake, I should have not take Soumya’s name. Menka says but we have to bring Soumya here, if you have to take revenge from Suhani. Pratima asks Suhani to celebrate festival with them and forget Soumya. She says fine, I will keep Soumya away today. She says she has seen Chappan bhog list in internet page. Yuvraaj comes and talks to her. She shows the Chappan bhog Prasad. He says oh, you were talking about bhog. He says you were talking about your weight. She says what did you say, you think this about me.

He asks what. She says wait and beats him. He runs and she runs after him. She slips and he holds her. Saawre……………….plays…………..They have an eyelock. He says if you fell then… She says thanks, you saved me from falling. He says yes, else the marble floor would have broken. They laugh. Sharad comes and sees them in that pose. He says this is titanic pose, I will come late. Yuvraaj says stop, tell me what is the matter. Sharad says go and get ready fast. They leave. Sharad says I should not have come, I made wrong entry. He sees Pratima standing.

Yuvraaj goes to take bath. Rags and Menka come in his room. Menka locks the door. She says Yuvraaj can’t come out now and asks Rags to do the work. Rags removes the camera and falls off the stool. Yuvraaj asks who is it, Suhani?? Menka says its me, Suhani…. Menka and Rags leave from the room. Yuvraaj sees the door locked and asks her to open the door. He says Suhani, I don’t like this joke. Pratima scolds Sharad for taking Yuvraaj out. She pulls his ears. She says stop Yuvraaj from going out. Suhani says she made the bhog and have to take silver utensils. She asks Sharad did he not go. Sharad says we can’t go. She asks why. He says I have stomach ache.

She says you won’t go now, I will make Methi and Karela juice. Pratima says this is your punishment. Yuvraaj gets ready and comes to Sharad. He asks who has shut my bathroom door. Sharad says I don’t know. Yuvraaj says Ramesh opened the door, maybe Suhani locked it. She asks Suhani did she close the door, he knows she did this to take revenge as he made fun of it. She says she did not do this, she is busy now. He says then who did this. Yuvraaj asks Menka did she do it. Menka is shocked. Rags looks on.

Dadi asks Suhani to get a white cow. Suhani tries arranging. Yuvraaj says he did not get such cow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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