Which character do you like the most in Suhani Si Ek Ladki?

The show started on 9th June 2014 and has been instantly accepted by the viewers, as they have been waiting for a love story instead of the simple and homely show Ek Ghar Banaunga. Star Plus has once again brought a refreshing story which looks promising and has lots to offer. Read about the characters and if you have seen the show, opt for your favorite character and also comment the reason for your choice. You can judge by their roles, their looks, their acting skills and their charm.

Suhani is an innocent, simple and average looking young girl. She is smart, bubbly, caring and compassionate. She overcomes her problems with her extraordinary intelligence and wit and is always willing to help others during their times of need. An independent girl, she doesn’t want to be a burden on her parents and hence provides tuitions to fund her studies. Suhani has simple needs and dreams and she wants a man who will value her and truly love her for who she is and not judge her for her external appearance.

Yuvraaj is a young, dynamic and good-looking guy. He has an impressive personality and has never craved for female attention as he is stylish and handsome. An upfront and straight-forward guy, he is not even afraid of pointing mistakes of his elders. Yuvraaj is the scion of a large business family. He is arrogant and a perfectionist with a love for vintage cars. His only passion in life is to marry the most beautiful woman on earth who will outshine every woman around her with her exceptional looks.

Soumya is young and extremely beautiful. She believes that beauty needs to be valued, praised and pampered. Belonging to a rich family, Soumya has always got all the comforts and luxuries of life but she lacks confidence because her parents have always substituted money for love and affection. She depends a lot on Suhani, her best friend. Soumya is good at heart, but at times she tends to be selfish putting her own happiness ahead of others. She is a dreamer and she wants a guy who will constantly praise her and pamper her for her beauty.

  1. Boring serial i have not seen it yet

  2. Nice show,soumya is so gorgeous but love suhani

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