Muh Boli Shaadi 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol trying to open the window to see Nikhil. Nidhi comes and says I knew you can’t stay without seeing him. Anmol says she wants him to yearn for her. Nikhil misses Anmol and thinks where is she? He sits to study, but couldn’t concentrate on his studies. Anmol couldn’t sleep and is restless. She tries to go and promises Nidhi that she will teach a lesson to him. Nidhi says ok. I will sign you if anyone comes. She hugs her. Nikhil looks at the window and is leaving. Anmol comes to the balcony and makes a sound. Nikhil turns and says hello……Anmol turns and looks at her back. She asks are you talking to me. I am Anmol, not excuse me. Nikhil calls her Anmol. Anmol smiles and asks him to say. Nikhil says he wanted to thank her for today. He says thank you so much. Anmol is happy and turns to look at him. Nikhil looks at his clothes and asks why you are looking at me.

Anmol says I can’t believe that you thanked me. Nikhil says he was tensed about exams. Anmol asks him to pay for his bad behavior and asks him to take her on his scooter ride. Nikhil refuses says Balram Tiwari is always bachelor. He says it is my scooter’s name. Anmol laughs and says I just wants to ride on it. Nikhil refuses. Anmol gets angry and refuses to keep fast for him. She says I won’t wish you, and won’t return your hall ticket. Nikhil says I don’t need your wishes and fast. I study well, so will write well. Anmol gets angry and asks him to study all night. Nikhil asks her to go. Anmol says she is going. Nikhil goes downstairs. Anmol thinks he went really. Anmol comes back to her room and starts coughing. Nidhi asks her to have tablet and sleep. Anmol eats the tablet and thinks she won’t wish him for his last exam. She sleeps.

Nikhil leaves for his last exam. Anmol comes to the temple and tells Nidhi that today is Nikhil’s last exam. She says he will write his exam well, if I wishes him. Suddenly it starts raining. Nidhi tells Anmol that they shall go after the rain stops. Anmol insists. Nidhi says you already have fever. Anmol sees Nikhil there, waiting for rain to stop.

She smiles seeing him. She thanks God. She asks Nidhi to stay there and goes. She goes to Nikhil. He collides with her and is shocked to see her. Sweet music plays……Anmol asks what happened. Nikhil says he is in big tension. He will get drenched in rain and then can’t write his exam. He says he is waiting to get lift or rickshaw. Anmol suggests him to protect him under the umbrella. She says I will sit behind you and will cover you with umbrella. Nikhil says ok. Anmol asks him to requests her. Nikhil says I don’t have time for your game. Anmol insists, so he requests her to sit on his scooter’s back seat. Anmol asks him to try with love. Nikhil requests sweetly. Anmol agrees and holds umbrella for him.

Nidhi waits for Anmol outside the temple. Nidhi sees Anmol holding umbrella for Nikhil and going with him on the bike. Nidhi is shocked. She thinks Anmol will be caught one day. Nikhil rides the scooter and checks the time. Anmol looks at him while he is riding. Title Song plays……………..She keeps her hand on his shoulder. She gets drenched while giving him shelter from rain water. Nikhil comes to the college and stops the scooter. He looks at her while she shivers and gives him shelter under the umbrella. Saanson Ko Saanson me…………………plays………..She asks him to go. Nikhil says ok and goes in. He turns and looks at her. Anmol shivers and wishes him luck. Nikhil nods and runs inside. Nidhi comes there in an auto and sees Anmol shivering. She asks her to come. Anmol coughs and faints. Nidhi holds her and asks her to open the eyes.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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