Maharana Pratap 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap greets Chakrapani’s father. You should go inside as it is your house only. Mishra ji leaves. Pratap turns to Chakrapani now. You lied to me. Chakrapani fumbles and then apologizes to him. Patta too says sorry. Pratap sends them inside. He discusses about the irony of life with Ajabde. Your own loved ones don’t let you live together in palace but here, people leave their house for their guests. Our staying here for long will create complicated situations for them. It is good if we leave from here tonight. We have to leave quietly from here before tomorrow morning. Ajabde doesn’t want to go to Bijolia. Pratap himself has no answer but he knows that they will certainly have to leave from here now. Ajabde wonders what kind of situation is this. How long will you test us Ekling ji?

Salima is practising darts. A servant points out that she missed the target. Salima denies. I always achieve my target. Akbar comes there so the daasi’s leave. He stands very close to her. I saw you missed your target again. Salima appreciates Akbar’s move of cancelling Jizya. The news will spread like wildfire in the entire India and especially Rajputana. People will start respecting you a lot now and will think of you to be a kind hearted Shehanshah. He too hopes for it. Salima is completely sure. She throws a dart but misses hitting bulls eye again. He explains her that she will have to stand in the right posture and holds her waist. You will have to manage your heart and mind along with your body. He holds both her hands and kisses her cheek. She points out that she actually will have to handle him. She tries to move away but he holds her closer to him. She frees herself and walks away. He leaves from there without saying anything.

Pratap packs his bag. Ajabde asks him if they will really leave quietly from here. He affirms. When our staying at some place become a problem for our loved ones and creates discomfort then we shouldn’t stay there. She is sad to think that Pratap has to leave from his friends place stealthily. Show us some way Ram ji!

They hear someone singing a bhajan and go out to see. Mishra ji is singing Ram bhajan. Pratap and Ajabde are mesmerised by the words. Chakrapani tells them that his father was singing some lines from Ramcharitmanas. He has written it again in a simple language so everyone can understand it. Mishra ji tells that it was Lord Ram himself who told him to write it. Pratap is impressed by all the knowledge. Chakrapani tells him the story. Tulsidas ji was Shree Ram’s devotee since the beginning. He used to chant his name day and night. He wished to see Ram ji. After doing Ram ji’s puja for years, he still dint get a chance to see Ram ji. The wish grew more and more but Ram ji never appeared before him.

In that time, Tulsidas ji developed a special habit of bringing jal in his water pot every day after taking dip in the holy water of river Ganga. He used to offer it to the Peepal tree before going to his hut. One day he was doing the same ritual when a Brahmrakshasi soul appears there. She is actually happy with his taking care of her and the tree. She gives him a boon. Tulsidas ji had no idea that she was living here. He requests her to make him see Shree Ram ji once. She says is not that powerful! But dint you notice Shree Ram’s biggest devotee Hanuman? He comes to hear your fable every day. Tulsidas ji overwhelmed / thrilled. She nods. He sits in the end. You will recognize him if you look carefully. He is the last one to leave. Tulsidas ji wants to know how he looks. Chakrapani tells everyone that that spirit gave the detailed explanation of Hanuman ji’s (disguised) attire to Tulsidas ji. Pratap too is curious about Hanuman ji’s looks. Chakrapani says he used to wear old dhoti and acted like an old man walking with a stick. His dirty clothes, white beard all added up to his looks. It was just one thing that hinted at his being Hanuman ji – his shining face!

Tulsidas ji explains the significance of Ramayan and what all Shree Ram ji tried to teach everyone to the people gathered in the temple. Hanuman ji sits in the end. In all his avatars, only Shree Ram ji is known as Maryada Purshottam Ram. They chant praises of Shree Ram followed by a bhajan. Tulsidas ji notices Hanuman ji sitting n the end, all lost in singing praises of his beloved Lord Ram. Tulsidas ji gets happier. Everyone gets up to go. Chakrapani says just like the spirit had told Tulsidas ji, everyone left. He could finally spot Hanuman ji lost in chanting praises of Shree Ram ji. He walks closer to Hanuman ji. Certainly it is him! The tilak on his forehead is also indicating the same. Hanuman ji suddenly stops. He gets up to go. Tulsidas ji asks him to stop but Hanuman ji continues walking / running away from him. Tulsidas ji follows him in the jungle. Tulsidas ji pants. Please stop, no one in the world can catch you. I have understood that it is you in disguise Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji stops in his tracks and turns to look at Tulsidas. Tulsidas smiles brightly. He runs across to where Hanuman ji is standing and touches his feet to seek his blessings. My life is meaningless. You will have to help me. He chants a doha from Sankatmochan Chalisa. Hanuman ji comes to his real avatar. Tulsidas ji is in tears seeing him thus. Jai Hanuman! Hanuman Chalisa plays in the background.

Precap: Pratap tells everyone that he is going to Kashi to meet the great poet Tulsidas ji. Pratap meets Tulsidas ji and greets him with folded hands.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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