Pavitra Rishta 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sachin informing Neena that he is going out to meet his friend. He checks his dress is not pressed and asks her why did not she press it. Neena starts cribbing and says she is living in a small house without AC here and will not leave it until she gets her property share. She informs that Manav and Archana have decided to stay in India and they don’t even bother to take her or Sachin’s opinion.

Naren takes Ankita to a hospital. Doctor checks Ankita and says Ankita should be more careful about her health. Naren gets Pari’s call who asks him to come and meet her immediately. Naren goes out from doctor’s cabin to talk to Pari. Doctor realizes that Naren is not Ankita’s husband presently and says she realized he is her boss. She asks Ankita to take more care of health.

Pari remembers Ankita trying to be close to Naren and gets tensed. Pia asks why is she tensed. Pari says Ankita tries always to be near Naren and she feels insecure because of this. Archana overhears her conversation and asks Pari to have faith in Naren if she loves her and says Ankita is with Naren as she has 4 siblings to take care of and has to work for money.

Doctor takes Ankita for a lab test and asks her to sit outside the lab. She asks nurse to asks Ankita to fill the form and register her. Ankita remembers Naren getting happy hearing Ankita is pregnant and excitely informs about the plan. Shashank sees Ankita in hospital and asks why is she in Gynec ward. Ankita says she had stomach pain, so she came in. Doctor comes there and praises Shashank for being practical about child. Ankita asks Shashank what is doctor telling. Shashank says Mansi’s child is Raunakh’s and not his and informs how he changed the report with doctor’s help. Ankita then says Shanshank that Mansi thinks the child is his, but it is Raunakh’s. Shashank says we have to hide the truth now. Ankita says she cannot lie to Mansi as she is pregnant now. Shashank reminds her that Mansi will abort the child if it is Raunakh’s and says it is not Mansi or child’s mistake and why should we suffer because of Raunakh. He requests Ankita to hide the truth with Mansi. Ankita promises and thanks Shashank for being so supportive. Nurse informs Ankita that doctor is calling her in.

Ankita reaches home and sits on chair tiredly. Mansi asks if she is tired. Ankita says she had a lot of work at office, so she is tired. Mansi sees a bandage on Ankita’s hand and asks why is it there. Ankita says she went to doctor and she took blood for lab tests and says she had eaten panipuri and got food infection. Mansi asks her to not stress her so much.

Soham meets his kids at school who ask him why does not he come and meet them regularly and asks him to stay with him in their house. Soham says he cannot stay in his daughter’s house and says he will come to meet them regularly. Kids ask him to bring icecream for them. Soham buys icecream, but remembers he has only 50 rs and without money he will not get alcohol tonight. He then looks at his kid’s faces, gets emotional and buys ice cream. He gives them icecream and asks if they need something else. Pranav says after 2 days it is his birthday and he has to attend it. Soham thinks he has to buy a gift for Pranav.

Manav and Archana look at the rain and get happy remembering their past. They play in the rain via the window.

Precap: Mansi informs PAri that Ankita is pregnant with Naren’s child.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. waiting 4 2morrow

  2. Precap is awesome !!!
    FINALLY 🙂 🙂

  3. Mansi I just love you, you did the best thing for your sister parie is just like oviI cannot wait for tomorrow,then a next ring around the roses

  4. Mansi I just love you, you did the best thing for your sister, parie is just like oviI cannot wait for tomorrow,then a next ring around the roses

  5. but mansi is gonna be so devastated when she finds out the truth

  6. U r the best Mansi, I love u for this

  7. this is a badly twisted storyline

  8. Y did mansi had to hav kaun baby, i am really sorry for mansi, when will mansi n ankita get sum happiness, I hate how this goin, so angry

  9. pleas update site the earliest you all can . good job though!!

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