Laut Aao Trisha 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector Gatotkach reaches a house where robbery has happened. He checks locker and asks where is Sagar’s room. Constable shows it. He then questions house members where were they when the robbery happened. Male member says they went to Shirdi and left Sagar home as he wanted to study. He asks if they doubt anyone. Old lady says servant Hariya. Male says they used to give more than salary to Haria, but he was stealing, so they removed him from work. Inspector gets a call by constable who informs that a 20-year-old boy’s body is found in lake. Everyone rushes to morgue and family identifies Sagar. Old lady asks inspector not to spare Haria as he must have killed Sagar.

VK and Suhana reach police station and see inspector torturing Haria. Inspector asks if he needs case file. VK says and says he feels Haria is telling truth. Suhana asks who is fight his case. Inspector says I doubt anyone will take his case. VK smiles. Suhana senses he wants to take the case and takes him from there.

Court hearing starts. Public prosector calls Haria into witness box and tells Haria is very greedy and used to demand more than his salary. He entered home, killed Sagar silently, robbed locker and walked out. VK objects and says Haria does not have keys and without evidence. PP says he does not have evidence. VK asks how Haria how did he enter house. Haria says he entered via backside pipe. VK says Haria told same story in police station and to check, he sent his assistant to take fingerprints and found Haria is telling truth. PP starts and says Haria entered pipe thinking everyone has gone to Shirdi, but found Sagarika, so he killed him, robbed locker and left via pipe again. Haria says Sagar was not at home. VK says it is possible that someone entered before hari went, killed Sagar and threw his body in lake. Judge says it can be possible. VK asks judge to give him some time to find more evidence. Judge gives time till 25th.

At Suhana’s house, Trisha asks VK if he is sure Haria is not a murderer. He says yes. Suhani asks how can he say that. VK says he will prove it and leaves with Trisha and Charlie. They reach Haria’s cell who tells he looted whatever was there in locker. VK asks what was there. Haria says money, jewelry and papers. VK remembers Shakti/Sagar’s father requesting inspector to give papers. He goes and asks Gatotkach to show the papers. Gatotkach gives file. VK goes back to cell and says they are property papers in Akhil’s kumar’s name. Haria is Akhil is Shakti’s ex-partner and they both separated after a big fight. He says Akhil came some days ago and demanded land papers. Shakti asks which land papers. Akhil says one which he has kept in locker and warns him to return papers in 24 hours, else he will harm his family. Haria says it happened many times. VK tells gatotkach he will have to bring one more person in next court hearing. He asks Trisha and Charlie to speak to Shakti’s watchman.

VK comes back to Suhana’s house and asks servant to bring tea and pakoras. Suhana asks if he is sure Haria is not a murderer. VK says yes. She says without evidences, she does not know how will he win case. Charlie comes and informs that watchman saw 2 people carrying heavy object into their car. VK says it must be Sagar’s body.

Next court hearing starts. Judge asks VK to start and tells a joke. VK starts and says PP is seeing case from one angle and he wants to show another angle. He calls Shakti into witness box and asks who must have killed Sagar. Shakti says if he had known, he would not have let Sagar die. VK asks if he has any enemy. Shakti says no. VK says he has brought one person who is Shakti’s biggest enemy. Constable brings Akhil. VK asks Shakti and Akhil if they know each other. They say yes. Judge asks what he wants to prove. VK says Akhil and Shakti were fighting over land papers. Akhil says he did not kill Sagar though. VK asks where was he on 15th. Akhil says he was out of town and given proof to police. PP says VK does not have any proof, but he has proof that Haria murdered Sagar and robbed house. VK signals gatotkach and then says judge he has one more evidence with whom he will prove Haria did not murder Sagar. A beggar comes into witness box and tells he saw a car carrying heavy object into car, he did not see faces of people. VK tells judge it is proved that 2 people entered Shakti’s house before Haria via doors and Haria entered via window. He says it proves 2 people know house well and left house via door easily. PP says they must be Haria’s accompliances and asks VK to prove they are not related to Haria. VK requests judge to give him some time to gether evidence. Judge gives time till 31st and adjourns.

VK at office says he thinks someone dear one killed Sagar and says he will question Sagar’s mother and aunt. He asks Charlie to get their phone records. Charlier gives it to them and VK praises him. Suhana checks records.

Trisha meets Sagar’s motehr and aunt who tell Sagar had only a few friends who are innocent. She asks why did not he go to Shirdi with them. Mom says he wanted to, but could not due to studies. Trisha asks when did they speak to him last. Aunt says she tried calling on his phone at night but he did not pick call, when they went home, they did not find him and found safe robbed. Trisha thanks them for info.

VK calls Sagar’s mother into witness box and questions and then questions aunt. He asks when she went to
shirdi, did she call Sagar. She says she did, but he did not as he must be sleeping and call went into voicebox. He asks if she informed Shakti and sagar’s mom. she says yes. VK says she did not call Sagar and gives her call details. She gets tensed. He asks if she still wants to say the same. She says she does not understand his question. VK says she called Raju Yadav 5 times from Shirdi and asks her if she went to sagar’s room when she came back home. She says she checked rooms, did not find Sagar and found locker empty. VK says she was the first person to check rooms and inform family, but made a small mistake. Judge asks what mistake. VK says for that he will question Haria. He asks what did he see in Sagar’s room when he went to rob. He says Sagar’s bed was shattered. VK says when police went, room was clean and gives phot evidence to judge. He questions aunt why did she clean the room when she was so tensed. She reminisces cleaning room and walking out. He says when Sagar came to their home 5 years ago, Shakti considered Sagar as his son and decided not to bear any children and transfer his property into his name, hence in jealousy aunt killed him. She says she wanted to kidnap him so that sagar’s mom could take him back, she wanted to become mother herself. She reminisces Shakti talking about transferring property into Sagar’s name. She sensed opportunity when they went to shirdi and with the help of her friend Raju and his friend, kidnapped him. VK says Raju overdosed chloroform and Sagar died. When Raju informed about it to her, she asked to throw body in lake, unfortunately Haria chose to rob same day. He says she will have to sleep on jail’s floor now and says to become a mother, she took away another mother’s son. He asks judge to pronounce his judgement. Judge says he is great.

Precap: Arundeep tells his student if he learns his studies, he will rule the world. Student murders him. VK defends case.

Update Credit to: MA

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