Do you like Sameer’s vengeance look in Nadaan Parindey?

Sameer’s character was known to be the cheerful, lovable, caring, full of life and totally innocent. He believed in bringing merry in everyone’s life and worked hard to fulfill their heart with happiness. Sameer was bubbly, sometimes silly but cute, and in all, he was Bebe’s adorable son. Bebe was unhappy as he was totally useless and lazy to do any work. She wanted Meher to marry him, but could not ask Meher about his proposal as he did not deserve her, bring jobless and irresponsible.

But when Purab admitted in the army camp, and on their mission, Purab told Sameer that he loves Meher and he has to move out their way. Purab knew Bebe has fixed Sameer and Meher’s marriage knowing Sameer has become responsible and joined army. Purab could not take this and shot Sameer. With Bebe’s continuous pleas to the president, Sameer and few others were left from the other country and Sameer came back.

Sameer saw Purab at home and behaved normal with him, which made Purab think that maybe Sameer lost his partial memory, so he does not remember Purab shot him. Sameer answers Meher on their childhood memories proving he is Sameer, whereas Purab thinks he is someone else as he himself has shot Sameer and he would have died. Is this really Sameer, or someone else in his place from across the border, to free the mastermind Sartaj? The show will reveal this very soon. As for now, let us know which Sameer do you like, the previous lively one, or the current angry young man look Sameer.

  1. I love this angry young man wala look coz i luv karam in parichay as a villain,but previous look ws so cute,he ws like a child luv him sooo much

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